7 Tennis Scholarships In UK

There are several tennis scholarships in the UK that you can harness for yourself to enable you to pursue your passion and also get a degree. We will delve into them in this blog post, so stay put and find out.

Tennis is a very popular sport played indoors and outdoors, as the case may be, and many people are involved in the sport across the world, some of which would want to pursue their passion for the sport and get a degree or take part in international sports competitions hosted by different countries around the world.

Apart from tennis scholarships, there are other sports scholarships one can apply for, like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, hiking, soccer, and many other track and field sports scholarships. Since this article focuses on UK tennis scholarships, let’s delve straight into them without wasting time.

Tennis Scholarships in UK

Tennis Scholarships in UK

In the UK, numerous universities offer tennis scholarships to help student-athletes balance their academic and sporting commitments. All the tennis scholarships in the UK will be listed and discussed in this section. The criteria for eligibility will also be emphasized. They are as follows;

  • University of Stirling’s International Sports Scholarship Programme
  • University of Wolverhampton Sports Scholarship Programme
  • Newcastle University Sports Scholarships
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
  • Loughborough University Sports Scholarships
  • Durham University Sports Scholarships
  • University of Bath’s Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

1. University of Stirling’s International Sports Scholarship Programme

The University of Sterling offers the International Sports Scholarship Programme, and their scholarship amount is valued at £5,000 per year. This scholarship provides access to state-of-the-art facilities, coaching, performance mentoring, and sports research innovation. To be considered for a tennis scholarship, you must:

  • Hold or be in the process of applying for a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at the University of Stirling.
  • Have a profile in national tennis competitions at the junior level or beyond.
  • Take pride in working hard to improve your game

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2. University of Wolverhampton Sports Scholarship Programme

The WLV Sports Scholarship Programme, which the University of Wolverhampton offers is made up of two tiers of scholarships namely;

Tier One Scholarship:    

  • Available to students competing at junior and senior international level.
  • Scholars can receive up to £1,500 per academic year for their course of study

Tier Two Scholarship:   

  • Available to student-athletes competing at a nationally recognized standard within their sport.
  • Scholars can receive up to £1,000 per academic year for their course of study. Scholarships are awarded based on the level of competition and include access to facilities and coaching

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The athlete performance level is decided on a sport-by-sport basis but follows the below criteria;

International – Junior/ Senior

National – Junior/ Senior

County/ Regional league

  • Be able to demonstrate sporting achievements, particularly in BUCS representation
  • Be able to demonstrate a commitment to striving for personal excellence and act as a role model for other students
  • Be a registered and enrolled student at the University of Wolverhampton.
  • Provide supporting evidence with your application such as; sporting highlights and coach references
  • Adhere to all terms and conditions of the sports scholarship program

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3. Newcastle University Sports Scholarships

   Newcastle University offers scholarships up to £5,000 for athletes achieving regional, national, or international standards. The program includes financial support and access to top-notch facilities and coaching. They award scholarships and funding yearly to students who have achieved high levels in sports and want to build on their success and represent the university.


You must be:

  • a current student in any year of study, or
  • an undergraduate or postgraduate applicant with a place at Newcastle University

You must:

  • have achieved senior or age group representative honors at the national and/or regional level in the last 12 months, and/or
  • be a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads or equivalent

You must commit to:

  • improving in your sport
  • representing the University in British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS) events, where applicable

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4. Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

TASS is a government-backed program that supports athletes in various sports, including tennis, with financial assistance, access to training facilities, and academic support.

TASS works with the LTA to enhance the support available for the top talented young athletes competing in university tennis programs. They help provide athletes with the support they need to pursue higher and further education opportunities alongside their sport and meet their potential in both.

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5. Loughborough University Sports Scholarships

This university provides scholarships to tennis athletes who demonstrate exceptional talent. Performance squad members receive thousands of pounds in support, incorporating coaching, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, sports science, nutrition, psychology, lifestyle, and academic flexibility. In addition to this incredible support, their sports scholarships provide direct financial support.

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6. Durham University Sports Scholarships

Durham University offers sports scholarships that include financial assistance, performance mentoring, and access to high-quality coaching and sports facilities. Tennis scholarships are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university recruits new scholars to the club annually and highly encourages competitive players to consider applying.

Undergraduates are required to have the equivalent standard of an old LTA rating of 3.2 and above, and postgraduates should have at least three years of experience competing in the NCAA.

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7. University of Bath’s Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

 The Team Bath Dual Career Programme supports student-athletes by providing flexible academic arrangements, financial aid, and access to excellent sports facilities and coaching. The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a Sport England-funded partnership between talented athletes, delivery sites, and national governing bodies.

The University of Bath has been a TASS Delivery Site since the scheme’s creation in 2004. More than 30 TASS athletes, either in education or serving within the British Army, have access to the world-class Sports Training Village facilities and are supported by their Breakthrough Programme. This community’s needs are addressed and supported with a full-time High-Performance Sports Officer, helping each individual to unlock their potential.

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These scholarships generally require students to represent their university in competitions and maintain a balance between their academic and athletic responsibilities. Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and application processes, so checking individual scholarship websites for detailed information and deadlines is important.