11 Easy Canadian Scholarships

If you have been on the search for easy Canadian scholarships you can apply for, then stay glued to this blog post as I will be bringing them to your footsteps.

Canada is home to world-class institutions that offer numerous scholarships. These scholarships can be easy to get or may require lots of eligibility criteria for one to apply for them. There are scholarship easy scholarships that you can apply for like the Smart Owl scholarship which does not require you to write an essay. You can also find the ten-word or less scholarship that just requires you to write a very short sentence on why you need the scholarship.

 In Canada, scholarships are categorized depending on the purpose of the scholarship and they are provided by either Canadian schools or in memory of an important personality in the country or school. There are scholarships for undergraduates and scholarships for black students in Canada. Different fields of study provide scholarships for their applicants. There are agricultural scholarships for students interested in studying agriculture. You will also find scholarships on artificial intelligence.

If you want to apply for other types of Canadian scholarships, you can go to our Canadian scholarships category on our website to find out more. Apart from these scholarships, there are easy Canadian scholarships that you can get and that is what this article will be focused on. Let’s get right into it without wasting further time.

Easy Canadian scholarships

Easy Canadian Scholarships

The essay Canadian scholarships that you can apply for are as follows;

  • Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
  • Mensa Canada Scholarship Program
  • Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundations Scholarship
  • The Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarship Fund (OEMSF)
  • Russell Alexander Law Scholarship
  • Loran Scholarships
  • The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship
  • Benson Kearley IFG Impact Awards
  • Jean Lumb Awards 
  • The Empowered Kids Ontario Scholarship Program
  • Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement

1.       Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award provides university scholarships to students who exemplify the humanitarian ideals of Terry Fox by volunteering and giving back to their communities. This award recognizes the legacy of Terry Fox by awarding scholarships worth almost $30,000 to students who exemplify the selflessness and courage of its namesake. The application process requires applicants to submit an online application. Afterward, the scholarship committee will review each application and make a shortlist. Shortlisted applicants are invited to a panel interview with former Terry Fox scholars after which the committee makes final decisions.

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2.       Mensa Canada Scholarship Program

Mensa Canada and its members sponsor several scholarships available to all Canadian high school students who plan on attending Canadian universities. The program hosts several scholarships funded by current or late Mensa members who had a passion for intelligence, academic achievement, and excellence. There are three specific scholarships open to students, which have varying eligibility requirements.

The three scholarships available from the scholarship program are:

  • The Frank & Betty Woodhams Memorial Scholarship
  • The Edgar Kerstan Memorial Scholarship
  • The Art Sparrow Memorial Scholarship

The only requirement for the scholarship is the essay and Mensa advises all applicants to write specifically about their career goals, and their course of study, while also providing details about any extracurricular activities or obstacles they have faced on their educational journey. They must also not identify themselves in the essay. Once completed, the essay must be uploaded to an online application form, which is delivered to Mensa directly. Each scholarship awards a different amount, but the range is from $1000 to $25000.

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3.       Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundations Scholarship

The Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation scholarship is the next on the list of easy Canadian scholarships and is awarded annually to applicants who demonstrate the values of the Future Aces Creed. Successful students contribute to society by having exhibited good citizenship through community service, character-building initiatives, and/or by participating in humanitarian causes. The foundation has provided support to close to 900 students with $1,000 scholarships. In other to apply, you have to do the following;

  • Download the application package.
  • Some questions have word limits, please do not exceed them.
  • The package is designed to be easy to complete.
  •  If you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to email scholarships@futureaces.org

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4.       The Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarship Fund (OEMSF)

Provided by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), the Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarships are awarded once per year to post-secondary students in the field of conservation. The scholarship is financed entirely by private-sector donations in memory of Orville Erickson, a prominent Canadian conservationist and past CWF president. The scholarship amount varies every year and for each applicant, but the award ranges between $500 to $4,000. The deadline for applications is May 25 of each year. To find out more about the scholarship, click on this link to download the guidelines in PDF format

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5.       Russell Alexander Law Scholarship

The Russell Alexander Law Scholarship is next on the list of easy Canadian scholarships and is open to all students in Canada (high school, post-secondary) who have an interest in pursuing a law degree. The scholarship program is intended to support students who desire a career in law. The winner of the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship will receive up to $2,000 directly toward the tuition for their post-secondary education, in addition to a $500 bonus to help cover the cost of school supplies of their choice, such as technology, textbooks, notebooks, etc.

