How To Get A Sports Scholarship In UK

Sports scholarship opens up a wealth of opportunities to potential student-athletes and they do not exist only in the US as many people may think. Here, you will find how to get a sports scholarship in UK to finance your education whilst playing football, basketball, or any other sport.

Some students actively participate in high school sports and do not want to give up on that passion after high school, they still want to get a university degree too. This leaves them at a crossroads to choose between the two: pursue their passion for sports or give it up and focus on earning a degree. Well, you do not have to give up on either of them or choose between them.

If you are in this situation, you can strike a balance between both by applying for sports scholarships and even enjoying amazing benefits. A sports scholarship helps student-athletes create a balance between attending classes like every other student at the college and representing your college in competitions against other colleges.

You will get rewarded by receiving finance that will cover the cost of your degree and even other expenses such as feeding and accommodation. This is to ensure that you continue to perform at the highest level and achieve your full sporting potential. In addition, student-athletes can get excellent exposure and experience especially if they wish to go pro when they have graduated.

In return, universities can attract and nurture young talents who can represent them in competitions and raise their profile. Sports scholarships are offered by many countries around the world with the US being the most popular but in this blog post, you will find out how to get a sports scholarship in the UK.

The sports scholarships in the UK are mostly offered by universities and young sportsmen and women are often encouraged to apply for the awards to build a high-level sporting representation for the university and themselves.

how to get a sports scholarship in UK

What is a Sports Scholarship in the UK?

Sports scholarship in the UK is non-repayable financial assistance offered to student-athletes in undergraduate programs who demonstrate excellent academic performance and outstanding academic abilities. Sports scholarships in the UK are offered across a range of sports including football, hockey, basketball, archery, swimming, cricket, track and field, softball, and many others.

We have published several articles relating to sports scholarships in the UK like swimming scholarships in the UK and gymnastic scholarships in the UK. These are helpful resources that will point you toward the right place for wonderful scholarship opportunities.

The amount or value of scholarship student-athletes receive depends on their level of performance and ability. The greater your ability the higher the awards and benefits that you will get.

Note that sports scholarships are not specifically for students studying a sports degree, you can be in any program like Microbiology or Business and apply if you are passionate about taking part in sports and also meet the requirements. The universities in the UK that offer athletic scholarships also have state-of-the-art sporting facilities as well as teams that actively participate in regional and national sports competitions.

You will have to make the team and participate in competitions with them to be awarded a scholarship unless you have an existing track record.

Eligibility Criteria for Sports Scholarships in the UK

To get a sports scholarship in the UK, there are certain criteria/requirements that you must fulfill aside from being in good academic standing and excelling in sports which are the major criteria. The other criteria include:

  1. The sport you chose to compete in must be recognized by the Athletic Union and/or British Universities and College Sport
  2. You must have competed at a regional, national, or international level in the last 12-18 months
  3. You are a citizen or permanent resident of the United Kingdom
  4. You have been accepted for a full-time undergraduate degree program at an accredited higher institution in the UK
  5. You meet the grade requirements and conditions that come with your offer.

How to Apply for Sports Scholarships in UK

Applying for a sports scholarship in UK varies from school to school or the scholarship donor but it is typically online and involves completing a short application form.

You may be required to write an essay in which you discuss your greatest sporting accomplishments, your future sporting ambitions (such as the rankings or medals you hope to win), and how a scholarship will help you reach those goals.

You will be required to present a reference or a statement of support from a qualified individual, such as a National Governing Body (NGB) coach performance director, team manager, or sports teacher. A committee will examine your application and make a decision afterward. You need to be recommended by your NGB for a scholarship if it is offered by a government-sponsored program like TASS or Winning Scotland.

Required application materials may include:

  • CV or resume describing your career and achievements
  • Motivation letter
  • Confirmation of sports merit certificates, medals, etc.
  • Recommendations from your coaches, teachers, and other mentors
  • Cover letter
  • A portfolio of your achievements which could be pictures or video clips of your sports performances

What You Can Get With A Sports Scholarship in the UK

A sports scholarship in the UK will give you one or more of the following:

  • Cash award which may come with the condition of spending it only on sports-related items.
  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship
  • Sports gear, clothing, and equipment
  • Free or discounted accommodation
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources such as gym, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Athletics union membership
  • Sports psychology or similar support
  • An academic liaison to help manage your workload alongside sports commitment
  • Financial contributions towards agreed expenses such as food, accommodation, and/or entry fees for competitions.

Most sports scholarships in the UK come from colleges and universities in the UK. You can contact them at any time or visit during an open day to make inquiries concerning their sports teams and the sports scholarships.