20 Colleges for Automobile Engineering

In a world where the automotive industry is rapidly moving to electric vehicles, students will need colleges for automobile engineering that teaches the right skills for our 21st-century modernization, and have the latest automotive technology. Trends coming up are showing that our future cars will be lighter and more fuel-efficient, smarter, clean, and more autonomous.

Seeing the demand already placed on these better vehicles, we need to bring a competent pool of skills to the table, we are not just talking about only automobile engineers here, because they are not the only ones responsible for the creation of a car. However, the 21st-century curriculum has started adding some other courses like electrical, mechanical engineering, technical drawing with CAD, etc.

Moreover, going through these courses should require some financial aid from schools and different organizations, and it might still be needful to know the primary requirements to get any scholarship.

Without much ado, let’s list these colleges

colleges for automobile engineering
colleges for automobile engineering

Colleges for Automobile Engineering

Before getting started, you should know that there are universities that call their Automobile Engineering, “Automotive Engineering,” and this mostly occurs in the United States, and the UK. In India, most of their schools regard “Automobile Engineering” as Bachelor’s degree and “Automotive Engineering” as a Master’s degree.

1. The University of Michigan – Automotive Engineering Graduate Degree Program

The University of Michigan is one of the best colleges to study automobile engineering because of the availability of all the local industries. Since building an automobile-like car cuts across several departments, students will be taking some classes on electronics, mechanical engineering, electric machines, control software development, and even classes on business and management.

The classes can either be taken on-campus or online while you are still working in the industry. 

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2. Coventry University – Automotive Engineering MSc

This is among the colleges for automobile engineering that is partnering with an impressive network of industry partners, including Jaguar Land Rover. Their aim is to equip students with the know-how to design and test vehicles that are more fuel efficient, refined, and safe.

Coventry University – Automotive Engineering MSc

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3. Ferris State University

Ferris State University is another prestigious college to study automobile engineering. They claim that the University is the largest College of Engineering Technology in the United States and the largest and most nationally renowned Automotive Engineering Technology program.

Students will also be mastering other skills in Automotive Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Materials Science, Manufacturing Technology, and Quality Control.

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4. PSG College of Technology, India – Department of Automobile Engineering

This is one of the Colleges in India that offers BE in Automobile Engineering, an ME/MS in automotive engineering, and a Ph.D. Programs. The Department is responsible for teaching and undertaking research in the areas of Chassis Design, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Engine Design, FEA analysis, and CFD simulations.

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5. New Horizon College of Engineering – Automobile Engineering

New Horizon College of Engineering is an autonomous college permanently affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The college is also ranked as Platinum Institution by AICTE and CII for the best industry-linked technical institute.

The school provides an undergraduate degree in Automobile Engineering and it takes 4 years to complete.

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6.  Amity Institute of Technology, Mumbai – B.Tech (Automobile Engineering)

This is another college in India offering a B.Tech in Automobile Engineering which lasts for 4 years on a full-time basis. Students will be learning some important courses like;

  • Powertrain Engineering
  • Auto Body Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics

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7. K J Somaiya College of Engineering – Honours in Automobile Engineering

Students focusing on the Honour program in Automobile Engineering at K J Somaiya College of Engineering will be focusing on Coursework such as; Automobile Systems Design, Vehicular Pollution Measurement and Control Techniques, Automobile Vehicle Dynamics, Advanced Internal Combustion Engines, and Electric Vehicles.

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8. RMIT University Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive Engineering)

This is one of the Australian colleges for automobile engineering where students will study automotive handling and control, noise and vibration, manufacturing, and design. The degree is built on core studies in mechanical engineering, with a specialization in automotive engineering to develop economical and sustainable automotive designs or solve modern transport problems such as electrification and automation.

The program can be taken completely on-campus and hybrid, and it takes 4 years to complete on a full-time basis and 8 years on a part-time basis.

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9. Minnesota State University Mankato – Automotive Engineering Technology

This is among the colleges for automotive engineering providing a multifaceted curriculum preparing students for careers in renewables, and mechanics, among other professions in Automotive Engineering Technology. The University provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Automotive Engineering Technology.

