10 Best Law School Scholarships In Texas

Top law schools in Texas offer scholarships to residents and out-of-state students to help cover the cost of their education. Join me in this blog post as I walk you through the best law school scholarships in Texas as well as helpful tips for increasing your chances of winning, at least, one of the scholarships.

Law schools in Texas are among the best in the US the universities housing these law colleges are among the best in the nation. So, getting into any of them would be a huge privilege and open many wonderful doors of opportunities for you that will promote your career in the legal profession.

Offering such world-class education usually comes at a huge price which is expensive tuition. According to College Tuition Compare, the average tuition fees for Texas law schools are $37,286 for state residents and $45,078 for out-of-state students, and this tuition is for just one year.

Looking at this tuition cost, several aspiring students would be unable to afford it, especially those from low-income families. This high cost of Texas law schools can discourage many from pursuing a career in the legal profession but there is a solution.

If you look deeper into these law schools in Texas, you will discover that the majority, if not all, offer scholarships and other financial aid opportunities to assist deserving students. The award of the scholarship may range from partial to full-tuition funding. Whichever one you get can contribute tremendously to your legal career.

I have gathered all the law school scholarships in Texas under this blog post as a solution and as a guide that shall encourage aspiring law students to reconsider attending a law school in Texas if they had already given up hope. You can apply for the scholarship and if you qualify, you will get a non-refundable payment to assist with the cost of your tuition.

I would also advise that you do not limit your scholarship search to just the ones listed here. There are many law school scholarships that you can apply for whether you are attending a law school in Texas, California, or Michigan to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. If you happen to be the first in your family to go to a college or to attend a law school then you qualify for first-generation law student scholarships.

There are other scholarship options to explore in addition to the law school scholarships in Texas that are curated here and apply for as many as you can, this is one of the tips for increasing your chances for a scholarship. Before we get into the main article, I have outlined some helpful guides to make the process easier for you.

Requirements for Law School Scholarships in Texas

Before getting into the requirements, there is something you have to understand.

Firstly, not all Texas law school scholarship requires an application, they are awarded based on merit which does not require a separate application. Rather, candidates are selected based on their admission for application into that specific law school. In that case, you won’t need the requirements listed here.

However, law schools in Texas do not offer only merit-based scholarships there are still others that you will need to apply for, and in that case, the requirement here will become useful to you. Also, Texas law schools are not the only law school scholarship providers, there are also other providers like law firms, charity organizations, etc. and they select students based on these requirements.

With all clarity observed, below are the requirements for law school scholarships in Texas:

1.     Excellent Academic Achievement

If you will be applying for law school in Texas and hoping to get accepted and then considered for a scholarship or hoping to apply for an external law scholarship to study law in Texas your academic record should speak volumes. Scholarship donors take applicants’ academic excellence very seriously and if you are in good academic standing, it increases your chances for a scholarship.

To be on the safe side, a minimum of a 3.0 GPA can put you in a good position to be considered for a scholarship. But note that this can considerably vary from one scholarship to the other. As part of being in good academic standing, remember the LSAT, you have to ace this as well.

2.     Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose reflects your true self and your achievement. This is where you get an opportunity to talk about yourself and all you have achieved and declare your intent on why you wish to pursue a career in law before being called for an interview, if any. Also, do not fail to express your aspirations and motivations for the law program.

Ensure that your statement of purpose is devoid of grammar errors. A statement of purpose is one of the requirements for law school scholarships in Texas and a well-constructed one further contributes to your chances of obtaining the scholarship award.

3.     Letters of Recommendation

Nearly every scholarship requires one and for the law school scholarships in Texas, it is not left out. Law school applicants are typically required to provide one, two, or more letters of recommendation. To obtain letters of recommendation contact your previous employer, teachers, or professors.

The purpose of the recommendation is to highlight your skills, achievements, and personal qualities which can contribute significantly to winning the scholarship.

4.     Transcripts

Official or unofficial academic transcripts will also be required to apply for a law school scholarship in Texas and be considered. To get your transcript, contact the institutions you attended previously. You will be required to provide transcripts from institutions you have attended in the past. This will be used by the scholarship committee to see your past academic records and achievement as well as your contributions to various areas.

5.     Relevant Work Experience

Some scholarship donors require that applicants have relevant work experience especially if they are applying for a scholarship in public interest law. This requirement is not compulsory by most law school scholarship providers but if you have it you will stand above competitors which increases your chances of securing a scholarship.

