15 Colleges that Waive Math Requirements

Did you know there are some colleges that waive math requirements, which enables you to get admission without the worry of your math score being reviewed?

Regardless of how important math is, the truth remains that not all students love or even have good grades in it. In fact, it gives so many students concern and in some worst-case scenarios, it has appeared to be one of the stumbling blocks to some students’ admission.

Fortunately, not all colleges consider your maths score, some of them usually choose alternative subjects or programs. Most of these colleges demand your high school diploma, so it’s wise to learn how to get it, or even take advantage of some online high school diploma if you’re an adult.

In this article we’ll see those colleges that can ignore maths requirements, so let’s get started.

colleges that waive math requirements

Colleges that Waive Math Requirements

1. Hampshire College

Hampshire College is not so old compared to some other colleges that waive math requirements we’ll list here, but they are widely recognized for their alternative to education. They moved beyond the generic pattern of learning to create an education that the misfit can be welcomed.

Their approach made them able to allow some students to waive Math or even substitute it with alternative courses. I believe their pattern of education has helped to create some amazing changemakers in the world such as;

  • Lupita Nyong’o: Oscar-winning actress of 12 Years a Slave, model, and writer
  • Jon Krakauer: Mountaineer and bestselling author of Under the Banner of Heaven


2. New College of Florida

New College of Florida is not just another college that waives math requirements they also receive high praises and rankings from the U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes. For instance, U.S. News & World Report ranked them the No. 5 Public National Liberal Arts College.

Since they follow a liberal art curriculum, it makes it easy for students to waive or in some cases substitute maths requirements.

3. Sarah Lawrence College

This is also another liberal art college, it was founded in 1926, and one of the interesting things is that it has among the top leading liberal art colleges in the United States. Within its 50 undergraduate disciplines, the school gives its students the advantage to explore multiple areas of specialization.

This also allows students to shun math requirements.

Another amazing thing is that the school adapts to a very small-class-size concept – student-to-teacher ratio of 1:10 – to even make it more interesting the classes mostly occur around a roundtable.

4. Bennington College

Bennington College is one of the few colleges where the faculty does a lot of caring for their students. And here’s what the numbers say, 95% of Bennington students said that faculty encouraged them to pursue their goals, compared to 22% of graduates nationally.

Due to their flexible education towards maths requirements, students may choose alternative coursework or projects.

5. Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College believes in allowing students to chart their own courses and forge a brighter future for themselves and the world. This has made them tailor their fields of study to the interest of the students, they even have 11 pre-planned paths.

Speaking of math requirements, ignoring it completely depends on the program path you’re choosing in this college.

6. Prescott College

This is one of the colleges that waive math requirements for some courses and projects. They also go further to provide small-sized classes, which help you to easily interact with your teachers, and even build better relationships with them.

7. University of Arizona

To abstain from maths requirements in the University of Arizona you’ll need to choose some programs like Arts & Media, Communication & Journalism, Environment & Sustainability, etc. Besides allowing students to choose alternative programs for maths requirements, the school is also known globally for its leadership, scholarship, and service by world-renowned academic societies and programs.

8. Bard College

This is among the colleges that allow students to waive math requirements or substitute them through non-maths majors. Bard College is another private college that offers liberal arts education.

They also provide programs in divisions of arts such as architecture, art history & visual culture, dance, film and electronic arts, music, photography, studio arts, and theater and performance.

9. Beloit College

This is among the liberal arts colleges that give students options to choose a flexible curriculum. The school is known for its diversity which even made them receive the award of the most diverse college in Wisconsin.

Even though maths is among their general admission requirements, they still consider some students that didn’t perform well in traditional mathematics and decided to give room to alternative options.

10. Pitzer College

Pitzer College offers minors and majors that can allow you to avoid maths requirements. Also, the school is one of the top-ranking liberal arts and sciences college

11. Reed College

Reed College is one of the coeducational, independent liberal arts and sciences colleges that waive math requirements. The student-to-faculty ratio of this college is amazingly small, that is 9:1, which makes it very easy for lecturers to mentor and be up-to-date with the progress of their students.

12. Antioch College

Antioch College even reduced its student-to-faculty ratio even further to a small size of 7:1. The college also has a high admittance rate of 72% and allows all students to design their own major, which is the best way to avoid mathematics requirements.

13. Goddard College

For the nearly 150 years since Goddard College was established, they believe that each person is unique and that their experience and education are intricately linked. This has made them ensure that each student works with faculty to direct their studies according to their personal and professional interests, goals, gifts, and desires.

14. Warren Wilson College

Though Warren Wilson College is in a small, lovely community, with a small number of students (825 to be precise) it has also been made to provide  small-sized classes which improve learning. They provide 44 programs of study that you can mix and match to your interest.

15. Naropa University

This is among the colleges that ignore mathematics requirements that believe education shouldn’t be just about acing tests or memorizing facts—but should also help cultivate wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all.


You should know that these colleges that waive math requirements we have listed are still subject to change, it’s necessary you visit their official website and verify their individual requirements to ensure mathematics can be waived off.

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