$100K McDonald’s Scholarship Application

Do you know McDonald’s offers scholarships? Yes, the very same iconic fast food chain, McDonald’s, and this scholarship is worth a lot of money. All the information on McDonald’s scholarships is provided below.

Is it surprising to you that McDonald’s provides scholarships? Well, it didn’t come as a surprise to me because I have always known that government universities and colleges are not the only providers of scholarships and also because I had featured the McDonald’s scholarship among a list of annually offered scholarships for Hispanic students in high school I published some time ago.

Wait a minute! I hope you have not always thought that the government and higher institutions are the only providers of scholarships. Because if you do, you are going to miss out on a whole lot of scholarship opportunities some of which, surprisingly, could be right in front of you.

Know this now; scholarships come from a variety of sources including but not limited to private corporations, religious groups, individuals, NGOs, and professional and social associations.

McDonald’s is not the only restaurant with scholarships, Burger King also has its scholarship, and if you just click here, you will learn all about it and how to apply. There are also 11 other scholarships from the National Restaurant Association which are also offered every year.

As a high school senior with an intent to go to college, the McDonald’s scholarship brings you the opportunity to receive thousands of dollars to support your college education but you have to meet the criteria before applying. The criteria for the McDonald’s scholarship will also be provided in this guide but before you get into that, you should learn some relevant things about this scholarship.

McDonald's scholarship

About McDonald’s Scholarship

Firstly, the McDonald’s Scholarship is also known as the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship, so if you see where I used them interchangeably, it means the same thing.

The McDonald’s HACER National Scholarships was established in 1985 and continues to offer millions of dollars annually to Hispanic students going to college. Through this scholarship, over 17,000 Hispanic students have received more than $33 million to support their college education and you could be next, as long as you adhere to the scholarship instructions and satisfy the criteria, you should be selected.

Every year, 30 outstanding Hispanic students across the country receive the McDonald’s scholarship, providing them with educational opportunities to help narrow the gap that exists for Hispanic college-bound students.

Every scholarship out there is established for a purpose, and the purpose of the McDonald’s scholarship is to help students from Hispanic communities achieve their educational and career ambitions.

Note that the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship is an annual scholarship, which means it is open for application once a year for interested students to apply and the award for that year is given. The applications are usually open in the Fall.

How Much is McDonald’s Scholarship?

McDonald’s scholarship has three (3) tiers of funds to assist students finance their higher education. these tiers are:

Tier 1

Recipients in tier 1 are awarded up to $100,000

Tier 2

Recipients in tier 2 receive $20,000 or $10,000

Tier 3

Recipients in tier 3 receive $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria for McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship

Are you interested in applying for the McDonald’s scholarship? If you are, then check the eligibility criteria below to know if the scholarship is right for you:

  • You are a high school senior
  • You have at least one parent of Hispanic/Latino heritage
  • A legal US resident, US citizen, or DREAMER/DACA recipient
  • Below 21 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 2.8 GPA
  • You are eligible to attend an accredited post-secondary institution like a college, university, or vocational/technical school with a full-time course of study.
  • You will disclose other scholarship programs that you have applied for
  • You will enroll and attend an accredited institution in the academic year after your selection (verification needed, as scholarship funds are paid directly to the schools)

Do you meet every last one of these criteria? Then proceed to the next stage.

Materials Required to Apply for McDonald’s Scholarship

Below is a list of all the documents and materials you will need to apply for this scholarship:

  • Transcript
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation to be submitted online
  • List of community service projects
  • Due to FAFSA delays, the FAFSA Student Aid Index (SAI) is no longer required during the initial application process. If you are selected as a semi-finalist, you will be required to provide your FAFSA Submission Summary. In preparation for semi-finalist decisions, complete your FAFSA application.
  • Please note: If you were unable to submit your initial scholarship application due to the FAFSA Student Aid Index (SAI), your application has been submitted by ISTS on your behalf. It is your responsibility to check your ISTS Home Page to ensure the application is marked ‘Complete.’

No essay is required for the McDonald’s scholarship to apply, you just need to provide the materials outlined above.

The application is equally easy. You just head to the official scholarship website, fill out the online scholarship form, and submit the documents outlined above.

Helpful Tips

  • Start gathering your documents for the scholarship early so that you can apply early.
  • Review your application before you submit
  • Get a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you, best it be from your teacher or employer.
  • The higher your GPA, the better. So, strive for a GPA higher than the recommended 2.8.


This wraps up the details on the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarships, it is clear, concise, and straightforward.

If you open the website to apply and you find out that the application is closed, don’t worry, it should open in the Fall so you may want to bookmark that page on your browser and when it’s Fall, the application opens, you will be among the first to send an application.

The earlier you apply, the better.