35 Best College Athletic Scholarships by Sport

One of the interesting things about being good at a particular sport is that it opens doors to several opportunities. It could be this college athletic scholarships by sport or even lead to a professional sports career. 

For instance, the world-class Michael Jordan used his basketball skill to pass through college, and it also paved a spectacular way for him throughout his career. The same thing applies to Stephen Curry who went to Davidson College, Tiger  Woods who participated and won many tournaments at Stanford University, the list goes on and on.

Also, several organizations and schools are interested in helping you blend your academics with sports, that’s one of the reasons they provide different kinds of scholarships whether it’s soccer, hiking, basketball, hunting, lacrosse, or even fencing scholarships. But, most of these scholarships still demand that you perform well academically, so don’t assume they will just turn a blind eye to your grade.

College athletic scholarships by sport

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College Athletic Scholarships by Sport

We’ll be listing these scholarships according to different sports activities.

Soccer/Football Scholarships

Soccer has one of the biggest numbers of student-athletes in several countries, which also makes them have the highest number of scholarships. 

1. United Sports USA Soccer Scholarship

One of the good things about this scholarship is that the organization has sent more than 1,000 players on soccer scholarships to over 40 different states in America.

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2. Yellow Jackets Men’s Soccer Scholarship

The Yellow Jackets Men’s Soccer Scholarship is one of the college athletic scholarships by sport that is funded annually to freshman, sophomore, junior or senior students who are members in good standing of the Cedarville University men’s soccer team.

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3. Legacy Soccer/ Lever Brothers Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to freshman at Florida Tech University that has organized soccer participation for – a minimum of 2 years during the last 5 years. 

4. Westminster College – Soccer Scholarship

Westminster College provides more than $2,000 soccer scholarships to their women athletes, and more than $4,000 scholarships to their men’s soccer athletes.

5. Rob Kayser Memorial Men’s Soccer Scholarship

This is among the university athletic scholarships by sport that were created in memory of Rob Kayser, a big fan of soccer and coach to his daughter’s soccer teams. The scholarship was created by Truman State University to always remember him.

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6. Will and Jane Lotter Soccer Scholarship Fund

This scholarship, which was created in memory of Will and Jane Lotter supports the men’s soccer team’s grant-in-aid program at UC Davis.

7. Alexa Muffley Holt Memorial USCB Women’s Soccer Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship was created to help a women’s soccer player at USCB (University of South Carolina Beaufort) and in honor of Alexa’s time with the Women’s Sand Shark Soccer Team forever. 

8. Foundation of Light’s Football Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to talented footballers aged 16-18 years old, that want to represent Sunderland AFC and gain nationally recognized qualifications through an extensive football and education program.

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9. ULMS Women in Football Scholarship

The University of Liverpool Management School offers several college athletic scholarships by sport to help cover the cost of MBA tuition fees.

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10. Portsmouth Football Club Partnership Scholarship

This football scholarship provides £3,000 a year towards your time at university as well as the opportunity to gain work experience at the football club.

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11. Sixth Form Football Scholarship Programme – Total Sports Coaching

This sixth-form football scholarship program provides players with an opportunity to train full-time alongside their academic studies, and there are several benefits to this scholarship.

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12. Football Scholarship Parkgate FC

This scholarship provides you with a free training kit, playing kit, and tracksuit,

training 4 times a week that follows a technical/tactical and fitness syllabus.

A competitive League and Cup structure on a Wednesday afternoon, Media experience, Regular Pre/post-game Interviews for website and social media, and many more.

Basketball Scholarships

13. Viterbo University Alumni Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Viterbo University provides basketball scholarships to their men’s players regardless of their major.

14. Thomas Rotherham College Basketball Scholarship

This scholarship opens the door to 6 hours of basketball training per week both on the court and in the gym with a qualified coach, and many other opportunities.

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15. University of Worcester Basketball Scholarship

This is one of the college athletic scholarships by sport that requires an application to the scholarship scheme. Their scholarships are in two pathways with their own advantages; Dual Career Scholarship Student (DCSS) and Performance Potential (PP).

