Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship Application

The Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship is one of the recent scholarships sponsored by Hyundai Motor America, through its agent INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE and Administered by The University Network. 

The world is now realizing the need to close the gender gap in so many professions, this has made them provide scholarships exclusively for women. Some of them include Female Agricultural Scholarships, helicopter pilot scholarships for women, and others.

Hyundai also intends to reduce this gap, but its focus is on women pursuing careers in STEM fields such as engineering, mobility, and autonomous driving. 

Hyundai women in STEM scholarship

Why it is Important to Encourage Women in STEM with Scholarships

  • There are not enough females in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, scholarships specifically for ladies will encourage more of them into the field.
  • Because there are a lot of men competing for opportunities in the STEM field, scholarships specifically for only women in STEM will help to reduce the pressure of this competition on female folks.
  • One of the major reasons to participate in the Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship is because of the price to win. 
  • Secondly, winners will become faces of some of the sponsor’s promotions. And, becoming one of the faces Hyundai will use to promote its future scholarships will improve your self-image.

What is the Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship About?

This scholarship is provided by Hyundai Motor America and it’s meant for women pursuing higher education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Also, the scholarship is awarded annually to 5 undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited university in the U.S.

Scholarship Requirements

Besides the fact you need to be identified as female to be eligible for this scholarship, you also need to be

  • Legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia 
  • A high school senior or current undergraduate student
  •  At least 18 years of age, or 16 years of age with the consent of a parent and/or legal guardian.

What is the Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship Worth?

There are Five (5) scholarships available, and each winner will receive the amount of US $10,000 to be used for tuition, fees, books, and other educational expenses payable to each winner’s school, for the benefit of the winner’s education expenses.

How to Apply for the Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship

There is one entry per person, which means you can’t apply twice. For you to apply, you need to;

  • Write an essay of 500 words or more on the journey you will take to promote a positive shift toward sustainability in your chosen STEM field.
  • Place your essay in a Google doc, with your name and year in a university program at the top.
  • Submit your application through the online form and remember to include a link to your essay.
  • Entries must:
    • Be original to you and not previously published or submitted to any other contest, sweepstakes, or promotion (and you must own or control the copyright to your Entry and have sufficient rights to submit the work to this Scholarship Contest and to grant permission to the Sponsor to use the Entry 
    • Be suitable for general audiences and not offensive, obscene, defamatory, or illegal; and 
    • Not contain any personally-identifiable information of any person other than yourself nor violate the rights of others or any applicable law.

There are 4 categories for choosing the winners

  • Category 1: Thoughtfulness of response – Fifty percent (50%)
  • Category 2: Relevance to the question – Thirty percent (30%)
  • Category 3: Quality of composition – Fifteen percent (15%)
  • Category 4: Grammatical accuracy – Five percent (5%)
  • In the case of a tie, winner submissions will be selected based on their thoughtfulness of response and relevance to the question, as compared to the other finalists. 


The odds of winning this scholarship depend on the quality and number of eligible candidates received.

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