12 Best Scholarships for British Students Home & Abroad

Are you a British student looking for scholarships? There are many opportunities available to help fund your education. Whether you’re interested in studying in the UK or abroad, there’s a scholarship out there for you. In this guide, we’ll explore the many types of scholarships for British students, as well as provide tips for finding and applying for them. Don’t miss out on this valuable information.

UK students who want to further their education in college, university, or any higher institution in the UK or abroad but do not have the financial means can apply for scholarships and bursaries. These are financial aid provided by various donors in the UK including colleges and universities, organizations and associations, businesses, and the government. Recipients of scholarships do not have to pay back, it is free money to support their education.

The amount and value of scholarships vary from one donor to another according to the requirements. It typically depends on a range of factors such as merit which is an achievement in academics, sports, music, arts, or in a particular talent. The other factor is financial need. Depending on the donor, a scholarship may be awarded based on financial need merit, or both, so keep this in mind.

Receiving a scholarship can go a long way in easing the financial burden of pursuing a degree in the UK and fortunately, there are so many of these opportunities available in different categories and disciplines. There are scholarships for flight schools in the UK and a wide range of sports scholarships available for student-athletes if this one interests you then learn how to get a sports scholarship in the UK.

Scholarships for British students may be fully funded or partially funded. A fully-funded scholarship covers the entire cost of your program and depending on the donor, it may cover your cost of living, room and board, and monthly stipend. In most cases, fully-funded scholarships are renewable till you complete your program. While partially-funded scholarships cover part of your tuition, maybe between 25% to 75% while you pay the rest. In most cases, partial scholarships are not renewable. 

Scholarship Requirements for British Students

The requirements for scholarships for British students have different requirements because they are from different donors but we have listed the basic requirements below:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Obtain letters of recommendation from your previous teachers, professors, and/or employers.
  • Participate in community services
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Prepare a compelling statement of purpose. An essay may also be required
  • CV or resume
  • Scholarship application form
  • Passport photograph
  • Transcripts from previously attended institutions
  • Relevant work experience

Application for scholarships is typically online and you have to submit required documents electronically. If you are a British student who wants to study in the UK or abroad, the scholarships curated here can offset the financial burden for you, so without any further ado, start reading through and apply for the ones that suit you best.

scholarships for British students

Scholarships for British Students Home & Abroad

We didn’t just list the scholarships for British students but also provided details on each of their eligibility requirements, criteria, application process, and the amount that they offer. Let’s dive in…

The scholarships for British students are:

  • Oxford Bursaries and Scholarships
  • Kingston University London Postgraduate Scholarships for UK Students
  • The Brian Cooper Scholarship Fund
  • The University of Birmingham MBA Scholarships and Funding
  • The Air League Flying Scholarships
  • Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust (SPRET)
  • Generation UK
  • Fullbright Scholarships to the USA
  • Brunel University London MBA Scholarship
  • Nick Davidson Memorial Flying Scholarship Trust
  • The University of Michigan Basketball Scholarship
  • Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships

1.     Oxford Bursaries and Scholarships

The University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK and the world, provides scholarships and bursaries to British students. One of the scholarships is the Crankstart Scholarships for UK students and it is provided to residents of the UK studying for their first undergraduate degree and has an annual household income of £32,500 or less. If you meet the criteria then you will be eligible for the Crankstart Scholarship and receive up to £5,920 per year towards the study and cost of living.

There is also the Oxford Bursaries for students with home fee status. This bursary is also for UK and Ireland students from lower-income households studying for their first undergraduate degree program. If your annual household income is between £25,000 to £50,000 you will receive an annual bursary between £1,020 to £4,080.

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2.     Kingston University London Postgraduate Scholarships for UK Students

Kingston University London offers a variety of scholarships to UK students on Home fee status. The Alumni Discount is one of the scholarships and offers a 10% reduction in tuition fees. There is also the Inspire the Future Scholarship that reduces your tuition by 40% but it cannot be combined with other discounts or scholarships. You must have a minimum of 2:1 to be eligible for the award.

The Postgraduate Progression Scholarship reduces your tuition by 15%. There are also other course-specific scholarships and they are generous offering up to 100% tuition fee reduction or a bursary of over £10,000.

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3.     The Brian Cooper Scholarship Fund

The Brian Cooper Scholarship Fund is one of the undergraduate scholarships at Durham University. The scholarship is provided to a local student in need of financial assistance. The scholarship value is £13,000 per academic year and covers tuition, cost of living, and study materials. To be eligible, the applicant must have a household income level below £42,875 as assessed by Student Finance England.

This is one of the best scholarships for British students from Durham who wish to enroll in a full-time undergraduate degree program at Durham University.

