How to Get a PhD in Australia with Scholarship

Having your Ph.D. comes with a lot of advantages, you will become more advanced over that passionate research. You’ll make the world a better place through your research and you will also earn more money after you have graduated.

However, every academic journey has its own challenges, and the higher you go the tougher it becomes both academically and financially. Ph.D. is highly tasking, whether in the aspect of the countless hours of research or the financial implications.

That’s why there are PhD in Australia with scholarship that can help ease these burdens, In Canada, we pointed out about 15 Ph.D. scholarships students can take advantage of to reduce the financial stress of obtaining a Ph.D. Also, you can choose to work part-time so to reduce the chances of coming out with a huge pile of loan debts.

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PhD in Australia with scholarship

1.  QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA) In Australia

This is one of the Ph.D. in Australia with a scholarship that pays an annual $30,000 (AUD) for a full-time rate. If you’re a domestic student, you’ll also receive a Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset funded by the Australian Government.

Also, International students will receive a QUT Tuition Fee Sponsorship and Single Overseas Health Cover if they are eligible.

Furthermore, participating in this scholarship makes you ineligible for other scholarships and the number of scholarships offered varies annually.

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2. The University of Melbourne – Gordon Paul Castles Scholarship

This scholarship, worth up to $6,000, is for domestic graduate research students at the Melbourne Medical School. Also, you won’t need to submit an extra application for this scholarship, your admission application takes care of the whole thing, and you’ll be considered when you’re found eligible for it.

Furthermore, the scholarship pays its recipients annually, but the award is approximately 1 scholarship to only Australian / domestic students.

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3. Australian National University – Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Fee Offset Scholarship

Annually, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training provides funding to Universities to award scholarships to International students undertaking Higher Degree Research programs. The scholarship pays the full tuition of awardees for up to 3½ years.

4. Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services MAE Scholarship

This is another Ph.D. scholarship offered by Australia National University for The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Applied Epidemiology. The scholarship is worth $60,000 and will cover stipends for living costs, a Relocation allowance for students relocating to the location of their field placement to commence their research program, and an Allowance for attending the final viva.

Also, there won’t be a need to apply, you’ll be considered for the scholarship if you’re found eligible.

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5. University of Sydney International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship

The University of Sydney offers lots of scholarships to its Ph.D. students, and their international scholarships are categorized into two parts. 

The first is the general scholarships, where you’ll find lots of scholarships provided by external organizations for different international students. The second category is the faculty scholarships, where you’ll find scholarships based on different faculties.

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6. American Australian Association – The Graduate Education Fund

This is one of the PhD in Australia with scholarship that was established in 2002 with the purpose of providing much-needed financial support and assistance to American and Australian individuals to undertake innovative and transformational MasterS, Ph.D., or Postdoctoral study and research in each other’s countries respectively.

This scholarship provides support of up to US $40,000 to awardees, and there are two scholarship application rounds offered each year (one in each direction).

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7. University of Sydney – David Clarke Memorial Scholarship

This is one of the few Ph.D. sports scholarships in Australia. The scholarship is meant to support students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential, and who intend to become Sydney University rugby players with ambitions for higher achievements in the sport of rugby.

The scholarship is worth $15,000 and is exclusively for Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens.

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8. Fulbright Australia

The Fulbright Program is the flagship foreign exchange scholarship program of the United States of America, aimed at increasing binational research collaboration, cultural understanding, and the exchange of ideas. Since its establishment, the Fulbright Program has grown to become the largest educational exchange scholarship program in the world, operating in over 160 countries.

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships allow current postgraduate students undertaking their Australian Ph.D. to conduct research in the U.S. for 4 months up to 10 months OR support enrolment in a graduate degree program (dependent on award).

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9. Monash Graduate Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by Monash University to support domestic and international students undertaking Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree. The scholarship is worth $30,000 and the number of scholarships made available annually varies.

The award also covers a living allowance (stipend), and a relocation allowance, if eligible.

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10.  Charles Darwin University – Decarbonising the production of lithium chemicals

This is one of the PhD in Australia with a scholarship worth a $40,000 stipend annually (for 3 years) + tuition fee waiver. This program will enable you to invent technologies and help to implement them to decarbonise the production of lithium chemicals, especially lithium hydroxide, refined from spodumene ores in Australia.

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11. The University of Western Australia – The Global Excellence Scholarship 

The University of Western Australia has provided this scholarship to reward high-achieving undergraduate and Postgraduate students across the globe, who apply for particular courses at the University. Postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$24,000* over two years on eligible courses.

