Target Scholarship Application

Are you looking for free money for college? Then come in here and find out how to qualify and apply for Target scholarship which can offer you up to $5,000 to sort college bills.

Popular fast-food chain restaurants and retail corporations offer scholarships to assist students with the cost of higher education. Whether you are an employee of any of the companies or not, you can apply for the scholarship, and receive the reward if you qualify.

So far, regarding scholarships offered by fast food chains, I have published blog posts on Burger King HACER Scholarship, Taco Bell Scholarships, and McDonald’s Scholarships.

The Target Scholarship Application is the first one from a retail corporation I will be providing information on, so, sit tight.

Does it come as a surprise to you that Target and the other multinational fast-food restaurants I mentioned earlier are offering scholarships?

It did come as a surprise to me at first because I had never heard nor seen it advertised anywhere. But from my research, I found out that these corporations have been providing scholarships to college and high school students for many years. The only problem is that they do not advertise their scholarships and you probably may never find out unless you start looking for them on your own.

Publishing the previous articles convinced me that nearly, if not all, department and retail stores, fast food chains, and other companies offer scholarships but they are most likely not going to advertise it. In the latter part of this blog, most likely after providing all the information on the Target scholarship application, I will provide you with a secret guide on where to look for scholarships.

The scholarships offered by Target are of different types but all for the same reason – to support the cost of college for deserving students – so read through them carefully and apply for only the ones whose criteria you satisfy. Is that clear?

Target scholarship

About Target Scholarship

Target scholarship is made available by the retailer corporation, Target Corporation. It is one of the retail corporations offering scholarships to support the cost of higher education for college-bound students.

The Corporation partners with some nonprofit organizations and institutions to ensure that the award gets to the right students, that is, those who are really in need of it, and receiving the scholarship will make a huge difference in their lives.

Application for the scholarships is done online and is 100% free to apply. You do not need to pay anyone to apply for them and you can complete the registration process all on your own.

Next, you will see the different scholarships below and how you can qualify to apply for them.

1.     Target Scholars Program

The Target Scholars Program is a partnership between Target Corporation and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), a US-based non-profit charity organization that provides scholarships for underrepresented students and general operating support for 37 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The Targets Scholars Program offers $5,000 each to 1,000 first-year Black students enrolled at select HBCUs. The financial support is not the only award this program offers, it also offers four (4) years of academic support, mentoring, internship opportunities, networking, and access to a college success coach who will offer support to students’ academic progress and professional development throughout their college years.

This Scholars program is an opportunity for African-American students to be able to pursue their academic ambition to the fullest and get plugged into opportunities that will develop them to their fullest potential.

Are you a Black student? then do not miss out on the Target Scholars Program.

Eligibility criteria for Target Scholars Program:

To qualify for the Target Scholars Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an undergraduate African-American first-year student enrolled at an HBCU.
  • You must be pursuing a degree in technology, leadership, or design.
  • The degree must be a full-time 4-year program.

Do you meet all of the criteria above? Then you qualify to apply for the Target Scholars Program.

The $5,000 award must only be used to cover college bills like tuition and fees, room and meals, books and supplies, travel, and other school expenses.

You become a Target Scholar when you receive the scholarship. As a Target Scholar, you are required to communicate regularly with the College Success Coach and participate in professional and leadership development opportunities.

How to Apply for the Target Scholars Program

Before applying for the Target Scholars Program, prepare the following documents:

  • A recommendation letter from a non-relative
  • Two essays of no more than 300 words each
  • Your high school transcript including courses and grades through your senior year.

If you have all of these materials ready, proceed to the UNCF website and apply along with all of the materials listed above. The application is usually open by July and by August the winners are selected.

2.     Target – Hispanic College Fund  

Target partners with yet another nonprofit organization – the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) – to provide scholarships to students of Hispanic heritage.

Hispanic College Fund is the largest scholarship provider to people of Hispanic heritage. The organization partners with various other organizations and academic institutions to offer scholarships and other academic and career opportunities that will prepare Hispanic young people to become professionals in the future.

One of the partners of HCF is Target Corporation.

Target partners with HCF to offer scholarships each year to 50 Hispanic students majoring in business or studies related to business at an accredited college or university.

The eligibility for this scholarship is based on financial need and academic achievements. This means you have to come from a low-income family and have a good academic record. The application may require you to submit a financial statement and transcript.

The award amount ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per student. Only 50 students are selected each year. To apply, visit the Hispanic College Fund website by clicking here.

The Target Scholars Program and the Target–Hispanic College Fund are collectively known as Target Scholarships for Hispanic and Black Students.

