4 Best UNICEF Scholarships for African Students

There are lots of UNICEF scholarships available for African students to key into. This blog post contains in detail the best of them, including their requirements, duration, amount, and so on. I urge you to follow me closely as we take the ride.

UNICEF, an acronym for United Nations Children’s Fund is an international humanitarian aid organization that focuses on improving the health, education, nutrition, and general welfare of children and young people across the globe.

The introduction of UNICEF scholarships for African students aims at overseeing and supporting students from Africa who can afford little or nothing to study freely without any hassle. The program provides adequate scholarship opportunities that completely cover the cost of tuition, accommodation, textbooks, uniforms, etc.

These UNICEF scholarships can come in partnership with other local organizations and government parastatals in African countries. The main goal is to meet the need of individuals in each community and make a significant impact.

Honestly, Africans enjoy a lot of scholarships. Aside from that UNICEF, there are other scholarships available for African students in Europe. All you need to do is to find them, check their requirements, and shoot in your application.

Well, in the course of this article, I will be showing you the best UNICEF scholarships for African students that you can apply for. Just follow me with keen attention.

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Requirements to Apply for UNICEF Scholarships for African Students

The requirements for applying for UNICEF Scholarships vary from country to country, however, below are the general ones.

  • You must fill in correctly the application form.
  • You must have a national identity card or school ID card.
  • You must have your recommendation letters and personal statement.
  • You must have your official transcripts from past colleges attended.
  • You must scan your documents appropriately, and send them to the stated email or website.

Now that you have seen some of the requirements needed to apply for UNICEF scholarships, let me walk you through the various scholarships available for African students.


UNICEF Scholarships for African Students

Here are the best UNICEF Scholarships for African Students. I will list and give a brief overview of them so that you can have more insights. It is also important you note that our data is obtained from deep research about the topic from trusted sources.

  • UNICEF International Internship Program
  • UNICEF Innovation Fund for Frontier Technology Solutions
  • UNICEF Youth Mediation Program
  • UNICEF Global Volunteer Internship with Generation Unlimited

1.      UNICEF International Internship Program

This is the first on our list of UNICEF scholarships for African students. The program focuses on providing students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in their respective fields. The program enables meaningful experiences that advance academic, professional, and personal development.

The internship can be full-time or part-time with a duration of about 6 to 26 weeks. Interns are provided with monthly stipends and a lump sum which may serve as a contribution to getting a travel visa. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. program.

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2.      UNICEF Innovation Fund for Frontier Technology Solutions

This is another one of the UNICEF Scholarships for African students. It was established to provide early-stage funding to start-ups whose objectives are developing frontier technology solutions that will cause significant change in society, especially in that of children and young people.

The funding is about US$100k, and for you to register, your product must be a working prototype with results, must be registered in any UNICEF program country, must be registered as a private company, and many others.

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3.      UNICEF Youth Mediation Program

The UNICEF Youth Mediation program is the next on our list of UNICEF scholarships for African students. It was established to give young people the opportunity to advance their skills and get better at content creation. It is an online skills-building program.

This program gives you the chance to learn from professionals in the industry and also allows you to connect with other young creators. It is important to note that the classes are taught by top creative films like GIPHY, IN-Q, and Atticus.

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4.      UNICEF Global Volunteer Internship with Generation Unlimited

This program engages and empowers the young ones by providing volunteering opportunities which is the most effective way to learn or sharpen skills, get valuable experiences, and also connect with mentors.

GVI focuses on people development through volunteering and has helped more than 40 UNICEF countries to start, scale, and innovate volunteer programs that made significant impacts in the lives of children and young people.

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UNICEF, since its inception, has helped humanity greatly, especially children and young ones through sustainable initiatives of human development, skills acquisition, improvement of education, access to health facilities, and general welfare.

The scholarships listed above are part of the significant contributions by UNICEF to make the world a better place. I know you must have picked interest in one or two of the scholarships. Prepare your documents and shoot in your application.