12 Canadian Scholarships For High School Students

Are you a Canadian high school student looking for a scholarship? You are at the right place! Curated in this blog post are Canadian scholarships for high school students with details on their requirements, deadlines, criteria, and how to apply. Read on to find out how these scholarships can help pay for your education.

There are endless scholarship opportunities in Canada to support students’ education, from sports scholarships to nursing scholarships, there are scholarships for every student. The scholarships are made available by federal and provincial governments, corporations, universities and colleges, and charity organizations.

The scholarships are awarded to recognize excellence, encourage and assist students to achieve their educational goals, and motivate students to pursue their ambitions. Higher education in Canada can be expensive which restricts students from pursuing their education goals but with scholarships, the financial burden is lessened and then students can go on to achieve their goals without worrying so much about financial expenses.

As I mentioned earlier there are scholarships in Canada for every student, even for international students, there are Canadian scholarships for high school students. With these scholarships, students in high school who are planning to go to college can apply for them and receive financial support for their studies.

As a high school student planning to attend college, the best time to start looking for college scholarships is when you are still in high school preferably as a high school senior student. At this level, there are so many scholarships for you to apply for but you will have to mind their requirements and criteria. Even though they are meant for high school seniors and you are one, there can be some criteria on the list that will make you not eligible for the award.

The list of scholarships in Canada for high school students you will find here are offered by the federal and provincial government of Canada, high schools, universities and colleges, corporations, and charity organizations. Therefore, the scholarships are from different sources with varying requirements so be sure to review their details carefully. I have provided all the information here as well, continue reading.

Canadian scholarships for high school students

Canadian Scholarships for High School Students

The following are scholarships in Canada for high school students to pay for high school or college:

  • R&D Systems Scholarship
  • Horatio Alger Association of Canada Scholarships
  • Kin Canada Bursaries
  • TD Scholarships for Community Leadership
  • NELSON Civic Leader Scholarship
  • Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
  • BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships
  • Canada Star Secondary School Awards & Scholarships
  • The University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships and Awards for Canadian Students
  • The University of Toronto Admission Awards
  • Alberta Centennial Award
  • AbbeyRoad Scholarships & Fellowships

1.     R&D Systems Scholarship

The R&D Systems Scholarship is one of the Canadian scholarships for high school students who aim to pursue careers in science-related fields like life science, medical science, and health science. You can apply as a high school senior or graduate but you must have been accepted into a program in one of the above disciplines at an accredited college in Canada.

If you are selected, the fund will be sent directly to your host institution to settle your tuition fees. The R&D Systems Scholarship is offered every year to new students so if you do not qualify for the current year, you can apply again next year. So, bookmark the scholarship page so that you can always come back to it.

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2.     Horatio Alger Association of Canada Scholarships

The Horatio Alger Association of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to the belief that hard work, honesty, and determination can conquer all obstacles. In line with the association’s belief, scholarships are awarded annually to determined high school students in Canada from poor backgrounds currently in high school but intend to enter university in a new academic year.

High school students in grade 11 can be eligible to receive scholarships worth $10,000 but these students need to demonstrate financial need with an annual family income below $65,000, demonstrate integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity, intent to pursue post-secondary education, good academic record, and a desire to contribute to the society.

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3.     Kin Canada Bursaries

Kin Canada is the biggest all-Canadian service organization club founded in 1920 by Hal Rogers and today, the club is made up of dedicated member volunteers who serve their community’s greatest need through hosting and sponsoring events and community service projects. The Kin Canada Bursaries is a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund established in 1994 to help high school students in Canada pay for post-secondary education.

Kin Canada Bursaries are awarded every year, however, the amount disbursed in any one year depends on the balance of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund and its governing laws. The donations come from Kin, Kinsmen, and Kinnette Clubs, as well as individuals.

To be eligible for the Kin Canada Bursaries, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, must be a full-time student in the process of graduating from high school or currently studying or registered at a post-secondary institution, must complete the current application form by the deadline, and must have been previously awarded a Kin Canada Bursary. Applicants will be evaluated based on their participation in school and community activities, knowledge of Kin Canada, and financial needs.

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4.     TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

Final-year high school students in Canada who have shown commitment to making a positive difference in their communities can be eligible for the TD Scholarships for Community Leadership. The scholarship offers $70,000 over 4 years of post-secondary education. It is split into $10,000 for tuition and $7,500 for living expenses for a maximum of 4 years.

The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is one of the best Canadian scholarships for high school students. Aside from the financial assistance, scholarship recipients get opportunities for summer employment, peer networking, and mentorship. To be eligible, you must have demonstrated community leadership and have a minimum overall grade average of 75% (outside Quebec), or a minimum R score of 26 (in Quebec), in your most recently completed school year.

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5.     NELSON Civic Leader Scholarship

The NELSON Civic Leader Scholarship is set up to celebrate and empower student success across Canada. The Nelson Scholarship is awarded to Grade 12 students to recognize them for their innovation and inspiring accomplishments. The NELSON Civic Leader Scholarship is awarded annually to indigenous young leaders of tomorrow with a commitment to their community and academic achievement. The NELSON Civic Leader Scholarship amount is $2,500 for a 4-year or 2-year program.

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6.     Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award offers scholarships to students who participate in volunteering activities and give back to their communities just like Terry Fox did. To be eligible for the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award you must have a good academic record, be a citizen of Canada or a landed immigrant, currently graduating high school or completing your first year of CEGEP, or have completed high school.

You must be involved in voluntary humanitarian activities without receiving compensation and planning to pursue your first university degree or diploma at an accredited higher institution in Canada. The value of the award is $28,000 dispersed over years plus a stipend of $7,000. The award is provided for a maximum of 4 years provided they maintain satisfactory academic standing and a standard of humanitarian work and personal conduct.

