15 Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad

You and I know that medicine and surgery are among the most respected courses in any country and the world in general. It is not highly respected in vain, it is a path that leads you to a profession that has one of the highest career opportunities, you can choose to become an Anaesthetist, a Cardiologist, a Urologist, a pathologist, an ophthalmologist, and the list goes on and on.

Another beautiful thing about studying this discipline is that you can work in any country with your medical degree. So, even if you got your degree from one of the underdeveloped countries, you can still work in a developed country as long as you meet their criteria.

As much as these reasons sound interesting, we won’t ignore the fact that this degree is one of the hardest, longest, and most expensive in the world. That’s why you will need scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad, even those from developed countries mostly need financial aid to push through this degree.

We’ve earlier written about some rare scholarships like scholarships for tall people and those for short people. It is certain you don’t know scholarships like this exist that is why we are specially pointing them out; it may favor you.

In this article, we will be listing the necessary scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad. Before we list them, you should know there are few medical scholarships for undergraduates, most scholarships are for graduate, and doctoral degrees.

Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad

Just like most scholarships, there are deadlines for them, but because the deadline for applying for them this year has reached doesn’t mean you can’t still apply for them the next year. So on our list, we are focused on medical scholarships that are awarded annually.

Here is the list;

  • John Hamel MacGregor Awards in Medical Science
  • Harvard Medical School Scholarships
  • U.S. Army Health Care Scholarships
  • University of Melbourne – Bachelor of Medical Science Scholarship for High Achievement
  • Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship – American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Global Citizen Scholarship
  • University of Dundee Scholarships
  • John Snow Scholarship (AFPHM)
  • The University of Sydney – Faculty of Medicine and Health Scholarships
  • Imperial College London – Faculty of Medicine Scholarships
  • International Guest Scholarships
  • American Medical Women’s Association Scholarship
  • Amsterdam Merit Scholarship
  • King’s College London – Department of Global Health & Social Medicine Scholarships

1. John Hamel MacGregor Awards in Medical Science

This is one of the fastest scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad. Why I said so is that the opening date for it is on 20 September and it closes on 1st November, which is just 40 days, so you have to be very quick in applying.

Even though the scholarship can come and disappear within a short period, it still awards up to $10,000 to up to 5 students per year.

John Hamel Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: 1st November
  • Applicable Study: BMedSci (Hons) or Postgraduate Research degree in the Faculty of Medical and Health Studies
  • Purpose: Scholarship to undertake research
  • Tenure: 1 year (Annually)
  • Provided By: The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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2. Harvard Medical School Scholarships

Harvard University doesn’t need any announcement regarding its excellence, and getting one of its scholarships would be a dream come true for some of us. Their scholarships are mostly focused on families that earn a low income, that is, families whose annual income is $50,000 or less.

Also, if your parent resides in the United States or Canada, you can apply for the Middle Income Financial Aid Initiative, in which the school will waive part or all of your parental contribution. HMS offers different kinds of scholarships to their students whether through their institution or externally.

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3. U.S. Army Health Care Scholarships

This is one of the scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad that is focused on students that would study medicine in the United States in exchange for their service in the Army Medical team. Their HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program) will cover your full tuition, and it will also provide you with a monthly stipend.

It’s not only for student furthering their career in the Medicine and Surgery Fields, if you are in Dental, Veterinary, Nursing, Counseling & Clinical Psychology, or Optometry.

Also, there is special financial aid (a monthly stipend of $2,000+) for those doing their residency in the Medical, Dental, or Nursing fields.

Other scholarships might still interest you. Another interesting thing about these scholarships is that they are offered annually.

U.S. Army Health Care Scholarships Features

  • Fully-funded scholarship for up to 4 years (HPSP)
  • Funding for books, equipment, and other school fees (HPSP)
  • Monthly Stipend, and monthly allowance for food and housing

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4. University of Melbourne – Bachelor of Medical Science Scholarship for High Achievement

This scholarship is awarded to students that showed very high achievement in their Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne Scholarship Features

  • Eligible for Undergraduate medical students
  • Up to $5,000
  • Merit-based
  • Have to show interest by submitting an application

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5. Physicians of Tomorrow- American Medical Association (AMA)

To encourage medical students that have furthered their academics up to finals, AMA Foundation decided to award $10,000 tuition assistance scholarships to students approaching their final year. Their scholarships are awarded based on both merit and need-based. 

Also, this is one of the scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad that is based on nomination from medical the medical school dean’s office.

Physician of Tomorrow Foundation Features

  • Awards $10,000 to medical students approaching their final year
  • Based on nomination from the dean’s office
  • Must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States or have DACA status.

