9 Best Law School Scholarships In Canada

Looking for law school scholarships in Canada? Then look no further as I have curated under this blog post the exact thing you are looking for. With the help of these scholarships, affording a law school in Canada would be a piece of cake.

Law schools in Canada are among the best in the world, aside from their quality academic offering in teaching and research, they are cheaper compared to law schools in other countries with equal reputations. Even with the cheap cost, scholarships are still provided to ensure that anyone deserving of a law degree earns one without facing any kind of financial constraint.

Law school scholarships in Canada are funded by colleges and universities, law associations, law firms, contributions of individuals, and state and federal government. Through this funding, prospective law students in Canada who cannot afford the tuition are given an opportunity to pursue a successful career in this field that they are so passionate about.

Since the law school scholarships come from different sources, so are their requirements and eligibility criteria different. But first and foremost, to qualify for any of the scholarships, you must have been enrolled in an accredited law school in Canada or applying to one. Also, most of the law school scholarships in Canada are offered as entrance awards which means it does not require an application.

For such a scholarship, every student entering that particular law school for an academic program is automatically considered for the award. And since no separate application is required, applicants are assessed based on admission for application into law school. So, if you are hoping to be considered for a law school scholarship in Canada take your time and create a compelling and strong application.

Also, do not limit yourself to just law scholarships, you can equally apply for other scholarships whose criteria you fit into even athletic scholarships are not left out. And use or direct the fund towards your law school degree if you were able to secure the scholarship.

Below is a guide that will better prepare you for applying to law school scholarships in Canada.

Requirements for Law School Scholarships in Canada

1.     Excellent Academic Achievement/Record

In every scholarship, applicants are required to have outstanding academic abilities and for the law school scholarships in Canada, it is no different. Your academic record or performance should speak volumes if you will be studying law in Canada. This does not just help you secure an entrance scholarship but it is also the criteria to be accepted into law school.

To be on the safe side, a minimum of a 3.0 GPA can put you in a good position to be considered for a scholarship. But note that this can considerably vary from one scholarship to the other. As part of being in good academic standing, you have to ace your LSAT.

2.     Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is one of the requirements for admission into law school in Canada and is also required for law scholarships. A statement of purpose is where you get an opportunity to describe yourself and all you have achieved and declare your intent on why you wish to pursue a career in law before being called for an interview, if any.

Also, do not fail to express your aspirations and motivations for the law program. Ensure that your statement of purpose is devoid of grammar errors. A compelling and well-constructed statement of purpose increases your chances of the scholarship.

3.     Letters of Recommendation

Nearly every scholarship requires one or more letters of recommendation and it is no different for law school scholarships in Canada. To obtain letters of recommendation contact your previous employer, teachers, or professors.

The purpose of the recommendation is to highlight your skills, achievements, and personal qualities which can contribute significantly to winning the scholarship.

4.     Transcripts

Official or unofficial academic transcripts will also be required to apply for a law school scholarship in Canada. To get your transcript, contact the institutions you attended previously. This will be used by the scholarship committee to see your past academic records and achievement as well as your contributions to various areas while you were a student of that particular school.

5.     Relevant Work Experience

Some scholarship donors require that applicants have relevant work experience especially if they are applying for a scholarship in public interest law. This requirement is not compulsory by most law school scholarship providers but if you do have some work experience in the legal field, it will substantially increase your chances of securing a scholarship.

6.     Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership skills are common scholarship requirements. If you participated in extracurricular activities and community involvement, it will make your application stand out and bring you closer to winning the scholarship.

These requirements may vary from school to school or from one scholarship donor to another, so carry out due diligence.

How to Secure a Law School Scholarship in Canada

The following is a working guide to securing Texas law school scholarships:

1.     Pass the LSAT

Every aspiring law student must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before they can be offered admission into law school. There is usually an aggregate score set by each institution, which is common but if you are looking to secure a scholarship for law school, ace the LSAT to stand out from other applicants.

A high LSAT score of 170 can get you considered for a merit-based scholarship but if you are applying for a need-based scholarship then a high LSAT score is not required.

2.     Strengthen your Resume or CV

Strengthening your resume means gaining relevant work experience, skills, and law certifications maybe from online law programs/courses. Your resume or CV should also contain your outstanding qualities and leadership achievements, these are components of a strong resume. The stronger your resume, the higher your chances of securing that scholarship.

3.     Submit a Solid Application

Most law scholarships require a separate application while others do not instead they use your admission application to assess you for scholarships. Whichever of the options, still put in the work of submitting a solid application by writing an impressive essay and personal statement that aligns your interest with that of the school.

It should also tell your story in a unique and impactful way that leaves a great first impression. Your application should be free of grammatical errors and well-constructed.

4.     Be Ahead of Deadlines

Applying for admission or scholarships early increases your chances of getting a scholarship at one Texas law school because since your application is coming in earlier than usual, the Admissions and Scholarships Office would take their time assessing your application. But when you submit it late or close to the deadline, the officers won’t take their time to assess your application.

