About Us

At STSA, we are passionate about connecting students from different countries of the world who want to study abroad to existing opportunities they might not have learnt about.

With the increasing number of students applying to study outside their country and a greater percentage of this number seeking scholarships to either partially or fully cover their expenses, we created STSA to make it possible for these students to have a central place where they can come to learn about new scholarships to study abroad, get ideas on how to win international scholarships and also have access to great stories told by other international students who were able to secure scholarship opportunities to study abroad.

We do not charge our readers any money to have access to our premium guides on winning scholarships abroad neither do we charge any money to have readers access our endless list of scholarships.

From out findings, Africa and Asia have the greater number of students seeking for scholarships to study abroad, for this reason, even though our focus is in helping students from across the globe learn about international scholarship opportunities, we will be putting extra effort in helping more students from Asia and Africa.

That not withstanding, we will keep a steady energy in assisting students from other continents too. You can join our international scholarship telegram group here to learn about different scholarships to study abroad that are made available daily.