$23,000 Golden Apple Scholarship Application

Here is all you need to know about the Golden Apple scholarship application. We will explore together their requirements, eligibility criteria, value of award, duration, and many others. Follow me closely as we take the ride.

If you have always dreamt of becoming a teacher or an educator who will help educate the young ones, and create a lasting impact in society, but somehow are being tossed out of your dreams probably because of finance, here is a scholarship for you.

Golden Apple Scholarship ensures that you get the necessary training and education needed to become an effective teacher. This scholarship funds your tuition fee, accommodation, cost of textbooks, and other related school expenses.

While this scholarship supports college students aspiring to be a teacher, it is good to note that it is only for those at universities in Illinois. Well, don’t worry much if you don’t fit in here. There are other tons of scholarships that you can apply to, and study without hassle.

We have the Target scholarship which was established to help students cut some study costs. We also have the Taco Bell scholarship, Whataburger scholarship, and many others. You can check them out to see things for yourself.

Now, in this article just like I said earlier, we will treat all that concerns the Golden Apple Scholarship program. I just need you to pay rapt attention, and read with undivided attention.

About Golden Apple Scholarship Illinois

Golden Apple Scholarship Program is an opportunity in Illinois offered to high school seniors, freshmen, and sophomores of Illinois students who nurse the idea of becoming teachers and educators.

The scholarship is a teacher preparation and tuition assistance opportunity that helps aspiring teachers get in-depth training or skills needed to be effective and efficient in teaching.

The Golden Apple program ensures that no stone is left unturned in equipping aspiring teachers on how to create lasting success in challenging learning environments.

Golden Apple Scholarship Award Amount

Now that you have seen what this scholarship entails, let’s look at what you stand to gain when you become a scholar.

  • You will receive about $23,000 in total to cater for college, inclusive of paid scholar institute.
  • You will be given an awesome classroom teaching experience.
  • You will get both social-emotional and academic support.
  • You stand the chance to get a job placement.
  • You will gain mentorship from award-winning teaching faculty.

These and some other more are things you can benefit when you become a Golden Apple Scholar. Do you now see why you should put out your best foot while shooting your application?

Golden Apple Scholarship in Illinois Eligibility Requirements

Here are the various eligibility criteria you must meet before applying for this scholarship. Read through carefully as this section will determine your stand in the scholarship application.

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, DACAmented student, and resident of Illinois.
  • You must be a college freshman, Illinois high school senior, Illinois community college student, or sophomore at partner universities in Illinois.
  • You must submit all required academic transcripts which will be totally reviewed, and evaluated in order to make a decision. It is important to note that decisions cannot be made from just one document.
  • You must meet the ISAC program requirements.
  • You should possess a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • You must be applying or pursuing a bachelor’s degree from an Illinois partner university.
  • You must comply with the code of conduct.
  • Within 7 years after graduation, you must be available to teach for five years in an Illinois school of need.
  • You must participate in Golden Apple Scholar Institutes.

How To Apply for the Golden Apple Teacher Scholarship

Below are the procedures you can take to apply for this scholarship.

  • Register and fill out completely the online application submitting both your references and personal statements.
  • Upload all required unofficial transcripts.
  • If you are a home school student, you are expected to submit your standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) for application review.
  • If you are accepted into the scholars program, you must submit test scores after induction to assist in research purposes.
  •  You must be ready to participate in interviews when called upon.

It is worth noting that standardized test scores are not a metric for acceptance into the scholar’s program as the committee will closely review your GPA, personal statements, strength of course selection, etc.

Tips to Win the Golden Apple Scholarship

Due to the enormous benefits that you stand to gain when you are accepted into this scholars program, many students apply for this scholarship. You have to deploy all the best strategies you know for your application to stand out. Some of the tips I can give you are;

  • Try as much as possible to possess a good GPA.
  • Write and articulate clearly your personal statement, essay, and others.
  • Send in your application early enough.
  • Refer other students to the program, and make sure they use your referral link.
  • Score high on your standardized tests like SAT or ACT.
  • Review your application, checking grammatical errors and spelling before hitting the submit button.

To apply for this scholarship, use the link provided below

Apply Here


Golden Apple Scholarship helps to cater for your education fees as you learn various strategies on how to teach effectively and create a long-lasting impact in society.

Are you one of the aspiring teachers who also met the eligibility requirements? Do not hesitate to shoot your shot.

I wish you the best of luck.