11 Best Naturopathy Scholarships for You

One of the things I love about naturopathy doctors is their approach to ailments, they provide a holistic treatment to their patients, and instead of considering only the sickness, they go further to treat the major cause of the symptoms. But that doesn’t mean they are working against conventional medicine, in fact, they even work alongside other medical practitioners.

Lots of people are currently relying on natural therapies concerning their health, which means that the field will continue to grow.

However, the educational cost for this or any other degree is not getting cheaper, and neither is the economy better, yet. So there are chances of finding it difficult to fund your studies, especially as an international student.

Well, the good news is that there are Naturopathy scholarships that will definitely help you to reduce your educational expenses. Perhaps, you might even be eligible for a scholarship that can completely prevent you from paying a dime in tuition.

Moreover, if you still consider studying pure medicine and surg, maybe taking advantage of some of their international scholarships will be a brilliant choice. And, it might be necessary to go through the required grade and primary requirements you need to get any scholarship.

naturopathy scholarships

Naturopathy Scholarships

1. National University of Natural Medicine Scholarships

NUNM provides 2 kinds of Naturopathy scholarships which are;

  • First-Time Student Scholarships
  • Returning Student Scholarships

Annually they provide a limited number of scholarships to award their new outstanding students that have at least a 3.5 GPA. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the student is black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, pacific island student, etc, your ethnicity is not regarded here.

Here are some of their scholarships;

  • Percy & Adrienne Frazier Scholarship
  • NCMIC Scholarship
  • Gary Weiner Integrative Gastroenterology Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert Sklovsky Memorial Scholarship
  • 1,000 Friends of NUNM Scholarship

2. Sir James McNeill Postgraduate Research Scholarship

This is another Naturopathy scholarship that is funded by a private trust and were established in memory of the late Sir James McNeill, who had a long association with Monash University. The scholarship is available for those conducting research within the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Medicine (including naturopathy), Nursing and Health Sciences, and Science.

The scholarship will cover your living allowance, research allowance, and relocation allowance.

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3. Endeavour College of Natural Health; Full-time Study Scholarship

Endeavour College of Natural Health provides a scholarship to enroll in a full-time bachelor of health science degree (Naturopathy) or Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine).

The scholarship will take care of 20% of your tuition fee and it is only open to new students that are just applying.

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4. Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

CCNM provides several Naturopathy scholarships such as;

  • Alpha Science Laboratories Prize for Excellence in Botanical Medicine
  • Cyto-Matrix Scholarship for Natural Health Leadership
  • ETD-Seirin Scholarship for Excellence in Asian Medicine
  • Plant a Seed and See What Grows Bursary
  • Caviar Skin Clinic Scholarship for Women in Leadership

And many more. Each of their scholarships has its own eligibility and worth.

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5. Ken Wanganeen Scholarship

The Ken Wanganeen Scholarship was established in memory of the distinguished Indigenous Australian, Ken Wanganeen. The Naturopathy scholarship is worth $5,400 annually, and they will give preference to students that haven’t applied for the scholarship before.

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6. International Institute of Original Medicine Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help students of IIOM who require financial assistance to attend the school, have a real desire to learn and work in the field of natural healing, and are committed to giving back to IIOM. First of all, you need to complete the application form to IIOM before you can register, and applicants need to meet 10 of the 14 requirements to be able to apply and be considered for a scholarship by the enrollment committee.

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7. Dr. Eli Ber Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Dr. Eli Ber, who received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and went on to become one of the most compassionate, caring, naturopathic doctors. This scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled full-time and in good academic standing. 

Most importantly, the recipient must display the characteristics of Dr. Ber: perseverance, sense of humor, humility, caring, compassion, overcoming challenges, and empathy.

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8. Southern Cross University – Research Futures Scholarship Program

This is one of the Naturopathy scholarships that will help you to expand your knowledge and understanding of traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine through rigorous, high-quality research. The scholarship component will support students through a stipend living allowance of $300 per week over the six-week duration of the project.

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9. Torrens University Australia – Love What You Do Scholarship

Regardless of your goals and field of study including Naturopathic Medicine, the Love What You Do scholarship allows you to waive 20% of your tuition fee at Torrens University Australia. And, it’s available for both undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.

You need to be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, a New Zealand citizen,

or Humanitarian Visa holder to apply.

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10. NSCDA National American Indian Medical Scholarship Award Program

This Naturopathy scholarship is awarded to an outstanding American Indian, who recently graduated from high school and is currently enrolled in an accredited higher institution. The winner of the award will receive $1,500 per semester, which can be used only for tuition, books, or fees applicable to the student’s approved program.

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11. Kaiser Permanente Health Equity Scholarship

The Kaiser Permanente Health Equity Scholarship easily fit in on our list of Naturopathy scholarships due to their support for young leaders who have a demonstrated interest in pursuing a clinical or non-clinical career in the healthcare industry. The scholarship is worth $2,500 and you need to plan to enroll full-time in an accredited, public or not-for-profit, four-year university, or community college, in the US.

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These are definitely not all the Naturopathy or homeopathy scholarships, we would advise you to contact or visit the official website of the Naturopathic medical school you intend to attend and make more inquiries.

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