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6. Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

This scholarship is led by international development objectives and funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships. The scholarships are for students from eligible low and middle-income Commonwealth countries, that want to or already undertaking full-time taught Master’s study at a UK university.

Commonwealth Scholarships Features

  • Awards Scholarships up to full tuition
  • Up to £1,516 monthly stipend
  • Warm Clothing Allowance
  • Offers study travel grants

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7. Global Citizen Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships to study medicine and surgery for international and DACA students provided by MPOWER Financing. As part of the vision of MPOWER “expanding access to higher education,” they made registering available to anyone with no requirement to register.

The winner of the scholarship will be awarded a grand prize of $10,000, the Runner-Up will be awarded $2,000, and the Honorable Mention will also be awarded $2,000.

Global Citizen Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: January 15
  • Available globally
  • Must be accepted at, or enrolled in a full-time degree program at the U.S. or Canadian school supported by MPOWER

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8. University of Dundee Scholarships

This school wasn’t named the cheapest place to be a student in the UK in vain, they provide lots of scholarships to different kinds of programs including medicine and surgery. 

  • Their Global Excellence Scholarship which is worth $6,000 per year is awarded to both Postgraduate and undergraduate students, and the deadline for applying is 30 November
  • Their Global Citizenship Scholarship is worth $5,000 and is awarded to international Postgraduate Students, and the Deadline varies, the scholarship is available several times a year.
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Africa Scholarship is worth £5,000 and available for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students. As you guessed, it is available for African Countries

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9. John Snow Scholarship (AFPHM)

This scholarship was created to promote awareness among medical students to help them identify public health medicine as a medical specialty. To apply for this scholarship, you need to be a medical student in Australia, or Aotearoa New Zealand University.

John Snow Scholarship Features

  • Deadline: Annually begins in July and ends in August
  • $500 cash prize
  • A certificate in recognition of achievement

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10. The University of Sydney – Faculty of Medicine and Health

This is one of the schools that provide a vast range of scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad, whether to Undergraduate, or Postgraduate students. The school is unbiased with its approach to awarding scholarships, their awards are majorly focused on students that are excellent in their academics, regardless of gender, or nation.

Their scholarships are not just for Medicine and Surgery students, there are also scholarships for Pharmaceutical, Dentistry, and Health Scientist Students.

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11. Imperial College London – Faculty of Medicine

This college offers different kinds of scholarships to their students, and most of their scholarships are merit-based, which are awarded alongside your admission. When the school is processing your admission, they will also enroll you on scholarships they noticed you are eligible for.

One of their best scholarships is their “New Awards – Full Tuition Fees Scholarship,” which is exclusively for UK students. They also offer The William (Bill) Anglesea Scholarship, the Harmsworth Scholarship, etc.

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12. International Guest Scholarships

This is one of the scholarships to study medicine abroad awarded by the American College of Surgeons, to talented surgeons from countries other than the U.S. or Canada. The scholarship is worth $10,000 and it is awarded for the major purpose of visiting clinical, teaching, and research activities in the U.S. and Canada.

International Guest Scholarships Features

  • Eligible for surgeons from 35 years old but below 50 years old.
  • $10,000 worth of scholarship
  • Eligible for graduates of schools of medicine that have completed their surgical training.

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13. American Medical Women’s Association

AMWA has a vast majority of scholarships and grants they award to their medical students, whether it’s Medical Education Scholarships, which awards 4 (four) $500 scholarships to women currently enrolled in medical school. The Haffizulla Family Scholarship Application awards $1,000 each to at most 2 (two) students, or the Underrepresented Students in Medicine Scholarships for which $2,000 worth of scholarship is awarded to 2 (two) underrepresented medical students.

There are also other scholarships like the OSMOSIS Scholarships. Lecturio Scholarships, Sketchy Medical Scholarships, etc.

14. Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad offered by the Academic Medical Centre of the Universiteit to outstanding non-EU/EEA students that have been admitted to one of their Master’s programs of the Faculty of Medicine.

Amsterdam Merit Scholarship Features

  • Eligible for Students without EU/EEA passport
  • € 4,000 worth of scholarship
  • Eligible to students not entitled to receive a Dutch Student Grant or Loan.

15. King’s College London – Department of Global Health & Social Medicine

King’s College London provides varieties of scholarships for postgraduate courses, postgraduate research, and undergraduate programs. They award up to £9,250 to study one of their courses as an undergraduate, and this scholarship is paid in installments.

Whereas an award worth £11,040 is presented to postgraduate students in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine.

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As you can see there are lots of scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad, but as we mentioned early, our focus was on scholarships that are on a yearly cycle or can be available annually. If you love what your read or you have a question regarding our list, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.