Top 10 Scholarships for Architecture Students

Architecture is one of the professions that are in high demand due to the upsurge in the development of cities and states across the globe. This article contains in detail all you need to know about studying this course with a scholarship. So, are you in need of scholarships for architecture students? then, follow me closely.

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in architecture, applying for and getting a scholarship changes the game. What I mean is that with a scholarship, your financial burden has been lifted as the scholarship will tend to cater to your tuition fees, accommodation, insurance, and others.

While applying for architecture scholarships, it is essential you ask yourself some questions like what grades should I possess to get a scholarship? Do I have the requirements for this scholarship? What amount is the scholarship award valued at?

These questions above go a long way to help you tailor your applications, and focus on ones that you have higher chances of getting into. Now, inasmuch as there are lots of scholarships for architecture students, it is important you apply to the best ones. The ones that can cater to your fees throughout your duration of study.

This is why this article was curated to show you not just the scholarships you can key into as an architecture student, but the top ones you can find. We will also explore their requirements, scholarship awards, eligibility, etc.

This is exactly what you have been looking for, right? Okay, just follow me closely as I unveil them one after the other.

How to Get Scholarships for Architecture Students?

It is good to note that while applying for any of the architecture scholarships, you may be asked to submit an essay. This is where you are meant to take the lead over other applicants. Here is how to do it;

  • Clearly demonstrate who you are, and why architecture is your interest or passion.
  • Infuse your past experiences with design and architectural activities, and how they have contributed to shaping who you are into the essay.
  • Express how your future goals will be achieved through architecture, and how humanity at large can benefit from it.

As you write the essay, make sure architecture is the link connecting your past, present, and future.

Scholarships for Architecture Students?

Below are the various top scholarships for architecture students that you can apply to, from any part of the world, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. I will list and give a brief overview of them so that you can gain full insight.

It is important to note that our data is obtained from deep research about the topic from trusted sources. Take the ride with me.

  • Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship
  • The American Institute of Architects Scholarships
  • Yale School of Architecture
  • Texas A&M School of Architecture Scholarships
  • University of Nebraska- Lincoln Collegewide Scholarship
  • University of Southern California School of Architecture
  • LACF National Scholarship
  • University of Sydney Architecture Scholarships
  • DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship in the Field of Architecture
  • UCL Bartlett School of Architecture Scholarships

1.      Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship

This is the first on our list of scholarships for architecture students. It was established in honor of Kate Neal and focuses on supporting young people studying architecture, art, dance, music, theatre, and others.

This scholarship is open to graduates of the Colleges of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, however, graduates from other colleges who are in architecture can apply too. There is no age limitation to apply, but applicants less than 25 years will be given priority.

Eligibility includes having in-depth knowledge of your field, as reflected in your academic marks or quality of work, being of excellent personality and good character, having a sense of purpose and responsibility, etc.

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2.      The American Institute of Architects Scholarships

This is also one of the best scholarships available for architecture students to key into. It is sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and aims at supporting high school students, and undergraduate and graduate students studying architecture.

The scholarship is also open to Architect Registration Exam (ARE) candidates, and those who are yet to become licensed architects. The scholarship award is valued at thousands of dollars, and one can apply to more than one scholarship program in AIA at once provided the eligibility requirements are met.

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3.      Yale School of Architecture

Yale School of Architecture offers financial aid/ scholarships to students studying architecture from all nationalities. The aid is to help students cater to their needs throughout the duration of study, and it is a separate application from the admission application.

The financial aid is open to all U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens alike, provided you are interested in the field of architecture. Use the link provided below to learn more.

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4. Texas A&M University School of Architecture Scholarship

Texas A&M University School of Architecture is also on our list. It aims at supporting students to foot their bills throughout the duration of study. It is open to all students enrolled to study architecture full-time at Texas A&M University.

According to data from 2021/2022, the university awarded about $340,000 to students. There are chances of an increase depending on the application received.

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5. University of Nebraska- Lincoln Collegewide Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the College of Architecture, University of Nebraska, and funded through the generous contributions of alumni and allies of the college. It aims to reward students who have shown high intellectual prowess in the field of architecture.

The scholarship comes in three forms which are pre-professional scholarships, professional scholarships, and graduate scholarships. It is good to know that these scholarships are awarded annually upon the completion of every academic year.

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6. University of Southern California School of Architecture

USC provides financial aid to students interested in studying architecture. It is a substantial merit scholarship open to both domestic and international students.

The scholarship is usually about 10 to 75% of the tuition fee, depending on the qualifications the applicant holds. It is important to note that there is no separate application made for the scholarship as anyone who applies to study architecture at the university is automatically evaluated to see if the box of eligibility for the scholarship was ticked.

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7. LACF National Scholarship

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to underrepresented groups such as women, people with disabilities, First Nations, people of color, etc. The scholarship comes in two forms;

First is the Frederick Cage Todd National Scholarship which gears at rewarding students who have shown excellence and deep commitment towards the development of landscapes in Canada through the study and practice of landscape architecture.

The second is the Peter Jacobs Indigenous scholarship which is awarded to students who studied landscape architecture and shows creativity and empowerment of indigenous people through their design or research.

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8. University of Sydney Architecture Scholarships

This scholarship was established to enable students to study hassle-free. It is open to students studying architecture, design, and planning. And because the scholarship is more than one, you will have to specify which of them you are applying for.

Eligibility criteria for applying include being an undergraduate or postgraduate student at the Sydney School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. Use the link given below to learn more.

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9. DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship in the Field of Architecture

This scholarship offered by DAAD is among the top scholarships for architecture students. It gives students the opportunity to study architecture in Germany thereby promoting networking and having awesome experiences.

The scholarship is open to all those who hold a first degree in architecture, interior design, urban planning/development, landscape architecture, landscape planning, monument conservation and building in existing contexts, etc.

The scholarship award covers a monthly stipend of about 934 euros, travel allowance, insurance, monthly rent subsidy, one-off study allowance, green mobility top-up, monthly allowance for accompanying family members, and so many others.

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10. UCL Bartlett School of Architecture Scholarships

There are tons of scholarship opportunities offered to architecture students by UCL Bartlett School of Architecture. It ranges from undergraduate scholarships to graduate and doctoral scholarships.

The scholarships help to cater for the tuition fees, accommodation, insurance, etc. of the students. Due to the competitive nature of this scholarship, you have to make your application stand out in order to have a chance.

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Architecture scholarships are not hard to get, however, it is not something you should apply for without adequate preparation. For any scholarship you are interested in, try as much as possible to get the full details of it such as how it works, eligibility criteria, requirements, scholarship amount, and so on.

At this point, I can say you have been equipped with all you need to know about scholarships for architecture students. You have also been briefed on the top 10 you can apply to, provided you are eligible.

 I wish you the best of luck as you send in your applications.