6.     Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities and demonstrating leadership skills are common scholarship requirements for law schools in Texas and if you possess them along with the others on this list, it will make your application stand out and bring you closer to winning the scholarship.

7.     Research Proposal

You are about to apply for a law school scholarship, there is every possibility that the scholarship program will be research-oriented, and if it is you will be required to provide a research proposal. Ensure that your research proposal aligns with the research goals and focus areas of the program, this is one of the tips to win any scholarship award.

How to Secure a Law School Scholarship in Texas

The following is a working guide to securing Texas law school scholarships:

1.     Pass the LSAT

Every aspiring law student must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before they can be offered admission into law school. There is usually an aggregate score set by each institution, which is common but if you are looking to secure a scholarship for law school, ace the LSAT to stand out from other applicants.

A high LSAT score of 170 can get you considered for a merit-based scholarship but if you are applying for a need-based scholarship then a high LSAT score is not required.

2.     Strengthen your Resume or CV

Strengthening your resume means gaining relevant work experience, skills, and law certifications maybe from online law programs/courses. Your resume or CV should also contain your outstanding qualities and leadership achievements, these are components of a strong resume. The stronger your resume, the higher your chances of securing that scholarship.

3.     Submit a Solid Application

Most law scholarships require a separate application while others do not instead they use your admission application to assess you for scholarships. Whichever of the options, still put in the work of submitting a solid application by writing an impressive essay and personal statement that aligns your interest with that of the school.

It should also tell your story in a unique and impactful way that leaves a great first impression. Your application should be free of grammatical errors and well-constructed.

4.     Be Ahead of Deadlines

Applying for admission or scholarships early increases your chances of getting a scholarship at one Texas law school and this is because since your application is coming in earlier than usual, the Admissions and Scholarships Office would take their time assessing your application. But when you submit it late or close to the deadline, the officers won’t take their time to assess your application.

5.     Keep up with Your Application

After you have applied for a law school scholarship, do not relax rather keep up with your application by staying in touch with the admissions office and checking your email regularly.

I mentioned earlier that I will provide helpful tips that will increase your chances of obtaining a law school scholarship in Texas, so here goes:

  • Be creative
  • Look at your heritage
  • Keep applying
  • Always apply
  • Be ahead of deadlines.
law school scholarships in Texas

Best Law School Scholarships in Texas

The law school scholarships in Texas are mostly funded by law schools, you can find every detail about them here and how to apply.

The best law school scholarships in Texas are:

  • The University of Texas at Austin School of Law Scholarships
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association Scholarships
  • Texas A&M University School of Law Scholarships & Non-resident Tuition Waivers
  • The Judge John R. Brown Scholarship
  • South Texas College of Law (STCL) Houston Scholarships
  • The University of North Texas at Dallas Law School Scholarships
  • The University of Houston Law Center Merit Scholarships
  • Texas Tech University School of Law Scholarships
  • Baylor Law Scholarships
  • SMU Dedman School of Law Scholarships

1.     The University of Texas at Austin School of Law Scholarships

The University of Texas at Austin School of Law is one of the top law schools in the US with a dynamic faculty, vast career opportunities, and a massive alumni network. As a prospective law student, this is where you would like to belong and develop yourself into a brilliant attorney.

The cost of Texas Law should not discourage you from applying as they offer scholarships and grants to support deserving students. The scholarships are provided by friends and alumni and are awarded based on academic excellence (merit) and/or financial need. International students, residents, and non-residents both incoming and current are all considered for the scholarship.

There is also the possibility of renewal if you meet the minimum performance standards. The scholarship value ranges from $1,000 to a limited number of full-tuition awards annually.

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2.     Texas Young Lawyers Association Scholarships

Students enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school in Texas can qualify for one of the three scholarships offered by the Texas Young Lawyers Association. The three scholarships are:

·       Diversity Scholarship Program

This scholarship is awarded to three law students attending one of the ABA-accredited law schools in Texas. The first place is $5,000, the second place is $3,000, and the third place is $1,500.

·       Joseph Pritchard Inn Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship awarded to a second-year law student. The candidate will be selected from among the Texas law schools on a rotating basis. The criteria for selection are dean recommendation, academic status, and financial need.