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6.       Loran Scholarships

The Loran Award offers a four-year leadership-enrichment program, financial support for undergrad, diverse opportunities for experiential learning, and a long-term supportive community of peers and mentors—people who will inspire and motivate you in your pursuit to make a difference. Offered in partnership with 25 Canadian universities, and renewable for up to four years, the Loran Award is valued at more than $100,000 over four years of undergraduate study. Click Here to find out how to apply and the eligibility criteria for application.

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7.       The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship

This scholarship honors the late Ted Rollins’ and his wife Holly Rollins’ vision to provide scholarship funding to aspiring students, many of whom are disadvantaged yet excel academically despite their obstacles.  It is a privately funded scholarship that aims to recognize the academic achievements of exceptional students who need assistance. The scholarship is open to all high school students in Canada or the US and has few eligibility requirements. The scholarship has a simple online form that students must submit, along with their essay, their school, and what major they plan on taking. The scholarship amount ranges between $1000 and $5000 to cover tuition, books, and other living expenses.

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8.       Benson Kearley IFG Impact Awards

This scholarship program is sponsored by Benson Kearley IFG, an insurance company in Ontario. It was created to recognize Peel and Durham region high-school students, who have either founded a charity or company or ran a fundraising campaign while in high school. The scholarship is open to high school students in grade 12 who are planning to pursue any kind of post-secondary degree, trade certificate, or diploma. The company uses an online application where students submit important information such as their 1000-word essay detailing their achievements, their current high school, and the school or institution they plan on attending. The company awards five winners $2000 each.

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9.       Jean Lumb Awards 

The Jean Lumb Foundation is a Canadian, not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 2006 and established as a charitable foundation in 2008. Its purpose is to advance education by providing scholarships to high school students of Chinese heritage. The Jean Lumb Awards give out $1000 scholarships to applicants who have excelled in one or more areas from the arts and athletics to defense of the environment and community service. Applicants interested in applying must merge all their supporting documents (transcripts, high school resume, 500-word essay detailing your major achievements, and two letters of recommendation) into a single PDF file and upload to the application portal.

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10.   The Empowered Kids Ontario Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is another one intended to help students in Ontario with learning or developmental disabilities attend a post-secondary institution. The scholarship awards up to six awards of $2500 each to qualified applicants. To get more information about the scholarship, click on this link The program uses an online application that all applicants must submit before the May 31st deadline. There is an online application form, but applicants must also submit either a 750-word autobiographical essay or a creative piece (short story, video, artwork) that also explains a little bit about them.

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11.   Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement

Established and funded by Perimeter Institute, this award is presented annually in memory of Luke Santi. Luke was a high school student who demonstrated a passion for research and discovery, earned top marks in his courses, took part in a variety of extracurricular activities, and volunteered his time in the service of others.

In honor of Luke’s many accomplishments and contributions, the award is presented annually to a Canadian student who demonstrates Luke’s many qualities which are academic performance, interest in science, extracurricular activities, and volunteering, and is graduating high school to begin post-secondary education in physical sciences at a Canadian university.

Click on this link to find out more about this scholarship. The award includes $1000 and the opportunity to visit Perimeter Institute for a tour, lunch with researchers and staff, and seminars or other scheduled events. One award will be made each year to a graduating Canadian high school student who has been accepted into a full-time academic program in physical sciences at a Canadian university in the fall. The successful student is expected to direct the award towards tuition for studies in physics.

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These easy Canadian scholarships are very easy to apply for, once you get the procedures for application right. Choose the one that best suits you and apply.