13 Flight Training Scholarships For Adults

Flight training schools are expensive and since it is your dream to fly an aircraft, the cost of training might be a hindrance. However, you can apply for flight training scholarships for adults to cut down on the cost of taking a flight training program. These scholarships are curated here for you to find them easily and quickly.

Your dream is to fly an aircraft whether as a private or commercial pilot or to become a flight instructor but you are unable to enroll in flight training programs because of the cost. Well, flight training schools are expensive with fees ranging from $40,000 to over $100,000 depending on the school, duration of the program, and the certificate you want to get.

This high cost of flight training programs has crippled the dreams of many who wish to become pilots but your story can be different. Curated in this blog post are the flight training scholarships for adults provided by a variety of donors to offer financial support to those who want to become pilots. The scholarships are aimed at increasing the number of pilots in the aviation industry.

Depending on the donor, the scholarship may cover all or part of your flight training fees and if it doesn’t cover all of you can apply for other scholarships that are not related to pilot training and apply the funds to your pilot training program. Examples of such scholarships are first-generation scholarships and scholarships for tall people, they will provide you with extra funding irrespective of what you want to study.

You must have completed high school and have your high school diploma or GED to apply for flight training school. If you have neither, here is a guide on how to get a high school diploma after 21. But if you had one but lost it, don’t worry, you can still get a copy of your high school diploma online by contacting your school and have it mailed to your address.

How to Apply for Flight Training Scholarships

  • Start early and don’t miss the deadline.
  • Read the requirements and follow all directions, paying attention to the details.
  • Proofread and review thoroughly before submission. Ensure your answers have correct grammar and spelling.
  • Provide detailed answers to the essay questions that describe how you stand out from other applicants.
  • Volunteering for local organizations, both aviation and non-aviation related, will also highlight your application to the selection committee.
flight training scholarships for adults

Flight Training Scholarships for Adults

  • The Honorable Company of Air Pilots Flying Scholarships
  • EAA Flight Training Scholarships
  • Pilot Flight Academy Scholarship Program
  • The Air League Flying Scholarships
  • Able Flight Scholarships
  • Oregon Flight School Training Scholarships
  • Women in Aviation (WAI) Scholarships
  • The Orcas Aviation Association (OAA) Flight Training Scholarship
  • Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Scholarships
  • Coffey County Flight Training Scholarships
  • Civil Air Patrol Flight Scholarships
  • ACS Aviation Flying Scholarship
  • COPA Scholarships

1.     The Honorable Company of Air Pilots Flying Scholarships

The Honorable Company provides financial assistance to those whose dream is to become pilots and also to pilots who would like to get an advanced pilot qualification. The scholarships are made available every year during January and February for PPL(A), FIC(A), and the Gliding Scholarships.

Accepted applicants will be called for an in-person interview in London and the training will also take place in a UK training organization. Recipients of the scholarships are expected to demonstrate a very high level of commitment towards the flight training course.

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2.     EAA Flight Training Scholarships

At the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) your dream of becoming a pilot can become a reality through the scholarships offered by the association. Every year, EAA offers scholarships worth over a million dollars to different individuals who would like to become pilots. The scholarships are donations by various donors and are awarded to those who show the greatest potential to be actively engaged in aviation.

The scholarship is applied to the cost of your flight training school anywhere in the US or Canada as long as it is not a university program. You must be a current EAA member to apply and be at least 16 years old. EAA Flight Training Scholarships is one of the best flight training scholarships for adults and it is not for only US citizens, individuals from every country are encouraged to apply.

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3.     Pilot Flight Academy Scholarship Program

Pilot Flight Training Academy (PFA) is a reputable flight school based in Norway and through its generous scholarship program, you can turn your dream of becoming a pilot into reality without breaking the bank. The scholarship will cover the entire cost of your tuition fees for the 18 months of the program therefore, you won’t ever have to worry about fees but concentrate on your training to become a world-class pilot.

This is one of the best flight training programs for adults because it covers all fees and is open to individuals from all countries. To be eligible for the scholarship award, you must be between 18 and 34 years old at the start of the program, be between 150-200cm tall, have completed secondary education, meet the requirements to obtain a student visa for the US, submit a short motivational letter, submit a short selfie video, and pass the admission test for PFA.

