12 Best scholarships for Canada International Students

Studying in Canada would be a dream come true for lots of students. In recent years, the country has been named among the top three countries for higher education. It is not just a mere desire from people, the country has one of the best higher education in the world, with 6 of its colleges being named among the top 100 universities in the world.

Also, Canada’s economy is booming, their minimum hourly wage is even more profound when compared to countries like the United States, at $15.55 vs $7.25. The country is also recognized as the best place to live in 2022 by US News and World Report.

However, no matter how desirous and mouth-watering this country might seem, all fingers are not equal. Some people might find it easier to pay for any Canadian tuition and other fees, whereas others might struggle.

Canada understands that this set of people exists and has provided lots of financial aid to carter for their challenges. So, in this blog post on scholarships for Canadian international students, you will see a handful of scholarships provided by colleges in Canada and other organizations that you can take advantage of.

Can International Students get Scholarships in Canada?

There are lots of scholarships provided by different schools for international students. In fact, some schools realize that the tuition for foreigners is higher than that of their domestic students, so they tried to increase the scholarship prizes for international students.

Scholarships for Canada International Students

This list is based on scholarships that are renewable annually, so you may not see application deadlines for some of them because they are available yearly.

  • University of Manitoba – International Student Awards
  • The University of British Columbia International Scholars
  • MPOWER Financing
  • Hofstra University Trustee Scholars Program
  • University of Toronto – Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  • York University – Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • McCall MacBain – Fully Funded Leadership Scholarships for Study in Canada
  • Ferris State University
  • British Chevening Scholarships
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • The University of Oregon Excellence Scholarship
  • UO Summit Scholarship

1. University of Manitoba – International Student Awards

The University of Manitoba is a Canadian University that offers 3 kinds of scholarships to international students, which are;

International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship is meant for students that just graduated from an accredited international high school with great results and want to study at the University of Manitoba. The student needs to achieve a minimum high school average of 85% based on the best five senior-level academic courses.

International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

This, just like the name, awards undergraduate students already pursuing their academics in the college, who have shown excellence in their academic performance. The student must have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours in any Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba and must achieve a minimum of 3.5 grade points during this period. 

Also, the scholarship is renewable if the student maintains high academic excellence.

International Student Bursaries

This scholarship is based on your application to the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora.

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2. The University of British Columbia International Scholars

This public university offers scholarships to students that have achieved high academic prowess, have also proven worthy in extracurricular activities, and have shown a strong desire in making an irrefutable change to our world. The school awards approximately 50 scholarships annually across all four awards.

Like every other merit-based scholarship, you don’t need to choose the scholarship you want nor do you need to apply for them. When you have submitted your application to the university, your team will enroll you in all scholarships you are eligible for.

UBC’s International Scholars Features

  • Eligible for International Students 
  • Eligible for students applying for their first undergraduate degree.
  • Awards up to $25,000 per year.

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3. MPOWER Financing

MPOWER is one of the organizations that provide scholarships for Canada international students. They have different types of scholarships they release, including their $48,000 worth of scholarships to 36 international students annually.

To even spice it up, they release scholarships on a monthly basis, so always check out on the first day of the month for any new scholarship, preferably, you should subscribe to their student newsletter to always receive alerts for any Scholarship they release. Subscribing will even enable you to apply quickly for anyone you feel you’re eligible for.

MPOWER Financing Features

  • Eligible for students that are admitted or enrolled in a full-time degree in the U.S. or Canadian school supported by MPOWER.
  • Eligible for International Students
  • Different kinds of scholarships are provided monthly.
  • You don’t need to be an MPOWER borrower to apply

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4. Hofstra University Trustee Scholars Program

This is one of the scholarships for international students that take care of your tuition for four years of your study. Of course, if they have to award such a scholarship, it has to go to students that have shown academic excellence and have served their community to some extent.

Well, when you apply to the university, and they consider you one of their top applicants, they will consider you for the scholarship.

Trustee Scholars Program Features

  • Early Action 1: November 15
  • Early Action 2: December 15
  • Fully-funded Scholarship
  • 1523 SAT score (or ACT equivalent).
  • GPA of 4.2 and typically in the top 10% of your high school graduating class

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5. University of Toronto – Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

Studying in Canada’s largest and best university could be a dream come true for some people, it is even a lot better when you study with scholarships, which removes a lot of financial burdens off your neck. The Lester B. Pearson scholarship also recognizes students that did exceptionally well in their academics and exhibited great leadership roles during their high school.

The student’s impact on the community is also taken into account, as also the likelihood of contributing positively to the world at large.

