$25000 Be Bold No Essay Scholarship Application

Crafting different unique, compelling essays for diverse scholarships is not an easy task especially when you are winning a fraction or even nothing from those persistence. That’s one of the reasons bold.org followed a different approach to ease the burden.

According to the name, the Be Bold No Essay Scholarship threw away the essay requirements and channeled their focus on a more character-wise criteria; your boldness and potential. Unlike the Courage to Grow Scholarship, or even the Frame My Future Scholarship, this “Be Bold” scholarship doesn’t have any concern for your academic achievements.

So you won’t be worried about word count, or crafting the best kind of essay in this scholarship.

Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

About the “Be Bold” No Essay Scholarship

Bold.org, who is the creator of this scholarship, believes that the world will be shaped by the bold—the fighters, the risk-takers, the earnest overachievers who won’t take no for an answer—the ones who know that a mountain is climbed a step at a time.

This also reminds me of MyMozaic scholarship which emphasizes a lot on courage and ambition.

Like we said earlier the Be Bold No Essay Scholarship has no concern for your academic achievements but focuses on students with “boldest profile. Their “boldest profile,” has nothing to do with how best you’re or whether you’re well accomplished but rather on three qualities which are:

  • Earnestness: how genuine you are to your academic, life, and career goals. Do you showcase a strong interest in your academic field of study.
  • Determination: this is where they will look into your perseverance, and resilience when you face challenges.
  • Making a move: bold.org desires candidates who don’t just procrastinate but are willing to take action despite their circumstances. So if you’re someone who fully gets involved in projects and activities that show your desire to make an impact, then there are decent chances you’ll win this award.

Who Can Apply for the Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

This scholarship accepts different kinds of students, making it accessible to several individuals. To be eligible, here are the criteria you must meet:

  • Students from any education level are welcome to apply, whether high school seniors, undergrads, graduates, or even students in trade schools 
  • There are no minimum GPA requirements, meaning you can apply even with the worst grade.
  • Also, there is no restriction on your field of study, so whether you want to pursue a career in the medical field, engineering, law, IT, business, marketing, etc, you’re welcome to apply.
  • Furthermore, it’s not restricted to only U.S. citizens, but any student from any location can apply too, even international students are welcome to apply.

How to Apply for the Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

In this section we won’t only show you how to apply, but how to make your application effective enough to showcase boldness, to stand a better chance to win the scholarship.

First of all, head to their official scholarship website and click on the “apply now” button which will direct you to where you can create a Bold.org profile if you haven’t done that before. Remember this application is where you’ll mostly showcase your boldness.

You will need to thoroughly fill your profile, don’t forget to highlight your academic interests, goals, achievements, and other relevant experiences.

Don’t forget they are interested in your earnestness, determination, and moving, so focus your application on these qualities.

Be wise while choosing your recommenders, you need someone who can emphasize your boldness, whether it’s your teacher, coach, dean, mentor, etc.

You should ensure to cross-check over and over for errors and inaccuracies before submitting.

Bold.org has always emphasized the need for early application, and this Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is no exception because it increases your chances of being considered.

Worth of Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

Even though the monetary value of this scholarship is a whooping $25,000, but the value goes beyond the dollar amount you’ll receive. By winning this scholarship it confirms your unique boldness to life and its challenges, it means the selection committee believes you can’t be broken down easily.

Imagine a network with other bold scholars like you, that’s what their community offers, where you can relate and interact with individuals of like-minded who can mentor you, and even collaborate with you in the future.

Additional Consideration 

There are some important factors you need to consider before applying for this scholarship. One of which includes applying early, the scholarship gives high priority to those who apply early.

Their generous award and open eligibility requirements also come with their own downside, which makes the scholarship extremely competitive. There are lots of students applying from within and outside the country.

But that shouldn’t discourage you, rather you can make it a motivation to give the committee a strong reason you should be considered through your application.

As you apply, don’t totally depend on it, as it is not guaranteed, you should go for alternative scholarships too. We made some suggestions in the “Author’s Recommendations” section.

Key Takeaway 

You can see that this scholarship is a life-changing experience, especially for those who win it. Even if you’re not the winner, don’t consider it as a loss, see it as a way of freely expressing your boldness to the world.

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