9 Best Basketball Scholarships For African Students

Top universities and colleges as well as basketball organizations and athletic associations offer basketball scholarships for African students who wish to study abroad whilst playing basketball. This is a lifetime opportunity for young basketball players in Africa and in this blog post, you will find all the necessary info to get a basketball scholarship.

Scholarships for student-athletes are popular in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia but the United States is the top provider of athletic scholarships in the world. The US also provides the best opportunities for student-athletes through its collegiate sports competitions which serve as a platform for students to become professional athletes.

If you are an African living in the UK, US, or Canada and basketball, which happens to be one of the biggest sports in the world, you can get a scholarship to finance your education, that is, if you wish to become a student-athlete. I may have used the word “student-athlete” frequently without explaining its meaning. Let me quickly solve that.

Who is a student-athlete?

A student-athlete is a student who plays a specific sport like basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. whilst studying. Student-athletes exist in colleges and universities, high schools, and vocational institutions with sports program. The students are part of the varsity team and participate in championships and other sports events that represent their specific schools.

Being a student-athlete brings you countless opportunities which include scholarships that may cover the entire cost of your college education for 4 years.

So, back to where we left off.

If you are a high school athlete in Africa playing basketball in your respective school but you have eyes to study abroad and play for bigger teams then you should seek basketball scholarships these are very common in the US getting a basketball scholarship in the US is your best bet. But then, it’d best not to put all your eggs in one basket and put all countries in your option.

Basketball scholarships for African students exist, although you may not find one specifically for African students but you can apply for the basketball scholarships that are meant for all students. Most basketball scholarships are not reserved for any particular race. This is a sport, where all races come to play their favorite sports together while they are been cheered on.

Playing college basketball comes with many benefits such as scholarships and playing with some of the top teams in the world. Superstar players like Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant were all products of varsity basketball and today they are among the world’s best. Who knows, you could be next.

Colleges are not the only sources of basketball scholarships. There are other sports organizations and basketball associations that offer scholarships to student-athletes. You may also source for them and apply for their scholarships. However, if you get a basketball scholarship from an external source it will not be used until you are accepted into a university.

Getting a college basketball scholarship is no easy feat. Firstly, every existing basketball scholarship is also applied for by thousands of other basketball student-athletes which makes it very competitive. Secondly, you will need to be enrolled in a college and join the basketball varsity team to be eligible for scholarships and they are not easy to join as they have selective admission processes.

Requirements for a basketball scholarship

The major criteria to win a basketball scholarship are excellent academic performance and athletic ability but as an incoming student, there are other documents, which are part of the requirements, that you have to present. These requirements are:

The above documents are submitted as part of the application then coaches and the institution’s admissions office will review and determine which of their recruited students will be awarded scholarships and ultimately gain acceptance into the university.

What does a basketball scholarship cover?

What basketball scholarship covers depends on the type of scholarship that you are awarded. A full-ride basketball scholarship covers the cost of tuition, room and board, and study materials. It may also be renewable for three more years if athletes meet the conditions for renewal.

Then there are partial basketball scholarships that cover a fraction of tuition in just one academic session, thus, you would have to pay the remainder of your fees. Also, they are not renewable.

So, Basketball scholarships for African students may cover the cost of tuition, room, and board or just a fraction of your tuition depending on the type of scholarship you were able to get. But these only apply to the US, in Canada no more than $4,500 scholarship is awarded to a particular student. There are no full-ride basketball scholarships in Canada.

How to Get a Basketball Scholarship

  • Begin the process early preferably while you are still in high school
  • Talk with your current coach and college coaches of your preferred institution
  • Get good grades
  • Visit as many schools as you can and do further research on the schools you want to attend
  • Create a portfolio of your basketball highlight
  • Provide multiple references
  • Be ahead deadline

Do not limit yourself to basketball scholarships, full-ride scholarships for African students exist as well and you can apply for them alongside basketball scholarships. There are also other great scholarships in the US for African students, you may also add them to your scholarship list and apply for them as well. You can apply for as many scholarships as possible, provided you meet their requirements.

basketball scholarships for African students

Basketball Scholarships for African Students

As I mentioned earlier, there are basketball scholarships specifically for Africans and this is because sports scholarships are made to be general and for everyone. However, African students may still apply for any of the basketball scholarships curated.

The basketball scholarships for African students are:

  • Anglia Ruskin University Basketball Scholarship
  • Carling Muir Award for Determination, Courage, and Resilience
  • The University of North Carolina Basketball Scholarships
  • The University of Manitoba Athletic Awards
  • Leicester University Basketball Scholarship
  • Derby University Basketball Scholarship
  • The University of Essex Basketball Scholarship
  • The University of Victoria Athletic Awards
  • Thompson Rivers University International Athletic Scholarships

1.     Anglia Ruskin University Basketball Scholarship

Anglia Ruskin University is a prestigious higher institution located in the UK that offers basketball scholarships to high-performing and hardworking student-athletes to support their dream. Although it is not specifically for African students as it is open to all UK, EU, and international students which also makes African student-athletes eligible to apply for the award.

