17 Accounting Scholarships in Canada

Accounting can never be ignored in any business especially the big brands, whether it’s the tech, construction, finance companies, or even the government. With accounting it’s so impossible for proper management in the business, and there will always be poor decision-making.

However, not everyone venturing into accounting has the necessary financial support to undertake that journey.

Fortunately, just like there are program-related scholarships like nursing, computer science, mechanical engineering, and law, there are also a handful of accounting scholarships in Canada.

Over the decades, Canada has been one of the best countries to study most programs, and this could be traced to their world-class educational system, quality of living, and their welcome to international students. Also, they provide several kinds of scholarships including for first year, post-grad, and even soccer for those skillful in the world of soccer.

Without much ado, let’s get started with these scholarships.

accounting scholarships in Canada

Accounting Scholarships in Canada

Before we get into these scholarships, it’s worth noting that every dollar counts; even smaller bursaries can significantly ease your financial burden.

1. University of Waterloo – School of Accounting & Finance PhD Scholarship

School of Accounting & Finance at the University of Waterloo provides up to 12 scholarships annually to excellent students who have been admitted to the Ph.D. program in accounting. Each scholarship is for a maximum of four years, as long as the recipient maintains a prestigious academic record.

Moreover, the amount of the scholarship can change up to the ceiling of $10,000.

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2. RSM US Foundation Scholarship

RSM US Foundation and RSM Canada LLP, a limited liability partnership that provides public accounting services, is awarding four students in Canada with a $7,500 scholarship. Also, scholars will each receive an invitation to an RSM information session.

The scholarship is for outstanding third- or fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce students majoring in Accounting, Computer Science, or Mathematics.

3. CPA PEP Scholarships

Chartered Professional Accountants Education Foundation provides three accounting scholarships in Canada to students enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program. These scholarships include;

  • David Bentley FCPA, FCA, and Janet Bentley CPA PEP Excellence Award
  • Claire Dallaire CPA, CGA, CPA PEP Encouragement Award
  • Sahar Saeidi Memorial New Canadian Award

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4. Wiley Canada Accounting Scholarship

This $1,000 accounting scholarship in Canada is awarded to a student in the two or three-year Accounting diploma program who has achieved the highest mark in the first semester courses, Introduction to Accounting at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

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5. Saint Mary’s University Accounting Scholarships

100% of Full-time faculty members of the Department of Accounting at Saint Mary’s University generously donate funds to help outstanding students with part of their education payment.

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6. Catherine E.B. Hanna Accounting Entrance Scholarships

This is among the accounting scholarships in Canada provided by the University of Waterloo to freshmen in memory of Mrs. Hanna’s support of, and interest in, accounting education. Besides the fact that students need to have excellent academic standing, students also need to have attained high levels of success in humanities subjects at the high school level.

The scholarship is worth $5,000 and doesn’t require any application because it is awarded automatically to eligible students.

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7. University of Toronto – Ernst & Young Scholarships in Commerce

This scholarship is awarded to students in the third and fourth year of a specialist program in Commerce/Accounting who have completed accounting courses. Also, the student needs to demonstrate financial need and be an Ontario resident.

The scholarship is worth $5,000.

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8. RRC Polytech Business Administration-Accounting Scholarships 

These accounting scholarships and awards provided by Red River College Polytechnic are categorized into three including;

  • Entrance Awards
  • General Awards
  • Indigenous Student Awards

Each of the scholarships provided under these categories has its own scholarship value and eligibility criteria.

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9. Telfer School of Management Accounting Scholarships 

Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa provides a plethora of scholarships and other methods of financial support to accounting, finance, and business administration students of different levels. In fact, more than 75 scholarships are available exclusively to Telfer Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) students.

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10. The KPMG Developing Potential Accounting Scholarship

This is among the accounting scholarships in Canada awarded by KPMG to an exceptional full-time university student entering their second, third, or fourth year at a Canadian academic institution. Applicants must have demonstrated academic excellence and built their leadership skills through extracurricular activities during their University career.

11. AIS Technolabs PVT – Accounting Scholarship

AIS Technolabs PVT, a pioneer in web design and development company from India, is providing this $5,000 worth of scholarship to Canadian, American, or Australian citizens. Students can either be in their first year or postgraduate.

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12. Sheridan Scholarships

Sheridan provides two kinds of financial aid for accounting international students; the International Entrance Scholarship (ranging from $500 to $2,000), and international tuition reduction.

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13. Leder School of Business Scholarships and Bursaries 

This is another Business School that provides different varieties of scholarships for students from different fields of study most especially accounting and commerce. Some of these accounting financial aid in Canada include;

  • Boessenkool Scholarship
  • Betty and Len Vogelaar Scholarship
  • Herman and Harriet Wierenga Family Memorial Scholarship

And many more

14. McCay Duff LLP Master of Accounting Scholarship 

Thanks to the generous donation of Ottawa-based accounting firm McCay Duff LLP, aspiring professional accountants can receive $2,000 worth of scholarship to further their master’s program at Sprott School of Business.

15. MacEwan University – Accounting Club Bursary

This scholarship is worth $1,000 and is awarded to only one outstanding accounting student in need of financial support. The applicant must be enrolled full-time in the Accounting and Strategic Measurement Diploma program.

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16. Niagara College Canada Entrance Scholarships 

Niagara College Canada provides different kinds of scholarships for students applying for their first term at the school, but the most current one at the moment is thr TSoM Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship is worth $3,000 and is eligible for international students who are in their final term of a diploma, advanced diploma, or certificate in General Business Management program.

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17. Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA)

The University of Toronto allows their accounting students to earn money that can be put towards their tuition fees through the MMPA program. They can earn up to $15,000 in scholarships and up to $15,000 per paid co-op work term

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Key Takeaway

On your scholarship application journey,  you should take it as a marathon and not a sprint. So there is a need to start early, research thoroughly, and tailor your applications to each opportunity.

But in a situation where you are enrolling in a new school, then you might not bother about applying for their scholarships because most of them are automatically awarded once you’re found eligible.

Don’t be afraid to apply for multiple scholarships – after all, increasing your chances of success is what it’s all about.

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