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Features

  • School nomination deadline: November 30
  • Student OUAC application deadline: December 14
  • Awarded Annually
  • Available for international students
  • Covers for tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years.
  • Awards to approximately 37 students

Warning from the University

The University of Toronto has been alerted to fraudulent emails that offer to assist students with applications to our Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program. Please exercise caution when researching scholarship opportunities and assessing communications about our programs. The University of Toronto does not work with recruitment agents or agencies. Students interested in applying for a Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship should follow the instructions on this website and submit their applications directly to the University.

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6. York University – Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship

This is another scholarship for Canada international students that considers your academic success, leadership skill, level of determination, and your ability to be resilient. They offer different kinds of scholarships for both international and domestic students who intend to or are already furthering their education at York University.

Their scholarships include;

  • The Tentanda Via Award: is offered to 15 international students worth $30,000 per year and $120,000 in four years.
  • President’s International Scholarship OF Excellence: Awarded to 20 International Students worth $45,000 per year and $180,000 in four years

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7. McCall MacBain – Fully Funded Leadership Scholarships for Study in Canada

This scholarship is exclusively for students that are interested in mentorship, leadership skills development, and want to start their graduate degree. You must exhibit a high-quality leadership role because that’s the top criterion for choosing their awardees.

McCall MacBain Scholarships Features

  • Eligible for International Students
  • Fully-funded tuition fee for one of McGill University in Montréal, Canada.
  • Living Stipend of CAD 2,000 per month
  • Provision of Mentorship, Coaches, and Advisors

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8. Ferris State University

This is one of the colleges that offer scholarships to incoming international students that are academically eligible. Also, the amount you will receive will be determined by your high school GPA on a 4.0 scale, and your result on the English Proficiency Test.

Their scholarships include;

  • Founder’s Scholarship worth $10,000 per year and $40,000 in four years.
  • President’s Scholarship is worth $6,000 per year and up to $24,000 in four years.
  • Provost’s Scholarship is worth $4,500 per year and up to $18,000 in four years.

And many other scholarships for Canada international students.

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9. British Chevening Scholarships

This is one of the scholarships for Canada international students that is exclusively for a one-year master’s degree in any college in the United Kingdom. The beauty of it is all your tuition will be handled by them, no matter the university in the UK you chose.

Also, when you’re done with your scholarship, you will be able to join their 50,000+ global alumni.

British Chevening Scholarships Features

  • Deadline: 1 November
  • Fully-funded Scholarship
  • 1-year master’s degree
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Travel Cost to and from the UK
  • Arrival Allowance
  • Homeward Departure Allowance
  • Cost of One Visa Application
  • Travel Grant to Attend Chevening events in the UK.

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10. Fairleigh Dickinson University

This school offers lots of merit-based scholarships to international students including students from Canada. Since it’s merit-based, you don’t need to apply to be awarded, they will enroll you in any scholarship they found you worthy of, and whichever one you merited will come along with your admission.

The scholarship is awarded during the Fall and Spring of the year, so you should expect it on an annual basis, but it can’t be used during the summer semester. Also, it’s renewable, which means if you maintain an amazing GPA and you remain in good standing with the school, you will surely be considered for renewal.

Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarship Features

  • Deadlines
    • Fall (August) Semester: July 1
    • Spring (January) Semester: December 1
    • Summer semester (limited programs): May 1
  • Awards up to $24,000 worth of scholarships per year.
  • SAT/ACT not required
  • Renewable for up to four years
  • Eligible for Undergraduate

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11. University of Oregon Excellence Scholarship 

The University of Oregon offers lots of scholarships and financial aid to both Undergraduate and Graduate international students. This is another university that offers merit-based scholarships, you don’t need to apply for them to be considered, your application to the university does the whole work.

International freshmen students, whether from Canada or any other country, with amazing admission applications and stellar academic records will be automatically considered.

UO Excellence Scholarship Features

  • Apply for Admission by January 15
  • Submit all required admission applications materials to the Office of Admissions by February 15
  • Awards $60,000 over four years ($15,000 per year).
  • Can be combined with other scholarships
  • Renewable up to 12 academic terms

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12. UO Summit Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships for Canada international students awarded by the University of Oregon, and it is awarded to students that reached the peak of high school achievement. Since the school is interested in your academic excellence, your minimum GPA has to be 3.90 high school GPA on a 4.00 scale.

UO Summit Scholarship Features

  • Apply for admission by January 15.
  • Submit all required admission application materials to the Office of Admissions by February 15.
  • Eligible for Freshmen
  • Renewable
  • Awards $40,000 worth of scholarships to non-residents over four years ($10,000 per year)
  • minimum of 3.90 high school GPA on a 4.00 scale.

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As you can see in this list of scholarships for Canada international students, there are lots of scholarships available to study in Canada. Also, you need to be aware of the deadlines.

If you noticed, most of these scholarships are merit-based, so when you apply to the school you will be enrolled in any scholarship you are found worthy of. That also means you need to apply on time.