10 Happiest Jobs in the Medical Field

The medical field is usually seen as a strenuous work-life, where these professionals usually receive emergency calls for a long-hour task, there still exists several times of happiness, joy, and a sense of satisfaction.

The truth is, lots of people have a totally different meaning to what they describe as “happiness,” someone might say, ‘If I’m been paid well for what I specialized on it makes me happy,’ another might say, ‘whenever I see the quick recovery of my patients it’s a million dollar payment,’ another might even derive joy from performing surgery or the money. 

But, that doesn’t mean there is no general acknowledgment of the happiest jobs in the medical field, of what most humans could agree is what made them all happy. While pursuing any of these fields, we would advise you to get some necessary scholarships like awards to study medicine and surgery or even grab some scholarships that lots of people ignore.

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happiest jobs in the medical field

Happiest Jobs in the Medical Field

Each person has their definition of happiness, but we chose these fields based on what most medical professionals are saying.

1. Pediatricians

One of the reasons most practicing pediatricians are happy regarding their profession is because of their work with children and their families. First of all, a pediatrician specializes in the treatment of infants, children, young adults, and adolescents.

Most pediatrics already have a natural affection towards children, so it’s easier for them to enjoy their work while treating a child, helping a young adult overcome illness, and especially watching their growth. It kind of has a sense of satisfaction, and they even go further to build relationships with their patients.

However, it’s not all that fun always, there are still sad and teary moments when they see their kid patients dying of sickness, not responding to treatment, or having little chance of survival. But that still doesn’t stop them from understanding their worth to the children’s world.

Moreover, Pediatricians are compensated hugely for their commitment to kids, their average salary is $170,000 annually.

2. Obstetrics

An Obstetrician is a medical doctor that takes care of pregnant women, helps them to deliver their kids, and provides the right medical treatment to ensure both mother and the kid(s) are healthy. Now here’s what makes this one of the happiest jobs in the medical field, most Obstetricians get joy from bringing new life to our world, there’s this sense of fulfillment when they see the baby cry for the first time when they see the mother carry their baby, and even when other family members come to celebrate with them.

Regardless of this satisfaction, Obstetricians are still paid well for their effort, their average salary is $208,000.

3. Gynecology

I know we should put Obstetrics and Gynecology together, but the happy moments of these two jobs can differ based on the medical doctor’s perspective and value. Well, a Gynecologist is a medical doctor that focuses on the reproductive system of a woman.

A Gynecologist gets satisfied when they can make a significant impact on the well-being of women, and they even build strong relationships with their patients. They can still partake in the giving birth of children, thereby celebrating the new life.

Also, they are hugely rewarded for their commitment, their average salary is $308,000.

4. Physical Therapist

This is one of the happiest jobs in the medical field that concentrates on the recovery of patients, or helping them to improve their quality of life. The definition on its own speaks volumes to the kind of joy these professionals get.

Seeing your patients recover has a way of satisfying our natural human love for one another, and working in a field that only focuses on patient improvement can always make you walk home smiling.

Even though their average salary might not be as high as others ($95,620) it’s still among the happiest professions in the medical field.

5. Psychologist

A Psychologist has to listen to lots of patients’ traumatic events and provide possible solutions to them. The joy comes when they see that their patients are following their advice, and are recovering both mentally and emotionally.

Psychologists usually build a very long relationship with their patients because their patients are confined to them in several bad moments (maybe some good ones too).

Besides, their average salary is $103,00

6. Medical Researcher

Medical researchers might not come in contact with physical patients like most other happy jobs in the medical field, but they receive a sense of satisfaction and purpose when they are ethically involved in the discovery of new knowledge that can improve and save our lives.

Their average salary is $94,454

7. Optometrist

An Optometrist is a medical doctor that treats and diagnoses vision problems. These professionals are happy when they see their patients see more clearly which even goes further to help their patients’ daily activities.

Due to their regular monitoring of their patient’s eyes, they even build long-term relationships with them.

They are still paid well for their contribution, an average of $124,300.

8. Nurse

Nursing – of course, doesn’t need any definition – has stood out to be the underrated hero that is most needed, because they do it all. Whether it’s helping infants, being there for recovering mothers, or providing the right care for sick patients, they are just there for you. They might not be there to play a major role as the surgeon in an operation theater or the pediatrician in a room, but their simple help makes each of the other medical fields successful.

And these varying moments make them experience both very happy moments from different angles and sad moments too. And, they are respectfully paid an average of $83,000 per year.

9. Anesthesiologist

This is one of the happiest jobs in the medical field that specializes in administering anesthesia (a treatment that helps you not to feel pain) to patients. This anesthesia is mostly given before, during, and after surgery.

Their work also goes further to relieve pain from patients suffering from severe pain conditions.

One of the reasons doctors are happy with this profession is because of their ability to alleviate patients’ pains. 

However, you should expect to always get emergency calls for a long hour of work, maybe that’s one of the reasons they are compensated very well. Their average salary is $363,000.

10. Occupational Therapist

Due to disability, Trauma, or one illness or the other, some people have found it very difficult to carry out their day-to-day activities, and those are people Occupational Therapists care for. They help these set of individuals to recover and regain the skills they need for their activities and work.

Their joy mostly comes when they see their once-was-disabled patient recovering or even perfectly running their daily activities like nothing ever happened. They are also happy when they see their disabled patient, even though they might not completely recover, but they have learned to mentally adapt and move on with their lives without giving so much concern about their physical state.

Moreover, they are paid an average of $85,000 for their effort.


One thing we would love to emphasize is that these happiest jobs in the medical field are based on general knowledge by some team of experts. But each person also has their own individual perception and understanding of happiness. Needless to say, each person’s happiness is caused by their value, dream, interest, etc.

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