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16. The University of St Andrews Women’s Basketball Scholarship

The University of St Andrews offers 2 women’s basketball Scholarships which are;

  • Saints Basketball Performance Scholarships
  • St Leonard’s Masters Scholarship

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17. Waddle Basketball Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was created as an endowment to assist in the recruitment and retention of exceptional freshman, sophomore, junior or senior athletes to participate in the University’s varsity Basketball program.

18. Kimball Women’s Basketball Scholarship

This scholarship is designated to help a member of the Northeastern women’s basketball team. Preference is given to students with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

19. Cleo Littleton Endowed Men’s Basketball Scholarship

This Scholarship was established to honor Mr. Cleo Littleton’s achievements and to boost the efforts of students participating in the men’s basketball team.

20. Leo and Dean Nicholson Basketball Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to CWU (Central Washington University) students participating in Wildcat men’s basketball. Candidates need to meet the NCAA guidelines for athletic eligibility and be a participant in an NCAA Athletic program, plus other requirements.


21. Gary Frederick Baseball Scholarship

The Gary Frederick Baseball Scholarship is among the college athletic scholarships by sport provided to Central Washington University students participating in the Wildcat NCAA Baseball program. The scholarship is worth $500.

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22. Viterbo University Alumni Baseball Scholarship

This scholarship is for qualified members of the baseball team at Viterbo University, and it doesn’t matter what major you’re focusing on.

23. Phil Swimley Baseball Scholarship Fund

The Phil Swimley Baseball Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Phil Swimley for his remarkable coaching at UC Davis.

24. Heedum Baseball Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member of the Midland University baseball team. Preference may be given to students with successful academic performance and financial need.

Boxing Scholarships

25. University of Maryland Boxing Club Gift Fund

This boxing scholarship supports the activities, programs, and competition-related expenses of the club, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies.

26. Support Futures Boxing Scholarship

Support Futures provides scholarships to encourage the rehabilitation, education, and employability of young people in the Black Country through the medium of sport. This boxing scholarship is worth £780 per person, and they are partnering with  Iron Masters Gym and RG Boxfit to provide the right education.

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Golf Scholarships

27. Saints Golf Performance Scholarships

This Scholarship is designed to provide you with all the resources you need to continue to play high-level golf whilst studying at St Andrews, as well as provide you with many development opportunities.

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28. Arnold Palmer Golf Scholarship

This scholarship was established for Saints Golf to attract the very best student golfers from around the world and give them the greatest chance possible to achieve their golfing and academic dreams whilst in St Andrews. Over £200,000 has been raised to date, with £160,000 for the Arnold Palmer Scholarship.

29. The R&A Golf Scholarships

This is among the college athletic scholarships by sport provided by the University of Strathclyde awarded to the University’s best golfers during the Academic teaching year to enhance their skills.

30. Bedford School – Golf Scholarships

Bedford School is partnering with Woburn Golf Club to provide these golf scholarships to boys who are outstanding golfers or good golfers who show serious potential.

31. University of Stirling – Golf Scholarships

University of Stirling’s golf scholarships provide a fantastic package of support including training, competition, and funding support to fit alongside your academic studies. One of the good things about their scholarships is that it has helped more than 100 golf scholars gain international honors.

Rugby Scholarships

32. UMBC Rubgy Haud Collumi Scholarship Fund

The UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) Men’s Rugby Club awards the Haud Collumi Scholarship to one current player each academic year.

33. UCLA Men’s Rugby – Matthew Finzen Rugby Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a returning player who embodies not only Matt’s effortless athleticism on the pitch but also his unmatched dedication to excellence in the classroom. Special consideration will be given to those players who are seeking to attend medical or dental school after their time at UCLA, just as Matt succeeded in doing.

34. University of Stirling Rugby Scholarships

To provide student-athletes the opportunity to combine a semi-professional rugby union alongside an academic degree program the University of Stirling provides different Rugby Scholarships to their students.

35. Rugby School

Rugby School provides different college athletic scholarships by sport which allow awardees to access extraordinary opportunities, enrichment, and support through Scholars’ Programmes.

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You have seen there are several university athletic scholarships by sport, and there are still more we didn’t list, you just need to do your research on the particular sport you’re interested in.

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