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7.     BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships

The BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships is made available by the University of Manitoba to exceptional high school graduates who combine outstanding leadership potential with academic talents. Each scholarship is valued at $16,000, allocated over 4 years of study. A total of 9 awards will be given out to students entering any of the direct-entry programs at the University of Manitoba.

Six of the awards will be given to students graduating from a high school within Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and three will be given out at the national level to students graduating from a Canadian high school outside of Manitoba. BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved at least 90% calculated based on results, have a record of community involvement, have demonstrated evidence of leadership qualities and future potential, and have completed a University of Manitoba application for admission by the deadline.

In addition, the applicant must have demonstrated a high level of communication skills and have demonstrated evidence of special abilities other than academic abilities such as sports, linguistic skills, and artistic or literary accomplishments.

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8.     Canada Star Secondary School Awards & Scholarships

Canada Star is a secondary school in Canada and they offer scholarships to exceptional students entering grades 8 to 12. Canada Star offers different scholarships:

  • Canada Star Golden Achievement Award: This scholarship is offered to one high-performing new student who wants to study full-time at Canada Star Secondary School. It offers a 100% tuition waiver.
  • Canada Star Outstanding Performance Award: This is a one-time $5,000 entrance scholarship open to any student who can demonstrate outstanding performance in any area of visual arts and design, sports, music and performing arts, or academics.
  • Top University Bridge Scholarship: It is open to domestic students who demonstrate a high academic standing and involvement in their school and/or community. Selected students will be awarded a one-time entrance scholarship that matches the student’s average score percentage.
  • Canada Star Principal’s Scholarship: this is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to any student carrying a full course load and maintaining an annual average score of 92% or more.
  • Canada Star Honors Award: this award is offered annually to any student who has maintained an average score of 86% or higher for one academic year while carrying a full course load.
  • Canada Star Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship awards $5,000 each academic year to support and recognize young people from different backgrounds who are committed to being actively involved and promoting diversity in their community.

Parents who are looking for a secondary school in Canada for their child to have a chance of receiving a scholarship may consider Canada Star Secondary School.

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9.     The University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships and Awards for Canadian Students

As a high school senior in Canada with an intent to further your education at higher institutions, you must currently look for suitable universities and colleges in Canada especially institutions with good financial packages. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is not just one of the best universities in Canada but also has great financial packages for new incoming students such as yourself.

You may want to consider applying for an undergraduate program at UBC to stand a chance to receive scholarships. There are different awards available to incoming students:

  • Awards for Indigenous Students
  • Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program
  • Loran Awards
  • Presidential Scholars Awards
  • Schulich Leader Scholarships
  • UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards

These scholarships are awarded every year only to new incoming students and may be renewable. Each of their requirements varies but every student who wants to be considered for the award must have excellent grades, community and school involvement, and demonstrated leadership.

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10.  The University of Toronto Admission Awards

Hey there high school senior or graduate! Are you in search of a university in Canada that offers scholarships to high school graduates who intend to enroll in a higher institution? Look no further as the answer is here – The University of Toronto.

The University of Toronto is another top-tier institution in Canada with an awesome financial package. Every year, the university, along with its colleges, faculties, and divisions, administers over 5,700 admission awards that total nearly $36 million. The admission awards means that it is offered to new students who are coming to U of T directly from high school and they are automatically considered for all of those scholarships.

U of T also offers other awards based on financial need, academic merit, indigenous background, first-generation students, and demonstrated leadership. For these awards, a separate application will have to be submitted. Even international students are eligible for the U of T Admission Awards.

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11.  Alberta Centennial Award

Are you a resident of Alberta? Are you also in a high school in Alberta and looking for scholarships to study in a higher institution? Then look no further, the Alberta Centennial Award is here for you. The Alberta Centennial Award is one of the best scholarships for high school students in Alberta, Canada awarded to students who have contributed to their communities through outstanding characteristics in citizenship/social responsibility, leadership, and community service.

The Alberta Centennial Award is awarded annually to 25 young Albertans and the value is $2,005. Only Alberta high school students who receive the Premier’s Citizenship Award are considered for the Alberta Centennial Award and students must also be enrolled in a full-time college degree program. A record of accomplishments chart and two letters of reference are required as part of the application.

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12.  AbbeyRoad Scholarships & Fellowships

AbbeyRoad Programs offer amazing opportunities to Canadian students, these opportunities are in the form of scholarships and fellowships and they are of different varieties. AbbeyRoad offers a Summer Fellowship to high school students aged 14-18 who demonstrated high academic and extracurricular performance in the field for which they are applying.

Other scholarships are the $500 Social Media Ambassador Scholarships, Green Ticket Scholarships, and Chris Meyer Memorial French Scholarships. Each of these scholarships has its specific requirements, criteria, and amount of awards, learn more about them through the link below.

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So, now you know all about the range of Canadian scholarships available to high school students. As you’ve seen, there are many different types of scholarships, from general scholarships to those specifically for students who are marginalized or underrepresented, there are many options out there. All it takes is a little bit of research and some hard work to secure the funding you need.

The important thing is to find the one that’s right for you and your needs. With some careful research and preparation, you can find a scholarship that will help you reach your goals. Don’t wait any longer to start your scholarship search. The sooner you get started, the more opportunities you’ll have to make your dreams a reality.

Also remember, applying for scholarships can be a rewarding process in itself, as it will help you build valuable skills and experience. And who knows – maybe you’ll end up being the next winner of a prestigious award.