·       Law Student Division Awards and Scholarships

Join the State Bar of Texas Law Student Division and get access to many benefits and scholarship opportunities.

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3.     Texas A&M University School of Law Scholarships & Non-resident Tuition Waivers

Texas A&M University School of Law is a leader in preparing students for law school ranked at No. 29 in Best Law Schools by US News & World Report. Texas A&M School of Law provides merit-based scholarships to all J.D. applicants upon admission therefore no separate application is required.

The scholarship is renewable for two more years but only if the recipient maintains the criteria for renewal. The funding is only directed towards tuition and fees and is available for use during the fall and spring terms only. Non-residents are also eligible for the merit-based scholarship but it comes as an exemption from paying non-resident tuition and related fees for the semester(s) in which the scholarship is awarded.

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4.     The Judge John R. Brown Scholarship

If you are a law student enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school in Texas seeking a J.D. or LL.B. degree and are into legal writing then you should by all means participate in this competition. Scholarships are awarded to law students with excellence in legal writing.

To be considered, you must submit two copies of current legal writing with a letter of recommendation from a law school faculty member or legal professional other than the author of the paper. A separate paper will contain the personal information of the student and the email address of their sponsor.

First place will receive $15,000, second place will receive $7,500, third place will receive $5,000, finalist one will receive $2,500, and finalist two will receive $2,500 and $5,000 to the scholarship fund selected by the Dean of the Law school in which the First-Place candidate is enrolled.

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5.     South Texas College of Law (STCL) Houston Scholarships

South Texas College of Law Houston is a private law school accredited by the ABA and among the top 50 law schools in the US. The college provides more than 30 law scholarships annually, the ones available to be emailed to students to apply. This shows that you cannot even get access to the scholarships from STCL if you aren’t a student yet.

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6.     The University of North Texas at Dallas Law School Scholarships

At UNT Dallas College of Law, newly accepted students are automatically considered for a one-time, non-renewable scholarship for the student’s first year of enrollment. The scholarship is applied towards tuition and fees with amounts based on available funds in a given admissions cycle.

Winners are accepted based on academic record, socioeconomic background, participation in community activities and public service, and whether you are a first-generation student.

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7.     The University of Houston Law Center Merit Scholarships

Every first-year law student entering the University of Houston for a J.D. program is automatically considered for scholarships. It is renewable under certain terms and it varies both in number and amount each year. The Dean’s Scholarships and Dean’s Teach for America Scholarships are the merit scholarships offered by the University of Houston Law Center.

For students to be awarded any of the merit scholarships, they will be considered based on their academic record, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and other application materials and qualifications.

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8.     Texas Tech University School of Law Scholarships

The law school at Texas Tech University offers two scholarships namely; First-Year Student Scholarships and Advanced Student Scholarships. The former – First-Year Student Scholarships – is a merit-based scholarship for new students. There is no separate application for the scholarship as every student is automatically considered based on their application for admission.

The latter – Advanced Student Scholarships – is for law students in their second and third years. It is awarded based on academic performance and financial need. It also requires an application.

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9.     Baylor Law Scholarships

Whether you are a new or current student at Baylor Law there are scholarships for you but let’s start with the scholarship for incoming students. If you are newly accepted into Baylor Law you will be automatically considered for the Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship. The scholarship covers part or all of your tuition and can be renewed if the recipient maintains a 2.75 GPA for their second and third years.

Current students of Baylor Law in 2L and 3L, are eligible for scholarships of up to $8,000 if they have a CGPA of 3.60 or higher after all grades from the first three-quarters of law school are received.

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10.  SMU Dedman School of Law Scholarships

SMU Dedman School of Law provides several full and partial scholarships to students entering their first year. This scholarship is set up to attract potential law students to apply to SMU Dedman School of Law and get access to excellent academics and life experiences. There is no separate application for the scholarship as recipients are selected based on an outstanding undergraduate record and high LSAT score.

The school also directs students towards several private scholarships to support the cost of their education. An example is the Dedman School of Law Impact Scholarship which awards full tuition for 3 years and The Summers Foundation Scholarship which covers the full cost of tuition and fees and a stipend.

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This wraps up the list of best law school scholarships in Texas and I hope they can be helpful in your decision-making process. You can apply for as many scholarships as you can but bear in mind that only quality applications will be accepted, and above all, apply early. Good luck with your applications.