7 Medical Schools In Spain Taught In English

Language shouldn’t be a barrier for you to study medicine in non-English speaking countries like France and Spain. In this blog post, you will see a list of fantastic medical schools in Spain that teach English that you can apply for to study medicine or a related field in one of the best medical schools in Europe.

Spain is a country in southwestern Europe known for its food, music and dance, bullfights, football, beaches, wine, literature, and architecture. Visiting Spain, maybe for vacation purposes, there are so many interesting things to see and places to visit such as museums, monuments, go carnivals, enjoy cuisine, etc.

Aside from being a beautiful place to live, Spain is also a great place to study and a popular study hub among international students. Its official language is Spanish spoken by a majority of the population, and only about 12% of the population speak English. Whether you are coming here to visit or study, the language can be a huge barrier if you do not understand it or know how to speak it.

 So, consider having basic knowledge of Spanish before packing your bags to visit Spain.

As a student whose dream is to study abroad, some of the discouraging factors that may delay or terminate your dream include finance and language. At Scholarships to Study Abroad, we strive daily to ensure that prospective international students do not get to worry about how they can finance their studies abroad by providing them with essential information on a wide range of scholarship opportunities and cheap schools abroad that they can apply to.

Our previous blog posts on tuition-free universities in Ireland for international students and other on the cheapest universities in the US for international students sheds more light on that context.

As for language, it really shouldn’t get in the way of your academic and career pursuit. You could either learn the language, like in this case Spanish or look for schools in that country that teach in English. If the first option doesn’t seem like enough fun for you then go for the second option. However, it would be a daunting task if you were to look for these schools yourself.

Stop looking now as I introduce you to the list of medical schools in Spain taught in English. This means that each of the Spanish med schools listed here has medical programs or courses that are fully taught in English. The reason why abroad universities do this would be to have more partnerships with countries and universities outside Europe and to attract international students.

To get into the English-taught medical courses in Spain, applicants who are non-native English speakers will be required to take one of the standardized English language proficiency tests and submit scores. This is an important part of your visa approval and admission process so you must satisfy the requirement if you want to study a medical course in Spain in English.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

medical schools in Spain taught in English

Medical Schools In Spain Taught In English

As I mentioned earlier, it would be best if you have basic Spanish language skills before going to study in Spain, even if the course is taught in English. Knowing how to speak even a little bit of Spanish will help you get around in the country and even the medical schools in Spain that claim to teach in English will still mix a little bit of Spanish in it. Also, most medical schools in Spain taught in English are private and you know what that means; expensive tuition.

The following are medical schools in Spain that teach in English:

  • UCAM Catholic University of Murcia
  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • Valencia Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr
  • European University of Valencia
  • The University of Navarra
  • United International Business Schools
  • The University of Vigo

1.     UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

This is a private university located in the southeastern part of Spain. The school is ranked 11th on the Forbes list of 25 best universities in Spain. The institution offers academic degree programs and short courses in a wide range of fields most of which are taught in Spanish.

In contrast to what you’ve always known, UCAM Catholic University of Murcia offers bachelor’s degrees in dentistry, psychology, and veterinary medicine. And these are the only three medical programs the school offers to international students. All three programs are also taught in English and take only 4 years to complete.

2.     Pompeu Fabra University

This is a highly competitive public research university based in Barcelona. More than 90% of the courses at this institution are taught in Spanish, the few courses that are taught in English are International Business, Biomedical Sciences, ICT, and International Relations.

From the list above, you will find out that Biomedical Sciences is the only medical course at Pompeu Fabra University that is taught in English and it is a master’s program.

3.     Valencia Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr

This school was founded in 2003 as a private catholic university in Valencia but has 5 other campuses across Spain; Godella, Burjassot, Torrent, Alzira, and Xativa. Valencia Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr offers English-taught medical courses in nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, and psychology. Medine and veterinary are bilingual, that is a mixture of Spanish and English languages.

4.     European University of Valencia

The European University of Valencia is a prestigious private higher institution in Valencia, Spain with a large body of international students that makes up 47% of the total student population. Aside from its main campus in Valencia, the institution also has campuses in Madrid and Alicante.

Technical and vocational academic programs as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are offered across these campuses. Medical English academic programs taught at this university are psychology, dentistry, physical activity and sports sciences, and physiotherapy in bachelor’s degrees.

5.     The University of Navarra

Fourth on our list of medical schools in Spain taught in English is the University of Navarra, a private research university with its main campus in Pamplona and three others in San Sebastian, Madrid, and Barcelona. The university is nationally recognized for its distinguished record in teaching and research.

The University of Navarra has a few English-taught medical programs which are; International Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, and Psychology.

6.     United International Business Schools

This might surprise you but yes, this business school offers medical-related courses in the English language and admits international students as well as Spanish students into the program before we delve into that, let’s take a brief look at the United International Business Schools or UIBS as it is commonly referred to.

UIBS is a world-class business school with campuses across Europe, Asia, and online providing flexible business and management programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate levels. One of its campuses is located in Barcelona, Spain, and offers a Master’s in Healthcare Management that is taught entirely in the English language across the campus network.

7.     The University of Vigo

The University of Vigo is a public university with three campuses across the country. The institution is renowned for its international research centers. There are a handful of English-taught programs but there are just two in the medical field which are the Master’s in Neuroscience and Doctorate in Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology.

These are the medical schools in Spain taught in English for you to make better-informed decisions on where you will be applying. Note that the entry requirements for each of these schools, as well as their respective medical programs, vary so ensure to check them out before you begin the application process.