5 Scholarships For Short People

The beauty of scholarships is that there are lots of them specifically designed for your uniqueness. Being shorter than average height, or being a dwarf might not be a very unique ability to some people, but some organizations have decided to encourage some people’s height thereby creating these scholarships for short people.

Traditional scholarships are full of competition, everyone is going for them, but unique scholarships like these enable you to reduce the competition. But, it doesn’t mean being short is the only criterion to be eligible for these awards.

In this article, we will streamline those scholarships specifically designed for short people, or dwarves.

Scholarships for Short People

1. Little People of America

LPA is one of the few Non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting people of short stature and their families.

The Little People of America awards their scholarship in order of preference, which includes;

  • members of LPA who have a medically diagnosed form of dwarfism
  • immediate family members of those with dwarfism who are also paid members of LPA
  • individuals with dwarfism who are not members of LPA

The scholarship is provided to prospective and current students attending college or vocational school in the United States. Awards can range from $250 to $1000 (sometimes more), and there are only two scholarships for undergraduates and one for graduates.

To stand a chance for this scholarship, it’s advisable to complete the online application before May 31, the deadline, and make sure to proofread your application for any spelling and grammar errors.

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2. NCTA & AWMF Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships for short people provided by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. The scholarship allows competent female students pursuing their degree in communications/media to create an original piece (digital short, video, animation, multi-media, or other concept chosen by the student) that will be featured in NCTA and AWMF media distribution channels. 

Furthermore, awardees will receive a scholarship worth $5,000 for the continuation of their education, and they will also receive a ticket to attend the Gracies Leadership Awards in the Fall. The scholarship also opens doors for the awardees to meet high-level professionals in the media industry through the AWM event.

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3. Ford Empowering America Scholarship

This is another scholarship for short people provided by Alliance for Women Media Foundation, and they award 2 kinds of scholarships, the winner of the award will get $3,000 whereas the runner-up gets $2,000. Also, the scholarship is eligible for female undergraduates, and graduates enrolled in media, journalism, English, communications, or any related programs.

4. Cappex Easy Money Scholarship

This is one of the few scholarships that doesn’t require any minimum GPA or essay, but it’s not only for short people, which also makes it a little bit competitive. You have to be enrolled in high school or a college student, or you intend to enroll in the next 12 months to be eligible.

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5. Jockey Club Scholarship Jack Goodman Scholarship

This is one of the annual scholarships provided to short people enrolled in the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program (RTIP). It is dedicated to, Goodman, who was a resident of Tucson, a longtime member of The Jockey Club, and one of three founders of the RTIP.

This scholarship is worth $6,000, and awardees will get $3,000 per semester.

The Jockey Club also provides other scholarships such as;

  • The Jockey Club Scholarship ($15,000; $7,500 per semester)
  • The Jockey Club Advancement of Women in Racing Scholarship ($20,000; $10,000 per semester)
  • The Jockey Club Vision Scholarship ($20,000; $10,000 per semester)
  • The Jockey Club Benevolence Scholarship ($15,000; $7,500 per semester)

To be eligible for any of the Jockey Club’s Scholarships, you must be a United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico resident.

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There are not so many scholarships for short people, but being short is one of many criteria for winning any of these few scholarships, you also need to be academically competent. The advantage you have is that you won’t have a lot of competitors when compared with traditional scholarships.

We wish you all the best as you enroll for any of these scholarships.