10 In-Demand Jobs In Canada For International Students

Marketing managers, electricians, and welders are among the in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. If you wish to remain in Canada to work after graduation, then consider studying a course or learning a skill that is related to one of these in-demand jobs.

One of the major reasons why many people want to study abroad is to seek greener pastures and it is also an advantage as well. When you study a valuable degree program in a country like the United States, Australia, the UK, or Canada you can start working there and become a permanent resident after some time. Thus, your quest for seeking greener pastures has been successfully accomplished.

Pursuing an academic degree program in another country as an international student is costly. Compared to citizens, international students pay twice or over in tuition fees for the getting the same academic quality as a domestic student. So, you may want to study for a degree that is absolutely worth it so that it can yield better rewards for your educational investment.

In essence, study a valuable degree program that can get you a high-paying job as soon as you graduate and may even help you in becoming a permanent resident of the country you studied. There are professions that are in demand, seek degree programs that lead to such professions and study them. Doing this will make you become one of the most sought-after professionals in that industry and you will be smiling home with a huge paycheck every month.

In this article, I have highlighted and discussed the most in-demand jobs in Canada for international students to make the money spent studying abroad and their pursuit of greener pastures be worth it. These jobs can be your ticket to easily and quickly get a “Green Card” in Canada which happens to be among the best places in the world to live. The country offers a myriad of opportunities for residents and non-residents alike to explore.

The academic quality of Canadian universities is among the best in the world plus there is an abundance of job opportunities and offer a great atmosphere to successfully build your own business.

Can I Work In Canada As An International Student?

Yes, you can work in Canada as an international student. However, you are only permitted to work no more than 20 hours per week. Working more than the stipulated period of time is a violation of your study permit conditions which can land you in serious trouble with the authorities and could lead to the loss of your student status, or worse, be deported back to your home country.

Requirements To Work In Canada As An International Student

That’s right, there are certain criteria that you must meet before you can get a work permit as an international student in Canada. The following are the requirements to work in Canada as an international student:

  • You must be enrolled in a full-time academic program at a designated learning institution, this may be college or vocational school.
  • Your program of study is at least 6 months long and leads to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • You have started studying
  • You have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
in-demand jobs in Canada for international students

Top In-Demand Jobs In Canada For International Students

There are over a million job openings in Canada and thanks to the Canadian Governments commitment to attracting talented immigrants, international students can work in the country after completing their education. So, if you are aspiring to study abroad in Canada or you want to switch careers, then consider doing a degree that will lead you to one of the in-demand jobs in Canada so that you have a better opportunity of working and live in Canada after graduation.

Searching for an in-demand job in Canada for international students on your own can be a daunting task, this article has made it easier by conducting the research for you and has shared the information here. This way, you simply need to read through and go for the options that suit you best.

Without any further ado, let’s get into these in-demand jobs.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Welder
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Electrician
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Web Developer

1.       Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a professional responsible for the development, implementation, and execution of strategic marketing plans for a company. They also ensure that the company’s product meets the right target audience by making use of market data, conducting surveys, and analyses. Marketing managers are in high demand in Canada, especially in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan provinces.

To become a marketing manager, you will need to have an MBA in marketing or in marketing and sales, a Ph.D. in business administration and marketing, or a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing but to make a marketing manager with that degree, then you must have had many years of work experience. The annual salary of marketing managers in Canada is between C$99,902 – C$127,001.

2.       Lawyer

Lawyers are professionals that are in demand in Canada and you can leverage this as an opportunity as a prospective international student. In Canada, lawyers are most in-demand in Manitoba and Quebec provinces. Truth is, there is always going to be a demand for lawyers and the good thing is that it cuts across all fields including business, finance, and the healthcare sectors.

To practice as a lawyer in Canada, you will either have a certificate in paralegal or a master of law (LLM) degree. Some of the best law schools in Canada include the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, the Schulich School of Law, and the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. The average salary of a lawyer in Canada is $100,568 per year according to Indeed.

