Top 10 Diploma Scholarships in Canada

These top diploma scholarships in Canada will provide good financial assistance, and help you pay for study costs. I implore you to read this article till the last sentence as I unveil all you need to know about the scholarships. Let’s go!

I do tell people that instead of quitting their dreams of enrolling in college to get a degree due to financial constraints, you can just enroll in diploma courses at minimal costs, and get certified within a short period.

It doesn’t just stop at enrolling in a diploma course, you can also find and apply for scholarships that revolve around the course you have chosen. You see, the benefits of scholarships can never be emphasized. It has helped and is still helping students who cannot afford to pay their fees.

There are scholarships available for anything you want to study. Do you doubt me? Okay, see for yourself. There are scholarships for students with physical disabilities, there are mental counseling scholarships, students studying accounting have scholarships in Canada, and the list just continues.

The one that left me in awe was when I discovered that there are scholarships meant for children of teachers, likewise scholarships available for children of police officers, and even children of first responders. What a beautiful way to reward our heroes!

In this article, we will explore the various diploma scholarships in Canada as well as their eligibility criteria, requirements, duration, amount, and so on. All you have to do is to follow me closely.

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What Is a Diploma in Canada?

Diploma courses are universities’ short courses that provide complete and practical knowledge in a field within a short duration and at a minimum cost. You can gain a comprehensive knowledge of any profession using these courses.

Now, it is good to note that there are two types of diplomas offered in Canada. The first is the undergraduate diploma also called “After 12th”. The second is the postgraduate diploma which is also known as “After Graduation”

Undergraduate Diploma (After 12th)

Undergraduate diploma courses are those you take immediately after you graduate from high school. It can be in engineering, hospitality management, business management, and related courses.

Postgraduate Diploma (After Graduation)

These are the ones you take after graduating from university just as the name implies. It can be one year or two years as the case may be.

The main aim of these courses is to broaden your skills and make you more employable in your chosen field. For the one-year graduate diploma, it can span for about 2 to 3 semesters, while the two years can span for about 4 to 6 semesters.

Without any further ado, let us delve properly into our topic.

Diploma Scholarships In Canada

Here are the various diploma scholarships in Canada that you can apply to and worry no more about how your tuition fees, accommodation, cost of textbooks, etc. will come. I will list and give a brief overview of them so that you can gain full insight.

It is worth noting that our data resulted from deep research about the topic from trusted sources. Let’s take the ride.

  • Centennial College Scholarships
  • Fanshawe College Scholarships
  • Niagara College Scholarships
  • Humber College Scholarships
  • Canadian College of Technology and Business Scholarships
  • Toronto Film School Scholarships
  • Seneca College Scholarships
  • George Brown College Scholarships
  • Durham College Scholarships
  • St. Stephen’s College Scholarships

1.      Centennial College Scholarships

Centennial College awards bright students with hundreds of different scholarships as a way to reward academic prowess, volunteering/community involvement, leadership skills, and other extracurricular activities.

It will interest you to know that these scholarships do not require applications as recipients are selected based on the requirements of the respective scholarship. However, for you to be considered in the first place, you must be enrolled in a part-time, full-time, or online diploma program at Centennial College.

Once you are selected for any scholarship, you will be notified via mail within 24 hours. Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

2.      Fanshawe College Scholarships

The next on our list of diploma scholarships in Canada is Fanshawe College Scholarships. These opportunities were established to help students finance their studies, and they are open to both Canadian and international students.

In Fanshawe College, you will see scholarships awarded based on academic performance and other criteria like community involvement, leadership skills, etc. There are also bursaries given to students who demonstrate financial needs, and finally, there are awards from benevolent organizations, or companies to outstanding students.

As long as you are enrolled to study a diploma course or other degrees at Fanshawe, you are free to apply. Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

3.      Niagara College Scholarships

Niagara College offers several financial opportunities to students, among which are diploma scholarships, entrance bursaries, returning students scholarships, etc. There are also international student awards offered to top academic students in the school.

The total scholarship amount awarded is about $4 million, and requirements as well as eligibility differ from one another. It is important you check the particular one you are applying for to know what is required. The requirements are usually on the application page.

Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

4.      Humber College Scholarships

Humber College Scholarships is among the top diploma scholarships in Canada that you should apply to. Yearly, Humber College awards students with diverse scholarships ranging from diploma scholarships to entrance scholarships to degree scholarships.

It Is good to note that the requirements for these scholarships are academic excellence, involvement in extracurricular activities, community involvement, volunteering, etc. Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

5.      Canadian College of Technology and Business Scholarships

You can access a variety of diploma scholarships in Canada at the Canadian College of Technology and Business. The school offers a wide range of diploma scholarships to both international and domestic students who are enrolled in the school.

If you are studying courses such as digital marketing, quality assurance, cyber security, etc., you can apply for the diploma scholarships. Get started using the link provided below.

Apply Here

6.      Toronto Film School Scholarships

Toronto Film School offers diploma scholarships to its students enrolled to take diploma courses like Film Production, Acting for Film, TV and the Theatre, Graphic & Interactive Media, Writing for Film & TV, and many others.

The scholarships can come as a creative success award, BIPOC creative achievement award, USMCA, etc. It is good to check out properly the requirements of the ones you wish to apply to. You can see the requirements on the application page.

Use the link below to apply.

Apply Here

7.      Seneca College Scholarships

Seneca College scholarships are also one of the best diploma scholarships in Canada. These scholarships and bursaries were established to help students who demonstrate financial needs, even though there are academic requirements attached such as high intellectual prowess.

To apply for the diploma scholarships, you must be enrolled to study a diploma course at the college and must be eligible to receive financial aid. Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

8.      George Brown College Scholarships

Another one of the diploma scholarships in Canada is the George brown college scholarship. It is offered to international students studying a full-time 2, 3, or 4-year diploma program at the institution, and also have a valid study permit.

Other requirements to apply are having completed a minimum of two consecutive semesters, possessing at least a GPA of 3.5 before the current semester, not being a past awardee of a scholarship through the George Brown College International Centre, etc.

Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

9.      Durham College Scholarships

Durham College, an institution located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada also offers one of the top diploma scholarships you can find in Canada. Anyone enrolled in the post-secondary college to study any of the diverse diploma courses is eligible to apply.

The award is about $8,000 for the period of the program. Use the link below to get started.

Apply Here

10.  St. Stephen’s College Scholarships

The scholarships offered by St. Stephen’s College are among the top diploma scholarships in Canada that you can apply to. They are awarded based on academic excellence, and demonstration of financial need.

To apply, you must be enrolled in a diploma program at St. Stephen’s College and must maintain a GPA of 70%.  Get started with the link provided below.

Apply Here


Now that you have seen the top diplomas in Canada that you can use to offset some cost of studying, there is no other excuse holding you from pursuing your dreams. Get the necessary documents ready and shoot in your applications.

I wish you the best of luck!