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10. The University of Sunderland – Automotive Engineering (Top-Up) BEng

This is not a full degree but a course that allows you to top-up your existing qualification to a full honors degree in one year, and will equip you with the skills you need to be an accomplished Automotive Engineer. It will still cover major automobile engineering topics like vehicle dynamics, electrical systems, design, and materials along with skills and knowledge required by professional engineers.

The school works together with the Nissan plant and its supply chain to provide the best education you need.

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11. University of Hertfordshire – BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the largest engineering schools in the UK, and they literally have everything you’ll need to become a successful Automobile Engineer. To name a few, they have a Cruden F1 race simulator that can enable you to craft a better automobile design, they also have a rolling road dynamometer, which is one of only a few in the UK.

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12. University of Bedfordshire Automotive Engineering BEng (Hons)

This is one of the few colleges for automobile engineering that provides a 3-year degree. Throughout the course, you work closely with local automotive and motorsport companies, gaining experience with real-world problems and solutions.

You’ll be combining both theory and practice, using individual and group work to give you a thorough grounding in the essentials of automotive engineering.

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13. Clemson University – Department of Automotive Engineering

Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) is well-spoken of globally. It recently made another name on the world’s largest tech stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 5-8, 2023, alongside global industry giants such as Google, Amazon, LG, Sony, and many more.

Moreover, the school is to launch the first Bachelor of Science program in automotive engineering in South Carolina.

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14. Indiana State University – Automotive Engineering Technology (BS)

Indiana State University’s Automotive Engineering Technology won’t just teach you the engineering part of this degree, they will also be instructing you on managerial skills. Because they believe that automobile engineers have to make decisions based on sound management practices and a thorough understanding of automobile technology.

Some of the coursework you’ll be handling are Automotive electronics, Engine theory and service, Industrial supervision, Physics and Chemistry, Service facility organization and management, and Technical drawing with CAD.

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15. Seminole State College of Florida – Automotive Engineering Technology (Associate in Applied Science)

This is among the Universities for auto engineering that combines the latest in automotive technology and strong academic coursework, taught by experienced faculty who are ASE-certified master technicians.

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16. Manipal Institute of Technology – BTech Automobile Engineering

The BTech program in Automobile engineering deals with the study of various engines and their construction, electrical systems, alternate fuels, safety, economics, and quality of an automobile. The Department offers Two Minor Specializations which include; “Automotive System Design” and “Electric and Hybrid Vehicles” to Undergraduate students of B.Tech. Automobile Engineering.

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17. University of South Wales – Automotive Engineering Degrees 

The University of South Wales provides both BEng (HONS) in Automotive Engineering and MEng in Automotive Engineering. In BEng, you’ll be focusing on the elements of electrical engineering, such as power and control, crucial for analyzing and designing electromechanical drive systems. Also, Programming smart embedded systems will be covered so that you are ready for the fast development of autonomous and driverless cars.

Whereas MEng is for students who want to become registered Chartered Engineers as it meets the Engineering Council’s educational requirements to gain Chartered Engineer (CEng) status

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18. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

This college provides a B.S. in Automotive Engineering Technology, and they will be concentrating on major courses like automotive principles, mobility design, performance modeling and testing, and mechanical fundamentals.

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19. Kettering University – Automotive Engineering Design

Kettering University provides a BEng in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Automotive Engineering Design. Moreover, the school provides a reputable engineering degree that has made them rank among the top undergraduate engineering programs in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

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20. Cranfield University – Automotive Engineering MSc

Cranfield University’s Automotive Engineering provides 40% taught modules, 20% group projects, and 40% Individual research projects. The degree is suitable for graduates in engineering, physics, or mathematics, and will prepare you for a career in this exciting field, from engine design to hybrid and electric vehicles, chassis and braking operations, and much more.

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In summary, several colleges offer Automobile Engineering degrees, but it’s best to focus on those that provide courses that align with our advancement in technology.

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