The basketball scholarship is of two types, the £12,500 annual fee waiver and the other which gives up to £1,400 annually in cash. Asides from the financial support, the scholarship also comes with other perks which include training kits, physiotherapy support, individual practice, and many more. Since this scholarship is meant for everyone, it will be very competitive so prepare well. Also, note that you must be applying for admission into Anglia Ruskin University before you can apply for its basketball scholarship.

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2.     Carling Muir Award for Determination, Courage, and Resilience

The above-named scholarship is one of the basketball scholarships for African students to apply for and win $2,000 to support their education in a college in British Columbia, Canada. Winners are selected based on exceptional ethics, perseverance through overcoming adversity, and team/community dedication. It is an annual scholarship.

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3.     The University of North Carolina Basketball Scholarships

UNC is one of the top universities in the US with a prestigious basketball varsity team competing in the NCAA Division 1. The institution sets aside basketball scholarships for international students from any country who played basketball in their previous institutions and are now applying to UNC to pursue a degree and join the varsity team to continue playing basketball.

The scholarship is a full-ride which means it will cover the entire cost of your education and can be renewed for three more years if you meet the conditions for renewal. It is a competitive scholarship therefore you must display your best and bring out your competitive spirit both on the field and in the classroom to win the scholarship.

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4.     The University of Manitoba Athletic Awards

This is one of the general athletic awards I mentioned earlier. The above-named scholarship covers all varsity teams at the University of Manitoba including basketball and African students are also eligible to apply for them. This university offers over $550,000 every year in athletic awards to players across all teams so far student-athletes meet the criteria.

Every student-athlete will receive at least $500 up to a full-ride athletic scholarship from the University of Manitoba Athletic Awards. You must be applying for a degree at the University of Manitoba to be considered for the scholarship.

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5.     Leicester University Basketball Scholarship

Outstanding basketball athletes at Leicester University are eligible for a basketball scholarship irrespective of their nationality. This means that African students can also apply for this scholarship and get financial assistance to support their dream. You must have been accepted into Leicester University and join the basketball team to be considered for the scholarship.

Aside from the financial reward, the scholarship also covers for provision of kit, team Leicester club membership, quality coaching, physiotherapy support, and personalized conditioning program.

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6.     Derby University Basketball Scholarship

Derby University is one of the leading universities in the UK and they offer basketball as well as other athletic scholarship to support the dream of student-athletes. The basketball scholarship provided by Derby University is awarded annually to students who demonstrate excellence both in their grades and in the field.

Africans living in the UK who wish to play basketball at the collegiate level are also eligible to apply for this scholarship. If you are currently not in the UK but wish to pursue a degree at Derby University whilst playing basketball you may also apply for the scholarship. The scholarship awards £6,000 and other support services such as coaching, sports medicine, psychology, and many more perks.

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7.     The University of Essex Basketball Scholarship

If you are an African student that plays basketball, you can apply for admission into the University of Essex and indicate interest in its basketball scholarship to support the cost of your education. You will have to submit a portfolio containing images and videos of your basketball performance so that the Head Coach and Admissions Office can assess your chances of getting the basketball scholarship.

The scholarship is for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Recipients will receive £2,500 and a fee reduction of 25% if they are undergraduate or 100% if they are postgraduate students. Other perks are flexible academic studies, strength, accommodation, and physiotherapy support.

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8.     The University of Victoria Athletic Awards

The University of Victoria athletic awards are scholarships offered to student-athletes across all sports within the university. Since the university has a basketball team, therefore basketball players representing the university are also eligible for the athletic awards.

African students looking to study in Canada with a basketball scholarship can apply to the University of Victoria and be eligible for a basketball scholarship to support their education. To be eligible, you must meet the U Sport regulation of achieving a minimum GPA of 80%, that is, if you are newly entering the university.

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9.     Thompson Rivers University International Athletic Scholarships

The above-named athletic scholarship is for international student-athletes coming to Thompson Rivers University to play basketball, soccer, volleyball, or any other sports while studying for a degree. African students living in Canada or anywhere can be eligible for this award but they must be applying for a degree at the university and have an intent to play basketball or any of the varsity sports.

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These basketball scholarships for African students are not specifically for African students but they may also apply for them. They are highly competitive and you will need to bring out your competitive spirit to be eligible for the scholarships. Always speak with your coach concerning basketball scholarships because many scholarships go through them that may not be available online but are offered offline by a certain individual.

All sports scholarships are disbursed through the Head Coach so speaking with them concerning a scholarship will get your abilities assessed by them and train you to be eligible for a sport scholarship.

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