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12. University of Adelaide Research Scholarships (UARS) – International Students

This is one of the Ph.D. in Australia with a scholarship provided by the University of Adelaide that is worth $28,854 and lasts up to 3.5 years for a Ph.D. and up to 2 years for a Master’s. The University of Adelaide offers a number of Scholarships to outstanding international graduates from any country to commence their education via a Master’s or Doctorate degree by research.

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13. The University of Queensland Australia – Graduate School Scholarships (UQGSS)

This is a $32,192 (living stipend) worth of scholarship awarded to outstanding Ph.D. students at the University of Queensland annually. The scholarship will last for 3.5 years with the possibility of 1 extension in line with UQ and RTP Scholarship Policy, and the number of awards varies.

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14. The University of Queensland – Earmarked scholarships scheme

This is also another PhD in Australia with scholarship provided by the University of Queensland to assist postgraduate students with their living costs and tuition fees. The scholarship is also worth $32,192 per annum tax-free (indexed annually).

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15. Monash Silver Jubilee Ph.D. Scholarship

The Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship (MSJS) is available to help support a student with living costs whilst studying at Monash. It is awarded each year to different faculties by rotation and it’s worth Up to $36,200 and it’s for 1 person per year.

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16. Forrest Research Foundation – Forrest Ph.D. Scholarships

Forrest Research Foundation attracts the brightest minds from around the world to conduct bold and exciting doctoral research at any of Western Australia’s five universities. They go on to provide their Ph.D. Scholars with generous financial support, mentoring, and professional development opportunities. 

Their Scholarships are very competitive with most current Forrest Scholars making above 3.95/4.00 GPA, and the majority of them having achieved a perfect GPA of 4.00/4.00 in their undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

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17. CSIRO Data61 Scholarship Program

CSIRO’s Data61 Ph.D. Scholarship students gain access to world-class facilities and tools, quality mentoring, and innovation resources to empower them to help solve the world’s greatest data-driven challenges. Their Ph.D. scholarship program provides opportunities for outstanding postgraduate students with demonstrated academic and research excellence to further their careers at one of Australia’s most trusted organizations.

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18. MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships

MS Australia offers PhD in Australia with scholarship, a range of grants, and fellowships to support research into finding better treatments and a cure for MS. Their Scholarships are granted to students who plan to undertake a Ph.D. or are currently undertaking a Ph.D. at an Australian university, working in the field of MS.

And the scholarship stipend is up to $35,000 per annum for up to three years.

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19. The University of South Australia – Vice-Chancellor and President’s Scholarships

The Vice-Chancellor and President’s Scholarships are awarded each year to the top Ph.D. students in each Academic Unit at the University of South Australia. Up to seven scholarships are awarded per annum and the scholarship is worth $10,000.

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20. Amelia Earhart Fellowships For Women

The US$10,000 Fellowship is awarded annually to up to 30 women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering and space sciences. It may be used at any university or college offering accredited post-graduate courses and degrees in these fields. 

It doesn’t matter which country you’re in, as long as you’re pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degree and have shown a very strong academic record through research related to aerospace engineering or space sciences, you are eligible.

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Bottom Line

Like I said earlier, pursuing your Ph.D. is tasking in so many ways, especially financially, but lots of schools have provided PhD in Australia with scholarship, to help ease the burden. Also, you have to be one of the outstanding students to have a very high chance to qualify.

Is it easy to get a Ph.D. scholarship in Australia?

No, it’s not easy because most of the scholarships are merit-based, so you must have shown very strong academic excellence either in your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

How long is a Ph.D. in Australia?

The average time to complete your Ph.D. in Australia is 3 years

How can I get a Ph.D. scholarship in Australia?

Some Ph.D. scholarships are awarded automatically by the school when they find you eligible, while some needs you to apply for them. We have listed 20 scholarships to make it easier for you to access most of them.

Can a Ph.D. student work full-time in Australia?

Yes, you can work unlimited hours even while you are undertaking your Ph.D. in Australia.

Steps to get a Ph.D. in Australia with a Scholarship

The first step you need to take while pursuing a scholarship for your Ph.D. is to inform the college about your intention for the scholarship.

The second step you need to follow is to get the right Ph.D. supervisor to who you can ask scholarship-related questions and other questions, and who can give you the right advice regarding your research project.

The third step, which is one of the most important, is to have strong academic performance and research prowess.