3.       Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are in demand in nearly every country because thanks to their expertise, many countries are able to discover oil and gas and boost their GDP. In Canada, there is a high demand for petroleum engineers and positions are open for immigrants with a degree in the field and also international students who graduated from the program in Canada.

Some of the top petroleum engineering schools in Canada include Dalhousie University, the University of Alberta, Memorial University, the University of Calgary, and the University of Regina. The average salary of petroleum engineers in Canada is $93,246 per year.

4.       Welder

You were probably not expecting this profession to be on the list but it is one of the most in-demand professions in Canada and beyond. There are many huge manufacturing industries in Canada with welders being an important part of the manufacturing process, this makes welders always in demand.

According to Job Bank, there is an expected 17,700 job openings for welders and related machine operators between the period of 2022-2031. If you gain the right skills and experience of a welder, you too can be part of the growing demand in Canada. Becoming a welder in Canada is easy, you simply need to go to a vocational school or community college to learn the skills which takes between 6 months to 2 years to complete. The salary of welders in Canada is up to $60,031 per year.

5.       Customer Service Representative

Customer service reps are also in high demand in Canada with recent statistics showing that there will be 11,300 jobs increase in this profession between 2019 and 2028 and only 10,600 people are available to fill the roles. Thus, there will still be more vacancies for the roles and the demand for people to fill it will become higher.

This is one of the in-demand jobs in Canada for international students and an opportunity for them to permanently live and work in the country because they are filling up an important job role. The average salary of customer service reps in Canada is $54,878.

6.       Electrician

Electricians are in high demand in Canada, a survey from Job Bank shows that between the period of 2022-2031, there will be 45,600 electrician job openings and only 37,200 people will be available to fill the roles. That leaves over 8,000 electrician positions vacant to fill which will even increase the demand for electricians.

What makes electricians so in high demand in Canada?

Electricians are needed in homes, company buildings, manufacturing industries, hospitals, and other buildings which are in abundance in Canada. Thus, there is always a constant need for these professionals to ensure electrical operations are in place and they run smoothly. You can go to a vocational school in Canada to become an electrician in 2 years or less. The average salary of electricians in Canada is $33.54 per hour.

7.       Registered Nurse (RN)

A Registered Nurse is a licensed practicing nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) and it is one of the in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Truth is, nurses are in-demand in every country, they are essential for the survival of a country’s public healthcare system. So, if you come across any article that has to do with jobs in demand, nursing must be part of it.

There are thousands of vacant positions in Canada in need of nursing which has made the country turn to recruiting foreigners and international students into the field, of course, they are professional nurses. The average salary of a nurse in Canada is $72,724 per year.

8.       Sales Manager

The demand for sales managers in Canada is high and is expected to remain so in the next five years. International students with a degree, experience, or any qualification in sales can become a sales manager in Canada but priority will be given to those with a related master’s degree or with over 5 years of work experience in sales. The average salary of a sales manager in Canada is $85,529 per year.

9.       Human Resources Manager

This article should already give you a hint that HRM is in high demand in Canada and this is because of their role. HRM is responsible for recruiting and overseeing the administrative functions of an organization. This means that, for you to enter any of the professions on this list, you must go through an HRM who will interview and assess you before giving you the job. With each profession listed here having over a thousand job openings, the demand for HRM will only continue to go up.

If you want to become a HRM, then you should get an MBA with a specialization in Human Resources or a Graduate Certificate in HRM, or have a related undergraduate degree with years of relevant work experience. The national average salary of HRM in Canada is $86,620 per year.

10.   Web Developer

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System reports, web developers are in high demand in Canada. This demand is due to the fact that businesses want to have websites and have an online presence to reach target audiences across the world and it is only web developers that have the skills and expertise to build a website.

You can become a web developer by taking an online web development course or attending a community college or a vocational institution to learn the skills. Web developers in Canada earn an average salary of $70,000 per year.

These are the top 10 in-demand jobs in Canada for international students, you can go ahead to study courses that are related to these professions in Canada and work in the country after graduation. The country also recruits foreigners with these in-demand skills due to the high demand for the professions.