12 Swimming Scholarships In UK

Universities and other sports organizations in the UK offer swimming scholarships to undergraduates and graduate students who want to excel in swimming while pursuing a degree program. If you are interested, this blog post will take you through the list of swimming scholarships in the UK and how you can apply for them.

The good thing about excelling in a particular sport is that you get to attract many wonderful opportunities that will boost your career and take you to the next level. You will attract the attention of your coach and even other coaches and star players in the same sports as you, participate in regional, national, and international competitions, and get financial support, and other contributions to help you achieve your dreams.

Talking about opportunities for sporting excellence, there are scholarship opportunities for talented student-athletes in a range of educational settings.

If you are a high school student who wants to further their education while pursuing their sports dream there are varieties of opportunities set in place to recognize your talents. You must have heard of sports or athletic scholarships, grants, awards, and bursaries. These usually include free funding for your college tuition and other packages and opportunities to take your career to the next level.

These free funding and other opportunities for student-athletes can be found in all kinds of sports including swimming.

Student-athletes in the UK, at all levels, that are actively involved in swimming and part of a swimming team will find the right scholarships they can apply for in this blog post. The swimming scholarships in UK do not just offer financial assistance but come with other packages which include access to physiotherapy, branded swimming kits, and free gym membership.

The aim of these scholarships is to encourage students and recognize their swimming abilities or any athletic abilities they may possess. It also helps to relieve pressure on students and bring a balance to their academic and sports careers. It is also an excellent way to expose students and prepare them to go pro if they wish to after college.

Swimming scholarships in the UK are offered by some of the top universities in the UK and other swimming and sports organizations in the UK. You can apply for as many as possible as long as you meet the requirements. Also, note that you are not just limited to swimming scholarships or other general athletic scholarships, you can also apply for other scholarships whose category you fit into, for instance, sports scholarships for international students in Europe.

swimming scholarships in UK

Swimming Scholarships in UK

Here, I have curated the swimming scholarships in UK for citizens and permanent residents of the UK, EU students, non-EU students, and international students to apply for. Note that each of these scholarships is from different sources thus, their requirements vary so ensure not to skip any part.

Without any further ado, the following are the swimming scholarships offered every year in the UK:

  • Loughborough University Swimming Scholarships
  • Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding
  • The University of Bath Sporting Scholarships
  • UoB Sport Scholarship
  • The University of Aberdeen Sports Bursaries & Scholarships
  • The University of Nottingham Sport Scholarships
  • Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) at The University of Hull
  • Swansea University Sporting Scholarships
  • Team Surrey Swimming Scholarships
  • The University of Edinburgh Athlete Scholarships
  • UEA + Sport Individual Scholarship
  • The University of Stirling Sports Scholarships

1.     Loughborough University Swimming Scholarships

Loughborough University is among the top 20 research-intensive universities in the UK and a powerhouse for all kinds of sports. If you are looking for a university in the UK that will offer you opportunities to achieve your sports dreams, then Loughborough University should definitely be on your list.

There are about 20 different sports played at this university and each of them has specific scholarships that they offer to student-athletes aside from the general athletic scholarships. The swimming scholarship at Loughborough University provides thousands of Pounds in financial support and Powerbase gym and AU Club membership. Student-athletes in a doctoral program can also qualify for the Elite Athlete Doctoral Scholarships.

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2.     Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding

Student-athletes enrolled in a full-time program and active members of one of the sports teams at Newcastle University are eligible for sports scholarships and funding. So, if you are part of the swimming team, you can qualify for scholarships if you have achieved high in swimming and want to represent the university.

Other eligibility requirements include that you must be a current student in any degree program and at any level. You must also be a member of the National Governing Body’s performance squads or have achieved age group rep honors at the national and/or regional level in the past 12 months. The scholarship offers £5,000 and other perks such as lifestyle support, mentoring, access to training facilities and medical services, professional coaching, etc.

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3.     The University of Bath Sporting Scholarships

Sporting Scholarships at the University of Bath are also offered to student-athletes the university who are on the school’s swimming team. This university is the first in the UK to offer sports scholarships and it is offered annually. If you are already in the swimming and want this scholarship too you have to demonstrate aspirations to compete to the highest level.

