12 Best Sport Scholarships For High School Students In Australia

Did you know? If your child displays athletic abilities or excels in a particular sport they can get scholarships that will finance their high school education and you as the parent can just keep that money for some other purpose. In this blog post, you will find a list of sports scholarships for high school students in Australia and begin applying for them immediately.

Athletic scholarships have been in existence for a very long time although they are more popular in some countries than others like the US and Canada for example. And college athletic scholarships are commonly compared to athletic scholarships for high school students. And if you are wondering how I got a list of the best sport scholarships for high school students in Australia then I suggest you look up the name of this platform again.

Dear readers, do not get confused by the lingos “athletic scholarships” and “sports scholarships” they mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Moving on, high school pupils in Australia who excel or display talent in a particular sport such as swimming, soccer, hockey, water polo, football, cross country, badminton, cricket, rowing, basketball, tennis, volleyball, surfing, futsal, rugby, mountain biking, and touch football. If the sports your child participates in are not listed among the ones above you can still get the scholarship if you submit proof of their performance in that particular sport.

The sport scholarships for high school students in Australia come from various sources but the major providers are the schools themselves. That is why to qualify for any sports scholarship, your child must have been enrolled in that school or in the process of enrolling. And that is not all, your child must join the school team, participate in all the events, and perform at a high level then they can get the scholarship.

The statements above are general criteria to be eligible for a sports scholarship in Australia as a high school student but note that it may not apply to all schools. What I mean is that requirements may vary from school to school and/or sources from where the scholarship is coming from. So, keep that in mind while looking for a sports scholarship in Australia for your child.

It’s general knowledge that scholarships offer non-refundable funds that can be applied towards tuition fees but sports scholarships offer more than that. Receiving a sports scholarship in high school comes with extra perks or benefits like free sports kits and regional, national, or international recognition of achievement in that particular sport.

This could catch the attention of coaches from top teams in that particular sport which could help bring you into the limelight and offer you an opportunity to go pro. And if you wish to further your education every college in the country would want to have you and could offer you a full-ride athletic scholarship.  

sport scholarships for high school students in Australia

Sports Scholarships for High School Students in Australia

High school students in Australia who display excellent athletic performance in a particular sport can qualify for scholarships that could fund the entire cost of their high school education. As a parent, this can help you save college money for your child faster or save up for something else.

Curated below are the sports scholarships for high school students in Australia:

  • Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund (SESF)
  • Gelong Grammar School Sports Scholarships
  • Scotch College Sporting Scholarships
  • Methodist Ladies College (MLC) Sports Performance Scholarship
  • St. Andrews Lutheran College Sports Scholarships
  • St. Catherine’s ADA Sports Scholarship
  • RISE Sporting Scholarships
  • Saint Stephen’s College Scholarships
  • Canterbury Scholarships
  • Barker Scholarships
  • Immanuel Lutheran College Sports Scholarships
  • Sunshine Coast Grammar Sporting Excellence Scholarships

1.     Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund (SESF)

SESF supports the dreams of talented young athletes in Australia aged 10 to 18 years old who are facing financial constraints and due to that cannot achieve their full potential. Through the funding and other perks provided by SESF, young athletes all over Australia can now get the chance to showcase their full potential both on the field and in their academics.

Recipients of this fund will receive national recognition that will act as a platform and an opportunity for them to go pro in that particular sports and attract the eyes of varsity teams around the nation.

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2.     Gelong Grammar School Sports Scholarships

Gelong Grammar School of GGS, as it is commonly referred to, is a private co-ed day and boarding school with over 1,600 students. GGS is one of the high schools in Australia offering sports scholarships to talented athletes who show excellent sporting promise at an elite level. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition and day and boarding fees and provides access to advanced coaching, mentoring, training, and competition support.

To be eligible, applicants must be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand or a permanent resident of Australia and be a new student entering Years 10 or 11 in the next academic year. Winners are selected based on financial need and athletic performance in a particular sport.