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4.     The University of Birmingham MBA Scholarships and Funding

British students who would like to get a Master of Business Administration degree in the UK can receive financial support if they apply for the MBA program at the University of Birmingham. There are scholarships for the full-time MBA program and the Executive MBA program to help offset your tuition.

Aside from UK students, the MBA scholarships are also open to Africans, Indians, and students from other parts of the world.

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5.     The Air League Flying Scholarships

The Air League Flying Scholarships is one of the flight training scholarships in the UK offered to individuals with zero to little aviation experience but who are committed to gaining skills and building an understanding of the industry. If you are a UK citizen with an interest in aviation or you dream of becoming a pilot, applying for this scholarship will help you realize your dream without breaking the bank.

The scholarships are divided into three tiers:

  • 3-hour introductory flying scholarship
  • 5-hour intermediate flying scholarship
  • 12-hour advanced flying scholarship

The scholarships are offered annually. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the UK, be at least 16 years old, and be a member of the Air League. The training takes place in different parts of the UK.

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6.     Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust (SPRET)

SPRET is a charity established by the late Sir Philip Reckitt. The charity provides grants to UK students who wish to study abroad by funding their travel and subsistence to help fund projects. Application for the grant is online and easy to apply. This trust offers scholarships for UK students to study abroad.

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7.     Generation UK

Generation UK was launched in 2013 by the British Council to provide scholarships and internship opportunities for citizens of the UK who wish to study or intern abroad. the Generation UK program aims to increase the employability of UK citizens, enhance their long-term job prospects, and develop a global mindset through study and work experience opportunities in China.

So, if you are a UK national who dreams of studying and/or working in China you should make your interest known through the Generation UK application. This will provide you with the funding and extra help you will need.

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8.     Fullbright Scholarships to the USA

This list will be incomplete without the Fullbright Scholarships, this is one scholarship that offers amazing opportunities for UK students to study abroad in the USA on scholarships. The Fullbright Awards provides funding to support British students seeking to do postgraduate degree, teaching, or research in the US. This is one of the best scholarships for British students to study abroad in the US.

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9.     Brunel University London MBA Scholarship

The Brunel Business School of Brunel University London offers MBA scholarships to incoming UK and international students joining the business school in the next academic year. It is made available to students enrolled in the full-time and half-time MBA programs.

There are 28 scholarships in total. To be eligible for a Brunel MBA scholarship, the applicant must have been accepted into the full-time or part-time MBA program and complete the scholarship form with the 500-word essay and a supporting statement. The Brunel University London MBA Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for British students in the UK.

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10.  Nick Davidson Memorial Flying Scholarship Trust

Here is another scholarship opportunity for UK citizens who wish to become pilots. This scholarship will cover the cost of their flight training programs to become private pilots and earn their licenses without breaking the bank.

The Nick Davidson Memorial Flying Scholarship Trust provides an opportunity for aspiring young aviators to complete a full EASA Private Pilot training program for free. The scholarship package is a complete 45-hour flight training course covering all fees.

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11.  The University of Michigan Basketball Scholarship

British students who play basketball and want to explore some wonderful opportunities here is one for you. The University of Michigan has a basketball program which is common in the US and a big deal too. If you feel like your athletic talents/abilities are undermined in the UK, you can come to the US to showcase your abilities and even receive a scholarship in the process.

The basketball scholarships offered by the University of Michigan are another amazing opportunity for UK students looking to study in the US on a scholarship. This opportunity is reserved for UK students who play basketball and participate in competitions back at home. You will be properly assessed by the basketball coach at U of M and go through other processes to qualify for the scholarship.

The basketball scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, athletic performance and potential, and talents. The application requirements for the basketball scholarship at U-M include high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and registration in the NCAA Eligibility Center. You must be applying to the University of Michigan and have an intent to join the basketball team to apply for the basketball scholarship.

The basketball team of U-M competes under NCAA Division 1, the biggest and most competitive collegiate sports division in the US. There are full-ride scholarships and an opportunity for you to showcase your talents and catch the eye of coaches from top basketball teams in the US.

12.  Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships

Cranfield School of Management is the business and management school of Cranfield University. The school offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students who are accepted into the MBA program. If you want to be considered for a scholarship, you will need to indicate it in your admission application form. British students and other international students are welcome to apply.

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As a British student, you have access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities both at home and abroad, there are endless opportunities to fund your education. Whether you’re looking to stay close to home or explore new horizons, the sky’s the limit when it comes to scholarship options. Be sure to explore all of your options and apply for the scholarships that are best suited to your needs as curated in this article.

With the right scholarship, you can achieve your dreams and make a positive impact on the world. So, what are you waiting for? Start your application today!