Do-Over Scholarship Application

Do you have that experience or an event you wish time could go back so you can tackle it differently? I believe we always have this encounter that could look like one of our deepest regrets and we feel if we just change it, maybe our lives would be a lot better. 

Maybe it was your time at high school when you skipped late-night study sessions, or the warnings from your parents or guardians that are now haunting your future. This experience might be begging for a “do-over,” and guess what, an organization wants to hear your story and maybe reward you if it stands out.

The Do-Over scholarship recognizes that life is not predictable, and mistakes, sometimes are inevitable, in fact, experts encourage some level of mistakes at an early age, but, sometimes these errors can make even the brightest minds stumble. By participating on this scholarship (whether you win the award or not) you might feel a bit relieved, and realize not to just dwell on your past mistakes, but to also celebrate who the mistake has made you to become, your resilience, and even your pursuit of knowledge.

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Let’s go straight on to learn a little bit about this scholarship.

Do-Over scholarship

About Do-Over Scholarship

This scholarship is worth $1,500, and it wants to try its best to help you not to dwell on past mistakes anymore. The scholarship will benefit you whether you are a high school student seeking a more fulfilling future, or even an adult passionate to return to school for a brighter path. 

It’s also worth giving credit to Unigo, the amazing creator of this scholarship, who provides cutting-edge tools, compelling content, and essential information, empowering students to make the best decisions about their college experience. Unigo understands the power of a second chance, and that everyone deserves one regardless of their position, and it understands that life happens, which led to the creation of the Do-Over scholarship.

Now you’ve learned a little bit about the scholarship, let’s see some of the requirements before you can apply.

Do-Over Scholarship Requirement

Before you apply, ensure to meet these requirements:

  • You must be a student of the United States
  • Must be a legal U.S. resident
  • Must be a resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia
  • Must be 14 years of age or older at the time of application.

Once you meet these requirements you can apply, regardless of academic merit or financial need. You should ensure the to follow directions and submit applications that are well-written and clearly and creatively address the topic. 

On or about September 30th, a qualified panel of judges will select one potential winner based on the criteria of writing ability (25%), creativity (25%), originality (25%), and overall excellence (25%). 

In case there was a tie or draw, the potential winner would be the applicant with the higher score for overall excellence. 

Current employees, officers, directors, and agents of the sponsor and its related companies and members of their immediate families (defined as spouses, parents, siblings, and children) and persons residing at the same address are not eligible to apply.

How To Apply For The Do-Over Scholarship

To apply for the Do-Over scholarship, you need to either register at Unigo or Log in if you’ve already registered before. To register you need to choose whether you’re a student, parent, or a counselor.

You have to choose your or your child’s education level, name, email, password, address, gender, and phone to register.

GoTranscript Scholarship Award Amount

Unigo will award $1,500 worth of scholarship to one outstanding applicant, but the scholarship won’t be renewed in the following years. The fund will come in the form of a check made payable to the accredited postsecondary institution of higher education attended by the recipient. 

Additional Considerations

Once you’re eligible, you now know that your essay is the only thing standing between winning or not winning this $1,500 scholarship. So make sure you properly narrate the specific event you want to “do over” in your essay. It’s important to narrate what actually went wrong, why it’s the experience you would love to change, and how it impacted your education pursuit.

You should also explain what you have learned so far from the mistake, and how it has reshaped your willingness to succeed.

And, don’t forget to proofread meticulously, ensure there are no grammar or typo errors, this will show your attention to detail and how professional you are.

Also don’t forget to submit your application before the deadline – June 30 – and submitting early enough will help avoid last-minute rush.

Key Takeaway

The truth remains that the Do-Over scholarship doesn’t offer a mind-blowing scholarship amount, but the impact is beyond the price. Participating in it is like reminding yourself how you have survived and how there is a second chance for your growth. This also means that even if you didn’t win, just participating has helped you to confront your past and even acknowledge your growth.

Participating also helps to rekindle your flame for education, and all these remain invaluable assets in your education.

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