10 Easiest Sports Scholarships to Get

Having passion and becoming skillful in sports shouldn’t make you sacrifice your education, you can now do both. And the best part is, you can now get scholarships with your skill in several sports, whether it’s football, basketball, hiking, lacrosse, fencing, boxing scholarships, etc.

Even though there are several sports scholarships, not all of them are easy to get. Besides your skill in a particular sport, some of them will even go further to demand a high minimum GPA like 3.5 and above, which makes students with lower grade look elsewhere.

Fortunately, we compiled some easiest sports scholarships to get, and you will even see some scholarships that won’t even consider your academic result. This is totally opposite to the requirements of some government scholarships.

easiest sports scholarships to get

Easiest Sports Scholarships to Get

1. Virginia Tech Sports Scholarship

One of the things that make Virginia Tech’s Athletic Scholarship easy to get is its scholarship provision to both student-athletes and non-competitive participants such as videographers and trainers. Also, another easy part is that their scholarship doesn’t require any additional application – not even FAFSA – but if you intend to get other scholarships besides these sports funds, then it’s advisable to submit FAFSA.

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2. University of Tennessee Athletic Scholarship

This is among the easiest sports scholarships to get awarded to undergraduate and graduate Sports Management students. Why we consider it easy to get because of their low requirements, in fact, they don’t even require your GPA (at least we didn’t see any information regarding it).

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3. Team Monash Elite Student Performer Grant

This is another easy-to-get sports scholarship provided by Monash University to assist students who perform at a National level or higher. Some things make this scholarship easy such as their low requirements, and less interest in your academic performance.

However, they will require that you be involved in a non-professional sport, performing arts, or similar, as recognized by Team Monash. The scholarship is worth between $100 to $1000 one-off payment and/or a Monash Sport gym membership.

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4. Cave Hill Campus Sport Scholarship

Just like the past easiest athletic scholarships to get that were selected based on their low requirements, the Cave Hill Campus Sports Scholarship also falls in that category. Their eligibility is as simple as;

  • becoming a national of the Caribbean Community who: Has gained admission, or qualified for admission for full-time study at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
  • Have demonstrated an exceptional capacity for a high level of performance in a sports discipline; as verified by the Head, Academy of Sport.

The scholarship is worth BDS$6000 per year.

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5. ECU Athletic Scholarship

The East Central University Athletic Scholarship might require more than what our previous sports scholarships do, but it’s still easy when you compare it with some other scholarships. For instance, their minimum required Cumulative GPA is 3.0 whereas some other scholarships require 3.5.

In fact, their Briles Scholarship is even easier due to their minimum GPA of 2.5, then their Darlene Dryden Memorial Softball Scholarship requires a minimum GPA of 2.75.

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6. Florida State University Athletic Scholarships

This is among the easiest sports scholarships to get that competes at the NCAA Division 1 level and offers athletically related financial aid for different sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball.

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7. LaSalle University

This easy-to-get sports scholarship award amount varies, but their eligibility requirement is quite simple which is basically focused on skillfulness in your area of sports specialization. You can also combine the scholarship with other merit scholarships.

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8. Boston University Athletic Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded each year to several outstanding entering undergraduate athletes with strong academic potential. Awards range from several hundred dollars to scholarships that cover full tuition and fees.

Scholars are chosen by Boston University’s head coach of each sport.

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9. Lynn University Athletic Scholarship

Lynn University Athletic Scholarship easily earns its spot on our list of easiest sports scholarships to get due to their zero demand for application, and minimum GPA as little as 2.0. Also, their amount ranges from $500 to full tuition, room, and board.

Lots of students in different categories can apply, like new, returning, day, full-time, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students.

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10. ATU Athletic Scholarships

Arkansas Tech University provides several easy sports scholarships like;

  • Deward And Anne Dopson Scholarship: awarded to a former student-athlete who has no further athletic eligibility remaining but has a semester or year remaining to finish his or her undergraduate degree.
  • Hindsman Athletic Scholarship: awarded annually to Tech Men’s Basketball team.
  • Wilson Matthews Distinguished Scholar Athlete Fund
  • Tate C. “Piney” Page Memorial Athletic Scholarship
  • John E. Tucker Scholarship
  • Lambert Resimont Scholarship

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One of the things you should know is that though these scholarships might be easy to get under their requirements perspective, due to the number of students that usually apply makes it competitive. It could be less competitive if you’re applying for sports scholarships like Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Men Baseball, Women’s Soccer, Men Football, and Women’s Field Hockey.

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