5.     Keep up with Your Application

After you have applied for a law school scholarship, do not relax rather keep up with your application by staying in touch with the admissions office and checking your email regularly.

Some helpful tips to increase your chances of obtaining a law school scholarship in Canada include the following:

  • Be creative
  • Look at your heritage
  • Keep applying
  • Always apply
  • Be ahead of deadlines.
law school scholarships in Canada

Best Law School Scholarships in Canada

The following are the best law school scholarships in Canada:

  • Bennet Jones Future Leaders in Law Scholarship Program
  • Russell Alexander Law Scholarship
  • The University of Alberta Faculty of Law Scholarships & Awards
  • UCalgary Law Entrance Awards of Excellence
  • Osgoode Hall Law School Entrance Scholarships and Awards
  • Mike Wolfson Scholarship
  • Schulich School of Law Bursaries & Scholarships
  • CFUW Fellowships and Awards
  • The Law Foundation of NL Law School Entrance Scholarships

1.     Bennet Jones Future Leaders in Law Scholarship Program

Bennet Jones LLP is a Canadian law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to corporations and individuals at home and abroad. The firm established the Future Leaders in Law Scholarship Program to support the dreams of students who wish to pursue a career in the legal profession. The scholarship provides financial support and mentorship to students enrolled in accredited law schools in Canada.

The scholarship award is offered annually to three students newly entering law school to pursue a program in business law and identify as members of the Indigenous or Black communities or are first-generation students. The scholarship is renewable for two more years of law school, that is it covers the entire three years of law school. The value is $10,000 for each year and career development opportunities.

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2.     Russell Alexander Law Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2017 by the Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers and is awarded annually to support students who want to pursue a legal career in Canada or are already enrolled in a law degree program. In addition to the criteria, you must have an average of 80% or higher to be eligible for the award.

The scholarship value is $2,500 in total where $2,000 is directed towards tuition and $500 is directed towards school supplies of your choice such as textbooks and notebooks.

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3.     The University of Alberta Faculty of Law Scholarships & Awards

The University of Alberta Faculty of Law is one of those law schools that automatically considers graduate students for scholarships, awards, tuition waivers, and research assistance positions. That means there is no separate application for the scholarship rather everyone is assessed based on their admission for application into the law faculty.

Thus, you have to put in more effort to craft an unbeatable application that will consider you for a scholarship.

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4.     UCalgary Law Entrance Awards of Excellence

The University of Calgary (UCalgary) Law offers a wide range of annual scholarships to new students admitted into the J.D. program. Each of the scholarships is named, does not require a separate application, and is awarded based on academic merit.

Every incoming student is automatically considered for scholarships and if your admission application matches one of the scholarships you will be notified via email. The scholarship range is from $10,000 to $60,000.

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5.     Osgoode Hall Law School Entrance Scholarships and Awards

Osgoode Hall Law School is the Law school of York University, Canada. This law school offers a wide range of non-applicable entrance scholarships and awards to support J.D. students and fellows. Although the scholarships are different they are offered annually and some are renewable.

Since you cannot apply for any of the scholarships, the best way would be to read through each of them and craft your application to suit one or more of the awards. You can only win one.

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6.     Mike Wolfson Scholarship

Mike Wolfson Scholarship was established by McLean & Armstrong LLP, a law firm in Canada. It is an entrance type of scholarship tenable at Thompson Rivers University, Faculty of Law for the J.D. program. To qualify for the award, you must have a background in engineering, science, or construction with a minimum of 1 year of full-time work experience before law school.

Academic excellence is taken into account and in addition to the requirement you must list your favorite hot sauce. Other requirements include a transcript, a letter of reference, and a 500-word essay.

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7.     Schulich School of Law Bursaries & Scholarships

Schulich School of Law is the law school of Dalhousie University, this law school offers over $2 million every year to support students with the cost of legal education. This is not like entrance scholarships that do not require an application. In this case, students interested in financial aid will apply through an online form on the school page. The steps to apply are also provided.

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8.     CFUW Fellowships and Awards

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) offers fellowships and awards to assist women in graduate studies in science, home economics, education, visual arts, music, and social sciences. Law is one of the social science disciplines which makes female law graduate students eligible for fellowship and awards.

The scholarship is only open to Canadian citizens and those with permanent residents.

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9.     The Law Foundation of NL Law School Entrance Scholarships

Students who are residents of Newfoundland and Labrador who intend to study law at any Canadian law school are eligible to apply for the Law Foundation of NL Law School Entrance Scholarships. The scholarship is offered annually and valued at $10,000.

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These are the best law school scholarships in Canada for citizens and permanent residents to apply. There are also other external sources of scholarships that you can explore but ensure you apply for the ones whose criteria you fit into.