15 Best Spanish Language Scholarships

It’s no longer news that our economy is diversifying and, gathering skills to align with the flow is always an added advantage. We’re seeing more and more people speaking different languages like Spanish, French, German, etc., other than English language in our corporate world, so being fluent in another world-recognized language will make you more marketable because you can now relate to more people.

Spanish for instance, now has more than 480 million native speakers spread across the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. In the United States alone, the Spanish-speaking population are the largest minority.

Speaking of minorities in the U.S. did you know there are several minority scholarships that Mexican Americans or Hispanic students can apply for, such as Hispanic STEM scholarships or even Scholarships for First-gen Hispanics if you’re the first in your family to attend a college or university.

Anyway, these Spanish language scholarships won’t only reduce the burden of educational finances, but also open the door to understanding Spanish culture more. Due to the diversity of these scholarships, they can benefit students intending to focus on the language, professionals planning to add a new skill or even someone who desires to learn more about Spanish culture.

That also applies to other language scholarships like French, German, Korean, Italian, etc.

With all these said, let’s now list these scholarships.

Spanish language scholarships

Spanish Language Scholarships

One of the interesting things about these scholarships provided by an Institution is that some of them provide Spanish as a dual major giving their students the opportunity to also concentrate on another major like Business, Engineering, Science, Law, Philosophy, Pharmacy, etc.

1. URI – B.A. in Spanish Scholarships

The University of Rhode Island offers a 4-year B.A. in Spanish where you can enrol in a dual degree, i.e. you can enrol in their Spanish program and any other major like Pharmacy, Engineering, Psychology, Biology, Business, etc., you desire. Regarding their scholarships, even though you can also apply for other scholarships provided by URI, there are three scholarships exclusively for those enrolled in Language courses, they include;

  • Beatrice S. Demers Foreign Language Fellows Program
  • William & Sharon Flynn International Study Abroad Opportunity Fund
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

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2. Louisiana State University – Spanish Program Scholarships

LSU provides different Spanish language scholarships to outstanding students majoring in a romance and Spanish language, these scholarships include;

  • James M. Smith, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Romance Languages
  • Corrine L. Saucier Endowed Scholarship in Romance Languages
  • Maria I. Duke Dos-Santos Hispanic Studies at LSU or Graduate Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Maria I. Duke Dos-Santos Spanish Undergraduate Study at LSU or Study Abroad Scholarship
  • LSU in Spain Award

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3. Arthur L. Campa Scholarship for Latino Studies

There are other several federal, state, and university-wide financial assistance provided at the University of Denver whether they are need- or merit-based scholarships. Arthur L. Campa Scholarship is an extra scholarship to help undergraduate Spanish students at DU, who demonstrate financial need and show a history of involvement in Latinx communities through service or service learning.

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4. University of North Texas – Department of Spanish Scholarships

Thanks to several donations including from their Muévanse!: Professional Development for Teachers of Spanish event, students get to receive a variety of Spanish language financial assistance. These scholarships include;

  • Edist/Solveig Olsen Endowed Scholarship
  • Martha & Voncile Liddell Endowed Scholarship
  • Dept. of Spanish Undergraduate Student General Scholarship
  • Dept. of Spanish Graduate Student General Scholarship

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5. Indiana University – Program in Spanish Scholarship

Indiana University, through its Spanish program, gives you the opportunity to choose whether to learn Spanish as a new language, to choose it as a minor or to major in it. They provided different scholarships to back the progress of their students, which some of them include;

  • Bersier World Languages Scholarship
  • World Languages Academic Achievement Award for Spanish
  • Tom Dean and Chieko Chambers Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Nancy Newton Study Abroad Scholarship

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6. Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program

The CLS Program is a fully-funded overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. The CLS was created by the U.S. government for the core purpose of expanding the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages.

You need to be a U.S. citizen or national at the time of your application.

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7. Western Michigan University – Spanish Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Spanish at Western Michigan University doesn’t only provide Spanish language scholarships but also Tutorías -or free tutoring two days a week, and the Mesa española, -another free opportunity to practice Spanish in an informal, pressure-free environment. Some of their scholarships include;

  • Suzanne M. Wheatley Scholarships
  • Antonia H. Rostami Scholarships
  • Ruth Y. Kirby Scholarships

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8. University of Oregon Spanish Scholarships

UO provides scholarships to current full-time graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages regardless of their citizenship. Their scholarships include;

  • Helen Fe Jones Scholarship
  • Charles H. Stickels Scholarship: worth $1,500
  • Nicolette B. Weicker Memorial Scholarship: worth $2,000
  • James T. and Mary Alice Wetzel Graduate Fellowship: worth $1,500
  • Beall Graduate Dissertation Scholarship: worth $3,000

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9. Wichita State University – Spanish Scholarships 

Majoring in Spanish at Wichita State University gives you the opportunity to also add another major such as Business, Law, Engineering, etc., helping you to graduate with dual majors. One of the interesting things about their scholarships is that they have different categories such as students of Spanish Scholarships, student teachers and current Spanish teachers scholarships and, the Puebla Summer program scholarships.

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10. Loann Crane Advanced Language Institute Scholarship Program

Ten (5 during Spring while the remaining 5 during Summer) of this Loann Crane endowment scholarship worth $1,250 each will be awarded annually to students pursuing a new language. Ohio State University also provides Undergraduate Internship or Service Learning Funding worth up to $2,000 for paid experiences and up to $5,000 for unpaid experiences. 

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11. University of Louisville – Department of Classical and Modern Languages Scholarships

The University of Louisville is another Institution that provides different Spanish language scholarships to their students in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages. Some of these awards include;

  • The Richard B. & Constance L. Lewis Educational Award
  • Modern Languages Fund Award
  • Student Travel Awards

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12. Ohio University – Modern Languages Scholarships

Just like most Universities on our list, Ohio University also provides undergraduate bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and French and minors and certificates in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. They also provide a master’s degree in Spanish. 

Some of their scholarships exclusively for Spanish students include;

  • Manuel Antonio Serna-Maytorena Memorial Scholarship
  • Irene Dates Fraser Scholarship
  • Maxine McCrory Memorial Scholarship
  • George and June Mattson Scholarship

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13. University of Nevada – Scholarships and internships in World Languages and Literatures

One of the interesting things about applying for any of the Spanish language scholarships provided by the University of Nevada is that you just need one application, “the Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarship (GUS) Application.” Some of their scholarships include;

  • World Languages and Literatures Endowed Scholarship
  • Ana Ciaburri Nickles Prize
  • Gottardi Memorial Scholarship


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14. Northeastern Illinois University – Foundation Scholarships for Language Majors

Some of the Spanish scholarships provided by this school include;

  • Dr. Calixto C. Masó Spanish Scholarship ($5,250)
  • Jewell Berlinger Scholarship ($1,700)
  • Arturo Nájera Mexican-American Scholarship ($600)

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15. University of South Carolina – Spanish Scholarships

Majoring in Spanish at the University of South Carolina provides you with the opportunity to learn more on applied Spanish courses in business Spanish and specialized Spanish vocabulary for various professions. They also provide a minor in Spanish.

Their scholarships include; 

  • Kyrl Leighton-Faxford de Gravelines Scholarship
  • Francis W. Bradley Award in Romance Languages
  • Sigma Delta Pi

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In conclusion, receiving any of these Spanish language scholarships gives you the opportunity to improve your passion and master this language.

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