Think Big Scholarship Requirements And Application

Have you been nursing the idea of studying in the UK using the Think Big Scholarship? Then this post is for you. This article gives a full view of everything you need to know concerning the scholarship. It also covers the scholarship requirements and application criteria like who is eligible to apply, the award value, duration, degree type, etc.

You might ask, what is Think Big Scholarship and why should I even apply for it? Well, the answer to this question among others is what we have carefully put together in this post for you to understand fully what Think Big Scholarship is all about, where it started and how it started.

There are tons of information in the internet space which sometimes makes it easy while researching, however, getting the wanted result can really be frustrating and tedious especially when you lack direction and guidance. That is why we have put together this article to help out solving the problem; saving time and energy.

Now, if you’re interested in Think Big Scholarship, I enjoin you to take a good look at this post as we do justice to all that partakes in it.

What Is Think Big Scholarship?

The government, institutions, businesses, and individuals play a vital role in the improvement of the quality of education and the overall educational system in the UK. This has led many world-class institutions and universities to map out scholarships schemes to help out financially.

The University of Bristol, a high-ranking research university according to QS world university rankings provides many scholarship opportunities for international students in different faculties/departments, and Think Big Scholarship happens to be one of them.

Think Big Scholarship is one of the prestigious partially funded scholarships offered by the University of Bristol to aid international students demonstrating high intellectual prowess.

Why Was Think Big Scholarship Created?

Not all students have all it takes to undergo a study program. In this case, some students drop out, no matter how bright they are due to financing. Hence, the Think Big Scholarship was created to aid high achieving students to study stress-free by paying the tuition fees of the students.

This way, they help to improve the performances of the student as they maintain focus on their studies without having to worry about where the tuition fee will come from.

Who Can Apply For Think Big Scholarship?

Think Big Scholarship is open to students of all nationalities, however, to be eligible for the application, you must meet some criteria laid down by the institution. Below are the requirements for eligibility;

  • You must be an overseas student for fee-paying purposes.
  • You must not be an awardee of other scholarships whose funding is equal to the tuition fee of the Think Big Scholarship.
  • You must have enrolled to start a one-year full-time study program whether undergraduate or masters degree as the case may be at the host university which is the University Of Bristol.
  • You must not be a student in the faculty of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.
  • You must be willing to receive your award as a tuition fee discount as the University of Bristol offers no cash unless in special cases where the award value is greater than the tuition fee.
  • You must not be a current or previous awardee of the scholarship.
  • You can have the choice of differing your studies but the scholarship cannot be deferred.
  • You must show proficiency in the use of the English language.

How Much Is The Worth Of Think Big Scholarship?

Being an awardee of Think Big Scholarship entails many financial benefits during the course of study, either an undergraduate or postgraduate. Successful applicants get the following:

  • An opportunity to study under a partially funded scholarship in the UK through the University of Bristol
  • An annual disbursement of tuition fees valued at £5,000 and £10,000 for the undergraduate category and £5,000, £10,000, and £20,000 for the postgraduate category.
  • An automatic consideration for any other University of Bristol scholarship that you are eligible for without having to submit another application.

What Degree Level Is Think Big Scholarship For?

This is an important question every applicant must ask or enquire about while applying for scholarship opportunities to avoid applying wrongly or under another category you are not eligible for.

Think Big Scholarship recognizes and awards high achieving undergraduate and post-graduate students respectively. The scholarship covers the two categories- undergraduates and postgraduates only.

Full Application Requirements For Think Big Scholarship

It is very important that you note the application requirements for any scholarship you are applying for to avoid making some grave mistakes. Below are the full application requirements for the Think Big Scholarship. Applicants should read through carefully.

  • The application form must be completely filled and submitted before the given deadline.
  • You must make a provision of copies of your national identity cards and passports.
  • Your copies of transcripts or diplomas must be provided.
  • The results of the English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. are also required.
  • You must provide a letter of motivation explaining why you are the best applicant for the scholarship and what your goals are.
  • Copies of academic certificates are needed.
  • Recommendation letters from your supervisor should be presented.

Other factors which affect your chances of getting the scholarship nor place you at a high advantage include; your past academic results, past professional experiences, future goals and extracurricular activities, and other relevant certifications.

The courses available for study cut across:

The faculty of Arts; school of arts, school of humanities, school of modern languages, centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, and centre of academic language and development.

The faculty of Engineering; school of computer science, electrical and electronics engineering and engineering mathematics, school of civil, mechanical engineering and aerospace.

The faculty of health sciences; Bristol dental school, Bristol medical school, Bristol veterinary school, school of anatomy, teaching and learning for health professionals.

