8 Colleges With Shooting Scholarships

One thing we should know is that there are scholarships for almost everything, whether you’re interested in hunting, you love hiking, you’re a female biomedical engineering  student or you are a black student that wants to take advantage of unclaimed scholarships. You could just think of it and you’ll be shocked there’s a scholarship out there just for that condition, there are even scholarships for widows.

The thing about being good at something is that it opens several doors. For instance, if you’re talented in marksmanship, it opens doors to athletic scholarships. It also opens doors for some college competitions, which allows you to win more money.

Speaking of colleges with shooting scholarships, there are just a few of them, maybe due to the low participation, and you might need to be a member to take advantage of their scholarships in some cases. The good thing is that becoming one of their members doesn’t just open the door to their scholarships, but also to other opportunities like becoming their ambassadors, involving in free trips, several pieces of training, etc.

colleges with shooting scholarships

Colleges With Shooting Scholarships

1. Y.E.S. Scholarship

If you want to fund your college through a shooting contest, then the Youth Education Summit should be on your list because you’ll be competing for $40,000 in scholarships. 

At first, as the Y.E.S. is wrapping up, there will be a celebratory dinner where winners will be awarded $15,000. Then those students that want to go further to become NRA (National Rifle Association) Ambassadors can submit applications the following year for an additional $25,000 Grand Scholarship.

2. Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship Program

This is among the colleges with shooting scholarships provided to deserving high school seniors who excel in marksmanship! The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers $1,000, one-year scholarship assistance to qualified junior marksmen to encourage and reward their outstanding efforts.

As the year passes, CMP increases its amount of scholarships, currently, they are not just providing one but FOUR $5,000 scholarships that will be renewable for 4 years (Total value of each scholarship awarded: $20,000).

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3. Hillsdale College – Shooting Scholarships

Hillsdale provides several college shooting scholarships to those students that demonstrate exemplary citizenship, patriotism, and passion for shooting sports. Their scholarships include;

  • The Roland L. Ebersole Scholarship: covers up to full tuition
  • The Cobb Shotgun Team Scholarship
  • The Charles B. David Shooting Sports Scholarship Endowment
  • The Douglas Gerald Hamilton Family Shooting Center Scholarship
  • The Dennis and Karen Dunn Archery Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • The Bonita G. Fraim Endowed Scholarship
  • The Jack and Emily Rudd Scholarship
  • The Ladies for Liberty Shooting Scholarship

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4. the University of Jamestown Shooting Sports Scholarship

The shooting sports scholarship provided by the University of Jamestown ranges between  $1,000 to $3,000 and may be awarded to a student on the Shooting Sports team.

5. The University of Tennessee Shooting Sports Scholarship

This is one of the colleges with shooting scholarships provided through their Trap program. This Trap program helps young men and women to learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible way to use firearms, and much more.

The classes occur once a week starting in February through September, and it also helps their youth to earn scholarships toward college.

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6. Clay Target Scholarship

The Clay Target Scholarship is among the rifling scholarships provided by Olivet College. When you become a member of the Clay Target Team, you get to focus 100% on your competition without worrying about funding your participation.

The scholarship can also cover trips, ammunition, tournament entry fees, travel insurance, team apparel, team shooting vests, and many others.

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7. Culver-Stockton College – Shotgun Shooting Scholarships

Culver-Stockton College provides different kinds of scholarships including some for students with experience and talent in shotgun competitive shooting.

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8. American Legion National Convention – Junior Shooting Sports Scholarship

This is one of the colleges with shooting scholarships provided in the form of a competition. This means different students will be competing in a $5,000 shooting contest.

Also, second-place finishers in each category will receive $1,000 in college scholarships generously provided by The American Legion Auxiliary. Furthermore, winners in both Precision and Sporter categories will receive an expense-paid trip to The American Legion National Convention where they will be honored as part of the Youth Champions Delegation.

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There might not be so many college shooting scholarships, but at least, the few out there show their willingness to promote marksmanship and precise shooting. Also, as shooting sports develop, we are sure to see more scholarships and bigger funds get into the picture.

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