14 Eating Disorder Scholarships & How to Apply

Truth be told, having any form of disorder is not easy whether a minimal disorder or a critical one, some disorders have remedies and can be recovered from them with the right help, while some are for a lifetime. Fortunately, eating disorders are one of those you can recover from with the right professional help.

Sadly, the treatment cost of doing this, when not covered by health insurance can be so expensive that some people might have no other option but to live with it. The worst side of living with it is that even though “eating” is attached to the name, it’s more than that, it’s more of a mental health condition which in some cases can lead to serious health consequences and sadly may lead to death if not treated.

In fact, ED is so terrible that it’s categorized among the deadliest mental illnesses.

The best news is that there are some eating disorder scholarships that should spark some hope in this scenario. There are still some other mental health scholarships like mental health counseling scholarships or even free funds for those living with cerebral palsy.

Moreover, if you’re among those who would want to major or minor in Eating Disorders, we still provide some Scholarships that can help to reduce your academic expenses. 

eating disorder scholarships

Eating Disorder Scholarships for Treatment

1. Kirsten Haglund Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship was created due to the first-hand experience Miss America, Kirsten had while travelling around the country, the bright side was that she saw some people who recovered from ED. The not-so-good part was the cost of the professional help without health insurance.

The KHF raise funds to help eligible applicants with scholarships for treatment. 

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2. EDRS Treatment Assistance

Eating Disorder Recovery Support (EDRS), an NGO that is based in Northern California is another foundation that was built to provide resources to help those with ED receive treatment and also recover. Applicants must be California residents with financial need for treatment, and eligible candidates will receive $2,000 each.

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3. Manna Scholarship Fund 

This is another NGO that is committed to providing funds to men and women who need financial help in treating their eating disorders. Also, they don’t only provide assistance but they also treat, research and educate the masses through different platforms.

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4. Moonshadow’s Spirit, Inc.

In memory of Jennifer Mathiason, an inspirational figure who recovered from ED and continued to help others like her through support and advice online, Moonshadow’s Spirit, Inc. was created. The fund will help those with eating disorders who are in need of professional help but can’t afford the cost.

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5. Project Heal – Cash Assistance Program

Project Heal discovered the exorbitant cost of ED treatment, and even those with insurance still have high deductibles they have to pay out-of-pocket. So it provides eating disorder scholarships which is a one-time cash assistance to those with financial need for treatment.

Sometimes their help goes as far as covering travelling costs and other tertiary expenses associated with getting a treatment.

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6. Toledo Center for Eating Disorder – Kally Scholarship

This is another scholarship that was created by a former ED patient who recovered and understands how high the cost of treatment can be. The Kally Scholarship is exclusively for those who have already started their ED treatment journey at Toledo Center but along the way, ran out of funds.

The scholarship is awarded four times annually and it’s equivalent to $5,000 of treatment cost per recipient.

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7. Mary Rose Foundation ED Treatment Scholarship

Based on the financial experience Julie Allen’s parents had while they were treating her ED when she was young, she created this foundation to help some individuals pay for their treatment. They provide an average scholarship worth $5,000 two times per year which might not pay the whole cost but will go a long way to easing the financial burden.

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8. Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation

This is among the treatment scholarships for eating disorders provided to those who want to recover but are financially held back. Applicants of this scholarship must not have any medical insurance or they are underinsured, which means that their medical insurance won’t cover the major cost of ED treatment.

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Eating Disorder Scholarships for Education

9. The Reflections Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Looking Glass Foundation to students who have eating disorders and have the courage and strength to face it as well as their undying pursuit of education. Scholarships worth $10,000 are awarded annually, which is split among eligible candidates, and one outstanding recipient will receive an extra Elise Skoglund Bursary of $1,500.

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10. MEDA Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) provides eating disorder scholarships to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The scholarship is worth between $500 to $5,000 which scholars can use to offset part of their tuition, accommodation, books, trips, or other living expenses.

You don’t need to be a U.S. citizen to apply, but you must reside in one of the 50 states in the country.

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11. AED Scholarships and Grants

The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) provides 4 travel eating disorder scholarships for professionals who are currently under-represented in the AED to attend an in-person International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED). It also provides travel scholarships for students, early career investigators, and clinical trainees to attend an in-person ICED.

In addition, they provide other scholarships, and student research grants too.

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12. KMB for Answers

Even though the non-profit organization was created out of memory of someone, it has a sad story behind it, Katlyn Mary Bennett is the patient here, but unfortunately, she died on June 23, 2013, after a long struggle with anorexia – an eating disorder – at the age of 25. Their scholarship is focused on professional development opportunities for clinicians and

mental health professionals seeking opportunities to learn more about eating disorders. 

These eating disorder scholarships will reimburse $500 for professional training.

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13. ANZAED Scholarships & Prizes

The Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) focus on professional development for ED and they provide their members with scholarships for registering for their annual conference. Some of these ED scholarships include;

  • The Australian and New Zealand Indigenous Scholarship
  • The Peter Beumont ANZAED Young Investigator Research Award
  • The Paul Foulkes ANZAED Clinician Scholarship


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14. The University of Sydney Scholarship for Eating Disorders In Weight-related Therapy (EDIT)

The University of Sydney generously offers a scholarship worth $35,000 annually to support a domestic PhD student within the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

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Key Takeaway

ED is one of the disorders that no one wishes to have because sometimes people around you might assume is your choice to be addicted to it and you can stop what you started if you want to. You should notice that most of the scholarships for EDs are coming from those who have already experienced it and recovered, just to tell you the perception people have over it.

We just hope these scholarships serve you well and help with your recovery.

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