$2.5k Honda Scholarship Application

If you are interested in acquiring an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, engineering, or other related disciplines, then do not hesitate to apply for the Honda scholarship that will be broken down and explained in this blog post.

The Honda scholarship, popularly known as the Honda Excellence in Manufacturing scholarship is a type of scholarship that is provided by the SME Education Foundation. For over 40 years, this foundation has been a leader in supporting the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent. Their scholarship program awards millions of dollars to hundreds of graduating high school seniors and current college students pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, engineering, or a related discipline.

With more than 60 distinct scholarship programs, the Foundation provides merit and need-based scholarships, issues renewing and one-time awards, and seeks applications from all eligible students, including but not limited to young women and underrepresented communities. The Foundation has awarded 18 million to over 5,000 future industry leaders since 2005 and awards nearly a million dollars in scholarships each year.

It is worthy of note that apart from the honda scholarship that will be discussed here, we have written other scholarship articles that might interest you like the Taylor Swift scholarship that is provided by the fans of Taylor Swift who are avid listeners of his 1989 music album. You can also apply for the Burger King scholarship that is provided by the Burger King Foundation, a multinational restaurant chain. The Honda scholarship will now be added to the list. Keep reading to get more information about this scholarship.  Before we go on with the process of applying for the Honda Scholarship, let me take you through a quick guide on how to find and apply for scholarships in general.

 A Quick Guide to Find & Apply for Scholarships

With the guide below, searching for scholarships will become very easy.

1. Find Scholarships on Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scholarships to Study Abroad is a site with a large database of information on various scholarships from different parts of the world. Everyone has free access to find, apply, and win scholarships abroad and in their home country when they use Scholarships to Study Abroad. There is information featuring scholarships from various organizations which are updated regularly.

For example, if you are a Canadian student looking for scholarships to study in Canada, you should make use of Scholarship to Study Abroad to gain access to free information on a wide range of scholarship opportunities in Canada. When you click on the link, you will land on a page displaying all published blog posts on scholarships in Canada, and each of the articles features various Canadian scholarships with information on their specific requirements, eligibility criteria, deadlines, application links, and helpful tips to win scholarships.

You will also find scholarships relating to your interests, hobbies, physical appearance, and so on. For instance, if you love writing or crocheting as a hobby, there are scholarships for writers or scholarships for crocheting that you can apply for and be selected to receive free money for college

2. Contact the Financial Aid Office of your Prospective or Current Post-Secondary Institution

The post-secondary institution you want to attend or currently attending is another very important place to look for scholarships. All post-secondary institutions whether it is a college, university, or trade school, usually have a financial aid office. This is the department that is responsible for assessing scholarship applications, providing information on scholarships, and disbursing scholarships to successful students/applicants.

You can contact the financial aid office of your current or prospective school through email, telephone, or in-person visit to inquire about all available scholarships, and you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to progress.

With the information you get you will know which scholarships you can qualify for, maybe an automatic entrance scholarship, in-course scholarship, or a university-wide scholarship based on the eligibility criteria of the scholarships, and begin to apply for them.

The financial aid office will even provide you with information on available external scholarships that you may qualify for and use the funds to study at that school. If you are not given the information, request it. Looking for scholarships at your prospective or current institution is the most convenient place to look for scholarships that you qualify for.

3.     Speak to your High School Counsellor or College Professor

This secret is ideal for high school seniors who want to pursue post-secondary education after high school. A very important person to speak with in your school concerning your future ambitions is your guidance counselor

Inquire about scholarships from your guidance counselor, they usually have information on these financial aid matters, and if they don’t have it at the moment, they have the right source to speak with and get information then provide them to you. So, ask about the various scholarships available in your school district and high school community and how you need to shape yourself to be eligible for the awards.

College students should also speak with their professors about their interest in applying for scholarships.

4.     Explore Local & National Foundations, Religious Organizations, Businesses, Civic Groups, Clubs, and Community Organizations in different Countries.

Universities and colleges are not the only sources of scholarships, businesses, NGOs, charity foundations, individuals, private corporations, communities, religious groups, professional and social associations, etc. also provide scholarships many of which even go unclaimed annually because a lot of students are not looking there but you know now, so, start looking.

These other sources that I have mentioned are great places to look for scholarships, and you will be surprised just how many scholarships you will find from these sources. From the place you work and the charities you admire to the companies where you shop and restaurants where you go to eat, ask them about scholarships.

Also, look for scholarships in organizations or companies that relate to the field of interest you want to study like a professional association, organizations based around your ethnicity and/or your religion, and your employer or parent’s employers. There are even more scholarships at these places but because they are not well advertised, therefore they go unclaimed year after year. You just might just get lucky to get one.

honda scholarship

How to apply for the Honda scholarship

The Honda scholarship applications are accepted annually from November 1  to February 1. By submitting one application, you will be considered for every scholarship for which you are eligible. Awards range from $2,500 – $20,000. Below are details on application requirements and information on how to register an account.

Register and Create Your Scholarship Account

  • To apply for this scholarship program, you must first create an account. Click here to register.
  • By registering for an account, you’ll be able to apply for a scholarship as soon as the application process opens on November 1.
  • Your registration will also prompt automatic reminder emails that notify you when you can apply between November 1 and February 1 each year.

Eligibility Criteria for the Honda Scholarship

The basic criteria for the Honda scholarship consideration are as follows;

  • Graduating high school senior or current college student (associate or bachelor’s)
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Pursuing an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree in manufacturing, engineering, or related discipline. Click here for a list of qualifying majors.
  • Attending an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada
  • Permanent resident or citizen of the United States, Canada, or possess a student visa
  • Full-time or part-time student

As part of the application process, students must also submit the following documents:

  • Student Statement
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • STEM Course List
  • Recommendation Letters
  • FAFSA Submission Summary

Register Now


All the information you need about this Honda scholarship has been mentioned already. The application process is quite easy, so you can start applying when the date for the next application opens.

You can also apply for other scholarships to get more scholarship funds. The recommendation section below offers you resources for a host of other scholarships that you may be eligible for, so check them out.