11 International Scholarships for Bahamian Students

There are lots of international scholarships for Bahamian students both at home and abroad and we’ve featured eleven of them on this page to make it easier for you to look through what each scholarship has got to offer and apply for those most suitable for you.

1. Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships

In case you do not know, New Zealand is a very peaceful country to further your education, and they provide lots of scholarships for international students. This is one of the fully-funded scholarships available to Bahamian Students, and you will also get other benefits while studying in the country.

Scholarship Features

  • Opening Date for Scholarship Portal: March Annually
  • Fully-funded scholarship
  • 18 years old or older
  • Awards allowance
  • Available for undergraduate and postgraduate

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2. Chevening Scholarships

This is one of the international scholarships for Bahamian Master’s students to study in the United Kingdom. It’s a one-year study, and it is fully funded, which means your tuition fee will be taken care of.

While applying, you need to submit your education documents, references, and 1 unconditional UK university offer. Applications start on 2nd August and will end on 1st November.

Also, you need two years of work experience to apply for this scholarship, whether you acquired it before, during, or after your undergraduate, it will all count. If you are still working, you don’t need to quit your current work.

Chevening Scholarship Features

  • Will cover your tuition fee
  • Eligible for master’s students in UK university
  • Provision of monthly stipend
  • Travel costs to and from the UK
  • An arrival allowance
  • Homeward departure allowance
  • The cost of one visa application
  • A travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK

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3. The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship (Canada)

This is exceptionally for students of The University of Manitoba, Canada. And, for you to be awarded this scholarship, you have to have a valid study permit, and most importantly, you have shown academic prowess in your previous studies in the school.

You need to have a minimum sessional grade point average of 3.5

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4. University of Southern California, Merit Scholarship (US) 

Just like most merit-based scholarships awarded to Bahamian Students, this requires you to be academically profound, athletically remarkable, or artistically talented. You need to apply for admission from November 1st, and most majors will require you to apply early, which means you need to submit a complete application on Nov 1.

Also like most merit scholarships, you don’t need to apply for them, they will enroll you in any of the international scholarships you are eligible for such as;

  • The full-tuition, four-year Trustee scholarship
  • The half-tuition Presidential Scholarship and 
  • The one-quarter tuition Dean’s Scholarship.

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5. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship (USA)

This is one of the international scholarships for Bahamian students awarded by the United States government. And, they have been awarding this scholarship for more than 65 years, in more than 160 countries, in which the Bahamas is included, to approximately 4,000 international students.

This is a fully-funded scholarship for master’s and Ph.D. students that want to, or are already studying in the United States, and it covers your tuition, living stipend, health insurance, and accommodation. Again, the scholarship is based on your merit, in which your 2 to 5 years of your studies will be funded.

Fulbright Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: Feb to October, annually
  • Fully-funded Scholarship
  • Eligible for Masters and Ph.D. students
  • Any Accredited College in the United States

6. Richard Eaton Foundation Award (USA)

This scholarship is meant for Bahamian students who are furthering their studies in the electronic media area at a BEA-member institution. And it is worth $4,000 

7. The Bill Walsh Scholarship

This is one of the six scholarships awarded yearly through the ACES Education Fund, and it is in honor of the late editor, and author. Actually, the scholarship is awarded to one student that has shown great excellence in the editing of news.

This student will be awarded $3,500 and he/she will receive additional financial aid to attend the ACES national conference. The deadline for submission of your application is November 15.

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8. Amelia Earhart Fellowship

This is one of the international scholarships for Bahamian students offered by Zonta International to women. The scholarship is awarded to up to 30 women who further their Ph.D. or doctoral degree in aerospace engineering and space science.

This student will be receiving US$10,000 to study in any accredited college offering this program, and you must be a full-time student

Amelia Earhart Features

  • Deadline: No specific date
  • Awards US$10,000
  • Eligible for women studying Ph.D. or Doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering and Space Science

9. BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available to 2 undergraduate, graduate, or high school seniors from an accredited college, and they will be awarded $5,000 each for their photography and designing talent. The winners will be announced 2 weeks after the deadline, and the payment will be sent to your university, which will be transferred to the student’s account.

BeArt Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: April 1
  • Awards $5,000 each to two students studying photography or any related programming.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, or High school Senior.
  • All Students from any country

10. Central State University (Bahamian Student Merit Program)

This scholarship by CSU is awarded to 10 students that graduated from the Bahamas, their aim is to encourage Bahamians to further their studies at CSU. Their concern is specific to students that are furthering their education in programs that are nationally in demand but not readily available in the Bahamas.

So if you’re furthering your education in Fine & Performing Arts, Specialized Education, Water Resource Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering, you have a higher chance of receiving the scholarship.

CSU Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: Varies
  • Tuition waiver up to $1,850
  • Accommodation will be covered when it is double occupancy

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11. University of Bristol (UK)

The University of Bristol offers lots of international scholarships for Bahamian students whether it’s their Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships, Global Accounting and Finance Undergraduate Scholarships, or even their Global Economics Undergraduate Scholarships. They also offer so many scholarships for postgraduate students.

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As you can see, there are lots of scholarships for Bahamian students, which will enable you to study in a foreign, reputable country with little or no expenses.