10 Best Sports For Female Scholarships

There is a wide range of sports that paves the way for scholarship opportunities, available for females to key into. While some are popular, some are not. This article contains all you need to know about the best sports for female scholarships. Go through it carefully.

Studying with a scholarship can help accelerate the accomplishment of your dreams as you won’t have to wait or stop at some point to look for money to pay tuition fees or buy textbooks. The scholarships, especially when it is fully funded cover all these.

Female athletes make good use of this opportunity to seek financial assistance from higher institutions and universities, and about 90% of the time, they get awarded. A very beautiful thing to see, right?

In this article, we won’t just be exploring the sports that bring scholarships to females, but the best among them. We will also see a brief overview of these sports to know what they are all about, and how they can be used for college scholarship applications.

Best Sports For Female Scholarships

Here are the various best sports for female scholarships. As I said earlier, I will list and explain them for you to gain full insights. Do follow me closely.

It is important to note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic from trusted sources.

  • Rowing
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Ice hockey
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Field Hockey

1.      Rowing

The first on our list of best sports for female scholarships is Rowing. It is a beautiful sport that involves pushing a boat from one point to another as fast as you can using oars. It is played on the surface of the water by both men and women.

Some important skills needed to thrive in the game of rowing are focus and the act of time management. Hence, it is a game that teaches skills for academic excellence.

Rowing is a sport with low participation of females in it unlike other sports like football, volleyball, etc., hence, the few female athletes in it enjoy massive scholarship opportunities. A female athlete can have up to three scholarships because there is low competition.

Looking for a sport to get a female scholarship? Try rowing.

2.      Track and Field

Track and Field is next on our list of best sports for female scholarships. This sport involves running, jumping, or throwing. For running, it could be sprints, marathons, etc. For jumping, it could be high jump and long jumps, and for throws, we can have javelin, shot put, discus, and many others.

This sport can be played by any woman irrespective of status, tribe, or race. You just need to be good at it or maybe learn as you play. Now, a lot of colleges and universities provide different scholarship opportunities for females in track and field sports.

These scholarships may not just see you through college but also help to create other opportunities for you in the sports industry.

3.      Volleyball

Volleyball is a famous sport played all over the globe. It is among the best sports for female scholarships. It involves two teams of six players, separated by a net trying to ground a ball in any of the opponent’s courts in order to score a point.

Volleyball is played at both local and international levels, and unlike some other sports, it requires discipline, teamwork, agility, coordination, and many others. The skills developed while playing volleyball are somewhat needed for great academic excellence.

There are a lot of scholarship opportunities made available by institutions, athletic associations, and many others for females that play volleyball.

4.      Basketball

This is another sport on our list that does the work. It is among the best sports that pave the way for female scholarships. Basketball involves two teams of five players in a rectangular court, trying to score a point against the opponent by tossing the ball through the elevated horizontal hoop and net referred to as a basket.

Basketball has almost the highest number of college scholarships and is often played at both local and international levels. No doubt, the skills acquired in the sport are essential for good academic exploits and are also needed to thrive in the labor market.

5.      Soccer

Even while soccer seems to be dominated by men, a good number of females play the sport, and it is one of the leading sports for female scholarships. Soccer is played by two teams of eleven players trying to score a goal against each other under organized rules.

It demands teamwork, discipline, agility, and a good spirit to thrive. This sport is played all over the globe and is even used for competition. Coaches who work in colleges are constantly on the lookout to award college scholarships to females in the sport.

According to FIFA publication, in 2019, more females joined the soccer sport, making it about 13 million females playing the sport worldwide. Imagine the support the sport will get from educational bodies and athletic associations.

6.      Softball

Softball is a game similar to baseball, but played by a larger ball this time around, and in a smaller court. A team is normally made up of nine to ten players. It is largely dominated by females, hence making it a sport to consider for female scholarships.

The sport requires a good level of coordination, mental strength, and agility to play. It has been and still is used as a college game for pastimes all over the globe as the skills acquired while playing are essential for both academic and career success.

7.      Ice hockey

Ice hockey is among the sports females are keying into at a fast pace, especially in the USA. It is played on ice skates with the players trying to hit a cylindrical-shaped target called a puck into the opponent’s goalpost. A team usually has six players.

It is a sport that gives skills needed to thrive in the academic and professional world respectively, hence, it attracts college scholarships at all levels. The scholarship funding also comes to encourage female athletes in the sport and urges more to join.

8.      Swimming

Swimming is not just a recreational activity, but among the sports that attract female scholarships. It involves propelling oneself through water by the combination of arm and leg motion. There are various courses studied in schools and colleges which involve swimming, hence, colleges make scholarship opportunities available for those who excel in swimming to study freely.

The females are given consideration in these scholarships. The sport is played across the globe and is even used for competitions where you can race alone or join relay races.

9.      Tennis

Tennis is also one of the best sports for female scholarships on our list. It is played alone or with a team of two. This sport is one of the most played racquet games all over the world and is often used in competitions too.

There are a good number of female athletes in the game and has a wide array of college scholarship opportunities.

10.  Field Hockey

Field Hockey is similar to ice hockey. The difference is that while the latter involves using a puck in the ice rink, the former is played with a ball in a field. The teams play against each other to score a goal using the hockey stick.

There are a lot of female scholarships available in this sport.


If you have followed me to this point, it is safe to say that you have gotten enough information on the best sports for female scholarships. I urge you to apply as much as you can if you are already a female athlete, but if you are not, you can still choose from the list of sports above which one you will start engaging in.

I wish you the best of luck.