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4.     The Air League Flying Scholarships

At the Air League, scholarships are offered to those with zero to little aviation experience who wish to gain skills and build an understanding of the industry. The scholarships are divided into 3 tiers:

  • 3-hour introductory flying scholarship
  • 5-hour intermediate flying scholarship
  • 12-hour advanced flying scholarship

The scholarships are offered annually. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the UK, be at least 16 years old, and be a member of the Air League. The training takes place in different parts of the UK.

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5.     Able Flight Scholarships

Able Flight Scholarships present an opportunity for aspiring pilots to pursue their dreams without breaking the bank. There are three different scholarships namely; Full Flight Training Scholarship, Return to Flight Scholarship, and Career Training Scholarship.

Priority is given to disabled individuals who apply for the scholarship. To apply, you will need to complete the appropriate application form, as well as an essay on how you feel the scholarship would change your life.

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6.     Oregon Flight School Training Scholarships

Oregon Flight School offers 4 different scholarships between $1,000 and $2,500 to aspiring aviators who are residents of Oregon. Each of the scholarships has its different requirements to apply and eligibility criteria that must be satisfied. However, you must be at least 16 years old to apply for any of the scholarships.

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7.     Women in Aviation (WAI) Scholarships

If you are a woman who wants to pursue a career in the aviation industry as a pilot, this scholarship is the one for you. It is specifically for women which means the competition would be limited compared to the others on this list that are for both males and females.

So, the WAI offers over 105 scholarships every year to women aspiring to become aviators or enter other careers in the aviation industry. You must be a member of WAI to be able to apply for the scholarship.

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8.     The Orcas Aviation Association (OAA) Flight Training Scholarship

The OAA offers scholarships worth $8,000 to two adults to want to become private or commercial pilots. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Orcas Island, pass a flight physical, and have a flexible work schedule. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

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9.     Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Scholarships

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum offers scholarships to support the financial cost of those who wish to pursue a career in aviation whether as pilots or engineers. If you are an adult who dreams of becoming a pilot, you can support that dream by applying for this scholarship.

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10.  Coffey County Flight Training Scholarships

 The Coffey County Flight Training Scholarships are offered each year to one student from each district in Coffey County. The student must be a junior, interested in aviation, and be in good health. Also, the student must have good eyesight and be able to pay 20% of their training fees while the scholarship will cover 80% of the cost.

If you are interested in applying, you will have to pick up the application form from your school counselor, fill it and return it to the counselor.  

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11.  Civil Air Patrol Flight Scholarships

Civil Air Patrol offers flight scholarships to cadets which can aid in covering ground school, flight training, and attaining pilot certifications. To apply for the Civil Air Patrol Flight Scholarships, you must have a third-class medical certificate and a valid student pilot certificate, must be a current cadet, submit a flight plan and a resume not longer than 2 pages, submit no more than three letters of recommendation.

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12.  ACS Aviation Flying Scholarship

ACS Aviation is a flight training school based in the UK offering a variety of flight training programs to groom students to become pilots. The school is also offering scholarships to those who wish to undertake their flight training at the school but cannot the cost.

The scholarship will cover 10 hours of flight training towards a PPL, 12 months of membership, and a Bose A30 aviation headset. Applying for this scholarship and receiving it will kickstart your journey into the aviation industry as a pilot.

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13.  COPA Scholarships

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is offering four different scholarships namely; COPA Drone Pilot Scholarship, COPA Advanced Flight Training Scholarship, COPA New Wings Scholarships, and Neij K. Armstrong.

Each of these scholarships has its specific requirements and you can apply for them however, you must have completed high school and be at least 16 years older.

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Flight training scholarships for adults offer numerous benefits, including financial assistance, access to top-notch training programs, and the chance to pursue a rewarding aviation career. These scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for those who want to pursue their passion for flying and make a positive impact on the aviation industry. Whether you’re a new pilot or an experienced aviator, a flight training scholarship can help you achieve your goals.