The faculty of life sciences; school of biological sciences, school of biochemistry, school of cellular and molecular medicine, school of physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience, school of psychological science.

The faculty of science; school of chemistry, school of earth sciences, school of geographical sciences, school of mathematics, school of physics and

The faculty of social sciences and law; school of accounting and finance, school of economics, school of education, school of management, school of policy studies, school of politics, sociology and international studies, university of Bristol law school, etc.

How To Apply For The Think Big Scholarship

Below are the guidelines for completing the application form for the Think Big Scholarship. It is important to note that the form must be filled at a go as there are no save functions on the website to continue later. Once you start, you must complete it in one session carefully and select submit.

The room for making changes as in situations of mistakes may not be allowed. After you must have submitted, you will receive a confirmation mail that acknowledges the successful submission of your application.

In cases where your device for the application is a smartphone, you are advised to switch to desktop mode in order to see all the information or alternatively switch to landscape.

You will fill in the following when applying:

  • Your UCAS ID if you are an undergraduate or your student ID if you are a post-graduate.
  • The course/ degree of study program you applied for. Note you must have enrolled or applied for a course as it is one of the eligibility requirements.
  • Your full name
  • Your email address as it will serve as a channel for communication between you and the scholarship committee.
  • Your citizenship or nationality.
  • Your permanent resident. This means a country where you stay ordinarily, and not where you stay occasionally due to study programs or related issues.
  • The name of your current or previous institutions attended.
  • The full information of the past funding you have received or yet to receive.

There are also application questions that you need to answer. These applications are three in number. The undergraduate question differs from the postgraduate but the maximum word count is 200 words each with a 10 marks score.

While applying, you should be careful to select your correct level of study so that your questions will be the one under the category you are eligible.

The questions for undergraduates are:

  1. We are looking to support the brightest and best individuals who have ambition and strive to make a difference. Describe any skills and proud accomplishments you’ve achieved outside of your academic grades.

Use this space to detail any special academic or extra-curricular achievements, as well as your reasons for applying to the scholarship programme.

  1. We are looking for scholars who will be great ambassadors for the university, recognize the power of diverse networks and communities and influence positive change. How do you plan to contribute to the student community at the University of Bristol?

Use this space to detail your plans and how your contribution will link to your chosen course.

  1. We are looking for scholars who will use their time at Bristol to make the most of opportunities and realize their potential. Tell us about your future goals and how your chosen course at Bristol will support you to ‘Think Big’ and achieve them.

Explain what has attracted you to study at the University of Bristol, as well as outline your next steps towards your career goals.

The questions for postgraduate students are:

  1. We are looking to support the brightest and best individuals who will actively contribute to the development of their nation in the future. Describe any special attributes or accomplishments that you think make you deserving of a scholarship.

This could be an academic or extracurricular achievement, as well as your reasons for applying for a scholarship.

  1. We are looking for scholars who will be great ambassadors for the university. Give an example of when you have recently contributed to your community.

This could be your school or university, where you live, or any other community you feel a part of.

  1. We would like to support students who have clear goals for their future. Explain how studying your chosen programme at the University of Bristol helps you to ‘Think Big’ and shape your plans after graduation.

Explain what has attracted you to study at the University of Bristol, as well as outline your ultimate career goals.

To apply, you can follow the link to get started. For undergraduate, Apply Here

For postgraduate, Apply Here

How To Contact Organizers Of The Think Big Scholarship?

The organizers or the scholarship committee of think big scholarship can be contacted through their email using this link. Click Here

Alternatively, they can also be reached using this link. Click Here


These are the frequently asked questions about the Think Big Scholarship. We have highlighted some of them and answered the questions so that applicants will have little or no questions at all about the scholarship.

Which Countries Can Apply For Think Big Scholarship?

Unlike few other scholarship schemes, Think Big Scholarship is open to students of all nationalities.  It welcomes all bright international students who wish to pursue a degree program in the UK through the University of Bristol.

How Do I Know When Think Big Scholarship Is Open For Application?

International students interested in pursuing a degree program in the UK through the Think Big Scholarship can start applying from September as Think Big Scholarship opens every September annually.

What Is Think Big Scholarship Deadline?

There are two phases of application for the Think Big Scholarship. The deadline for the first phase is 28th march, 2022. The deadline for the second phase is 13th June 2022.

After the closure of the application processes, both the successful and unsuccessful applicants will be contacted. In phase one, the successful applicants will be contacted on or before 6th may, 2022 while the unsuccessful ones will be reached a little after.

Just like in the first phase, the successful candidates in the second phase will also be contacted on or before 8th July 2022 while the unsuccessful ones will be notified later.

Hence, we urge all applicants to carefully finish up their application processes before the said deadline to be on a safer side.