20 Scholarships for First Responders

First responders are one of those who always keep our country safe, they are those who never run away from problems, rather they run into it. They are not scared of risking their lives just to save another/others, and if anything happens – just like the report shows that more than 340 first responders have died from 9/11 illnesses – it doesn’t only affect them but also the families.

To celebrate, and honor their gallantry, there are lots of scholarships for first responders and their families which usually cover part of tuition and in some cases other expenses to study in a college or university. 

Moreover, you should also endeavour to apply for other scholarships like Nursing Scholarships, engineering, or even law Scholarships. And, if you’re a first-gen student then there are some scholarships exclusively for you.

Because first responders have put us first, so have we and lots of other schools and organisations made their education a priority. So we have listed several scholarships that you or your families should be eligible for.

Who Are First Responders?

In simple terms, first responders are among the professionals who are trained to be the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency to provide assistance. These people include Police officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

That said, let’s now list the scholarships provided for these people.

scholarships for first responders
scholarships for first responders

Scholarships for First Responders

You’ll notice that the monetary value of some of these scholarships is not so much, the bright side is that most of them, especially institutions that provide these scholarships allow you to also apply for other Scholarships.

1. Phillip L. Turner Fire Protection Scholarship

The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association, a non-profit trade association is providing the Phillip L. Turner Fire Protection Scholarship which is awarded to a single outstanding student in the amount of $5,000. 

Applicants can either be full-time sophomores, juniors, or senior students enrolled in a four-year Fire Protection Engineering or Fire Administration degree program. Or enrolled in a full-time master’s degree program in Fire Protection Engineering or Administration at an accredited four-year university or college located within the United States or Canada.

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2. First Responders Children’s Foundation

Just like the name this is among the scholarships for first responders children awarded for a single academic year. Besides the scholarships, the Scholars Council also provides scholarship recipients access to internships and jobs, career advice and mentorship, skills development, and leadership opportunities.

So many organizations partner with this foundation to provide several scholarships to children of first responders.

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3. WGU First Responders Scholarship

Western Governors University is proud to provide a scholarship worth up to $4,000, to EMTs, police, firefighters, corrections officers, dispatchers, and their spouses. This scholarship can be used for any of WGU’s bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in business, IT, K–12 education, or healthcare.

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4. Folds of Honor – Educational Scholarships for First Responder Families

Folds of Honor provides scholarships for first responders worth up to $5,000, but this scholarship can exceed $2,500 per term. This scholarship is available to the spouse and/or dependent(s) of a first responder who has fallen or been catastrophically injured in a manner that led to an inability to perform the function of their occupational duties.

Applicants are open to reapply annually.

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5. MCC College – First Responders Family Friendly Scholarship

MCC College provides $1,000 worth of scholarships that can be used towards tuition costs for yourself, spouse, or dependent toward an Associate’s Degree. If you or your family intend to acquire a certification, they also provide a different $500 Scholarship for that

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6. Auburn University at Montgomery – First Responder Scholarships

AUM provides 15% off the hourly rate of tuition depending on the number of hours taken and the level of the program, this will help recipients to save up to $585 per semester. The scholarship is available for each semester, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-time or part-time student.

However, the scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships.

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7. Electronic Security Assoiciation’s Youth Scholarship Program

ESA was established in 1948 and is currently the largest trade association in the United States representing the electronic security and life safety industry. Due to their respect towards first responders, they have decided to provide scholarships to their children. The first place will receive an additional $12,000 while the second place will receive an additional $4,000.

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8. Lincoln Tech – First Responder Scholarship Program

Due to the sacrifices Emergency Responders make, mostly putting their lives at stake, Lincoln Tech is proud to provide scholarships for first responders that provide these heroes and their family members the chance to continue their education and expand their career possibilities. Lincoln Tech provides a $1,000 worth of scholarship that can be used for tuition.

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9. Gardner-Webb University – First Responders Grant

Gardner-Webb University awards a 10% tuition grant to first responders who intend to further their education. The scholarship is renewable through the completion of a DCP/Graduate program.

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10. Florida National University – The First Responders Scholarship

This scholarship for first responders covers 20% of the standard tuition cost in FNU and is awarded to active professionals working as first responders who enroll in the Master of Science in Forensic Psychology or the Master of Science in Criminal Justice programs. 

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11.  CFNOVA – Northern Virginia First Responders Scholarship Fund

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia provides up to $20,000 per student (up to $5,000/per year, maximum 4 years). Preference will be given to students who are graduating high school seniors who are “active volunteer” first responders.

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12. UMBC’s First Responders Scholarship

University of Maryland, Baltimore County provides scholarships only for Maryland residents who are active career or volunteer firefighters, EMS, or rescue squad members. Some of these scholarships for first responders include;

  • Charles W. Riley Fire and Emergency Medical Services Scholarship
  • Maryland State Fireman’s Association
  • John Arminger Scholarship Fund

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13. ASU – McGraw Law Group First Responders Scholarship

Arizona State University doesn’t need so much introduction for its academic excellence, one of which the are best in the U.S. and the 10th best in the world for global impact in research, outreach, and stewardship. The McGraw Law Group First Responders Scholarship is worth $1,000 awarded to a student with a unique appreciation for and perspective of first responders.

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14. Loyola Blakefield – Scholarships for Military & First Responders

$5,000 worth of scholarships are awarded to sons of active duty military, police officers, and career firefighters/EMTs, and is committed to the recipient for each of his four years. One of the interesting things about this scholarship is that it doesn’t prevent you from receiving other need-based financial assistance or merit scholarships from the school.

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15. The University of Arizona – First Responder Scholarship

To be eligible for this $1,275 worth of scholarship, applicants need to be UArizona undergraduate students; BLS certified; and Plans to attend an Arizona-approved EMT-B certification class

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16. Belhaven University – First Responder Scholarship

Belhaven University provides 20% tuition discount scholarships for first responders and their spouses, and it can be used for almost all their degrees. As a spouse of first responder, you are also allowed to apply, and you must not be presently enrolled in the school.

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17. 9/11 Promise Scholarships

The 9.11 Promise was just established to remember and honor those lost on 9/11, as well as fallen first responders and military service members in 2016. However, it has grown to become a non-profit focused on providing financial assistance to the next generation of those who safeguard our local communities and country.

These scholarships which range from a minimum award of $5,000 to a max award of $15,000 are awarded to qualified children of first responders and military service members who have been killed or injured and are unable to hold employment.

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18. The Rebuilding Their Future Foundation (RTFF) Scholarship Program

This foundation was created to provide scholarships to surviving family members of mine rescue team members, firefighters, or other emergency first responders who perished or became severely disabled and are unable to execute their job duties. The scholarship is worth approximately $2,500.

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19. CVU – Top Christian College First Responder Scholarship

City Vision University provides a 10% tuition reduction scholarship for first responders. One of the interesting things is that their tuition is low too, you just need to pay $7,200 annually.

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20. Saint Stephen’s First Responder Scholarship

To honor those who keep us safe in our community, the school provides yearly Upper School scholarships for qualified students whose parents are currently employed as first responders in Manatee or Sarasota counties. This scholarship will cover tuition costs for all four years of high school, given that the student maintains eligibility by meeting academic and other requirements.

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It’s obvious that lots of organizations and Institutions are proud of what first responders do, and the least way they could encourage their effort is to provide scholarships to them and their families.

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