3.     Target Fashion Scholarship

Are you planning to attend a fashion school but facing financial struggles that make it difficult to afford a fashion school? Worry no more because the Target Fashion Scholarship is here to support your dream.

Target Corporation partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to establish the annual Target Fashion Scholar Program.

Through this annual program, one exceptional sophomore student currently enrolled in one of CFDA’s partner schools will receive $25,000 to support the cost of their education and a visit to their headquarters in Minneapolis to work with the design team at Target.

The four runners-up in the Target Fashion Scholars Program will receive $5,000 each.

These are all three scholarships that Target Corporation offers. But as I mentioned earlier, these corporations rarely advertise scholarships online so there could be more and the only way to find them is either to contact them via email or telephone or go to a Target store near you and make inquiries.

Remember I promised to unlock the secrets to find scholarships that are not advertised, so, here goes…

The Secret Guide to Find Scholarships

This quick guide unlocks the secret of where and how to look for scholarships.  

1.     Find Scholarships on Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scholarships to Study Abroad is a site with a large database of information on various scholarships from different parts of the world. Everyone has free access to find, apply, and win scholarships abroad and in their home country when they use Scholarships to Study Abroad. There is information featuring scholarships from various organizations, universities and colleges, associations, etc. which are updated regularly.

You can find information on scholarships from the Jackie Robinson Foundation and Ge Reagan Foundation scholarship program

You can find scholarships relating to your interests, hobbies, physical appearance, and so on. For instance, if you love fishing or crocheting as a hobby, there are fishing scholarships for college or scholarships for crocheting that you can apply for and be selected to receive free money for college. If you are tall or wear glasses, you can apply for scholarships for tall people or scholarships for people with glasses.

There are just every type of scholarship on Scholarships to Study Abroad with accurate information.

2.     Contact the Financial Aid Office of your Prospective or Current Post-Secondary Institution

The post-secondary institution you want to attend or currently attending is another very important place to look for scholarships. All post-secondary institutions whether it is a college, university, or trade school, usually have a financial aid office. This is the department that is responsible for assessing scholarship applications, providing information on scholarships, and disbursing scholarships to successful students/applicants.

You can contact the financial aid office of your current or prospective school through email, telephone, or in-person visit to inquire about all available scholarships, and you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to progress.

With the information you get you will know which scholarships you can qualify for, maybe an automatic entrance scholarship, in-course scholarship, or a university-wide scholarship based on the eligibility criteria of the scholarships, and begin to apply for them.

The financial aid office will even provide you with information on available external scholarships that you may qualify for and use the funds to study at that school. If you are not given the information, request it. Looking for scholarships at your prospective or current institution is the most convenient place to look for scholarships that you qualify for.

3.     Speak to your High School Counsellor or College Professor

As a high school senior who wants to pursue post-secondary education after high school, a very important person to speak with in your school concerning your future ambitions is your guidance counselor.

Inquire about scholarships from your guidance counselor, they usually have information on these financial aid matters, and if they don’t have it at the moment, they have the right source to speak with and get information then provide them to you. So, ask about the various scholarships available in your school district and high school community and how you need to shape yourself to be eligible for the awards.

College students should also speak with their professors about their interest in applying for scholarships.

4.     Explore Local & National Foundations, Religious Organizations, Businesses, Civic Groups, Clubs, and Community Organizations in Canada.

Just as this blog on Target scholarships has shown, universities and colleges are not the only sources of scholarships. Businesses, NGOs, charity foundations, individuals, private corporations, communities, religious groups, and professional and social associations also provide scholarships many of which even go unclaimed annually because a lot of students are not looking there but you know now, so, start looking.

These other sources that I have mentioned are great places to look for scholarships, and you will be surprised just how many scholarships you will find from these sources. From the place you work and the charities you admire to the companies where you shop and restaurants where you go to eat, ask them about scholarships.

Also, look for scholarships in organizations or companies that relate to the field of interest you want to study like a professional association, or organization based around your ethnicity and/or your religion, and your employer or parent’s employers.

There are even more scholarships at these places but because they are not well advertised, you might not know of their existence until you begin to ask the right questions at the right places.


The Target scholarship applications are online, the requirements are not tough, and thousands of students are selected each year. If you simply meet the eligibility criteria and then apply with the appropriate application materials, there is no way you will not be selected as one of the winners.

You can also apply for other scholarships in addition to Target scholarships to get even more free money for college. The recommendation section below will guide you toward other scholarships that you qualify to apply for.