To be eligible for a swimming scholarship at the University of Bath, you must be a student of the institution, be prepared to represent your team at the national level, have a coach recommendation, and have elite performance potential.

4.     UoB Sport Scholarship

The University of Birmingham (UoB) offers scholarships across all sports categories played at the university which also includes swimming. You must be part of the university’s swimming team if you want the scholarship and it is for all study levels – undergraduate and postgraduate, it is also for all nationalities including international students.

Aside from being a graduate or postgraduate student on the swimming team, there are also other eligibility criteria that you must meet to win the scholarship. The scholarship comes with other perks aside from financial assistance.

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5.     The University of Aberdeen Sports Bursaries & Scholarships

The University of Aberdeen has set up a sports bursary and scholarships scheme that supports elite student-athletes seeking to combine academic and sporting excellence during their time at the university. The scholarships are spread across all the sports played at the university which includes swimming.

The swimming team at the University of Aberdeen competes at all levels which exposes students to a myriad of opportunities in swimming sports. Some of the opportunities are scholarships which provide financial assistance to support the tuition of student-athletes and encourage them to pursue excellence both in their academics and the sports they are involved in.

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6.     The University of Nottingham Sport Scholarships

The University of Nottingham Sports Scholarships offer financial assistance and other packages to students actively in all the sports played at the university and since the university has a swimming team, swimmers can also qualify for the awards. The aim of the scholarships is to provide unrivaled support to the brightest and best talents in the sporting world.

To be eligible, you must possess excellent academic achievement and display outstanding swimming abilities, and be enrolled in an academic program at the University of Nottingham (postgraduate and undergraduate are eligible). Students from all nationalities are eligible.

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7.     Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) at The University of Hull

Student-athletes newly enrolled or already enrolled in an academic program at the University of Hull who display outstanding athletic potential in swimming and are active in the swimming team can win scholarships and gain access to other benefits and perks through the TAP. The award is presented annually to selected high-performing athletes.

Application for TAP awards is open to all current and prospective students enrolled across all academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate study levels at the University of Hull. Winning the TAP award will take your swimming career to the next level and expose you to many opportunities and experiences within the sport.

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8.     Swansea University Sporting Scholarships

Sporting scholarships at Swansea University are established to help student-athletes achieve both their academic and sporting goals. This makes it easy for such students to combine university studies with sports. The sporting scholarships also extend to swimmers and other sports team in the university.

Aside from the financial support, the scholarship also comes with other benefits which include psychology support, coaching, strength and conditioning training, and performance lifestyle coaching.

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9.     Team Surrey Swimming Scholarships

The above-mentioned scholarship is offered by Surrey University in the UK in partnership with Guildford City Swimming Club. The scholarship is divided into three categories of swimmers; Elite Squad, BUCS Competitive Squad, and Social Squad. Swimmers who are enrolled in an academic program at Surrey University and in one of the above-mentioned squads can receive free funding and other benefits.

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10.  The University of Edinburgh Athlete Scholarships

If you are a swimmer looking for swimming scholarships in the UK to aid both your swimming and academic careers then you should look into the athletic scholarships offered by the University of Edinburgh. Of course, you have to be enrolled in an academic degree program at the university to qualify for the athlete scholarships.

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11.  UEA + Sport Individual Scholarship

Student-athletes enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the University of East Anglia (UEA) can qualify for varieties of sports scholarships to support them academically and in sports. Fortunately, the university has a swimming team and you can qualify for a scholarship if you are part of the team which makes it a great scholarship opportunity for swimmers in the UK.

There are other perks that comes with the financial assistance including access to physiotherapy, branded swimming kits, gym and swim membership, support workshops, and many more.

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12.  The University of Stirling Sports Scholarships

The University of Stirling offers sports scholarships to international and domestic UK and EU students enrolled in any program at the university. You can join the swimming, participate in competitions, and demonstrate outstanding athletic performance and excellent academic be eligible for a sports scholarship.

The scholarships are awarded annually so if you missed it this year you can try again next year.

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