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3.     Scotch College Sporting Scholarships

Scotch College is an all-boys school located in Melbourne. The school is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and thus underpins Christian teachings. Students who are part of the school team and excel in that sport can be eligible to win a sports scholarship to fund their education at Scotch College.

Scotch College sporting scholarships are offered at the discretion of the Head of the Associated Public Schools (APS).

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4.     Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) Sports Performance Scholarship

Methodist Ladies’ College is an all-girls secondary school comprising a junior school, middle school, and senior school. Every year, MLC offers sports scholarships to promising girls in sports. Only students entering Years 7 to 11 are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Other eligibility requirement includes being a citizen, permanent resident, or temporary resident of Australia and must register for the ACER Scholarship test. Applicant must be performing at a state or national standard in a sport offered by MLC. Documents for application include a recent school report, passport-sized photo, complete sports performance form, and 200-word essay.

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5.     St. Andrews Lutheran College Sports Scholarships

St. Andrews Lutheran College is a Christian school offering excellent education to pupils in junior and secondary school. The college also encompasses an Early Learning Center for pre-prep programs. Parents whose child is entering junior or senior grades and excels in basketball, netball, rugby, or volleyball may consider enrolling their child at St. Andrews as they could win a scholarship for their athletic abilities.

Students would have to participate regularly in school or club-representative sports and provide proof of performing at a high level to be eligible for the sports scholarship. Selection is based on submitting a portfolio that contains achievements in competition and then an interview will follow if you are shortlisted.

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6.     St. Catherine’s ADA Sports Scholarship

Year 7 to 10 students of St. Catherine who show excellent academic ability and strong athletic performance are eligible for a sports scholarship offered by the school. It is only awarded to new students in sports such as swimming, running, track & field, rowing, hockey, diving, soccer, etc. Successful applicants will be participating in one school-based sport per term.

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7.     RISE Sporting Scholarships

Rise Sporting Scholarships is one of the sports scholarships for high school students tenable at St. John’s Anglican College. The scholarship is set up as part of the RISE Sports Development Program to support young student-athletes who excel in any sport. Only students who are commencing Years 7 and 10 are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship award covers 75% of tuition, it is awarded every year, and only to citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

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8.     Saint Stephen’s College Scholarships

Saint Stephen’s College offers a wide range of scholarships to recognize students’ achievements in varieties of categories. Two of its scholarships that concern this topic are the Performance Scholarships and General Ability Scholarships because they both require that applicants excel in a sport in that they are active participants.

Both scholarships are offered annually and if you meet the criteria for both you could win them. They are both available to students in Years 6 or 9 which will be used to offset tuition in Years 7 or 10.

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9.     Canterbury Scholarships

Canterbury College offers scholarships to students who excel in academics, music, or sport. Application for any of these scholarship categories are open throughout the year but applicants may only apply in one of the categories.

Students enrolled at Canterbury College or in the process of enrollment with athletic ability in one of the school’s sports such as swimming, tennis, cross country, cricket, football, or rugby are eligible for the sports scholarship.

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10.  Barker Scholarships

Barker College offers a wide range of scholarships based on academic performance and extracurricular participation. The scholarship for extracurricular activities may also include students’ participation in any sports in which they must show a high level of achievement to be eligible for the scholarship award.

Barker Scholarships are available every year and open to citizens of Australia and international students who have student visas. You can apply for Barker Scholarships as a current student or still apply to become a student.

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11.  Immanuel Lutheran College Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships are offered at Immanuel Lutheran College to students in Years 7 to 11 who show sporting excellence. The scholarship is set up to reward such students and open them up to a world of possibilities and opportunities that will take their careers to the next level.

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12.  Sunshine Coast Grammar Sporting Excellence Scholarships

Students of Sunshine Coast Grammar School who display excellence in academics, music, and sports are awarded scholarships to recognize their talents and encourage them to achieve the best. The Sporting Excellence Scholarship is only for students entering Years 9 to 11 and demonstrates proven sporting achievement in football, tennis, water polo, swimming, netball, cross country, etc.

The application is open every year so if you missed it this year it will be open again next year. Follow the link below to stay updated on when the next application will be open.

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