5 Kpop Scholarships To Apply & Alternatives

Kpop, otherwise known as Korean Pop, originated from South Korea, and since then has been a vibrant genre of music. If you’re a Kpop fan you will definitely agree with me that it’s not just a usual genre; the dance routines, breathtaking melodies, infectious tunes, elaborate music videos, dedicated fandoms, etc, all bring out the beauty of it.

There is also a way it connects to the entire world together, whether it’s when you are listening to the anthems of BTS, the melodious performance of BLACKPINK, or breathtaking sound from TWICE, or any other artist. It’s very interesting how it can blend with various genres whether it’s traditional Korean music, R&B, rock, pop, hip-hop, or even electronic.

If you are a die-hard fan of K-pop or an aspiring dancer, then there are possibilities that you can turn your passion into something worthwhile. There are now some Kpop scholarships that will help boost your enthusiasm and make learning the genre more fun.

Moreover, if your desire for the Kpop scholarship is for academic pursuit, then you should also take advantage of other South Korean scholarships or if you love the bible and are fascinated by the teachings, you can also dive deeper into theological studies scholarships in Korea. Meanwhile, some very interesting universities in the country will provide excellent education whether to their citizens or international students.

In this blog, you won’t only see some of these scholarships for K-pop enthusiasts, but also why you need to go deeper into this genre.

kpop scholarships

Kpop Scholarships

1. Bold.org – Ultimate K-Pop Stan Scholarship

Bold.org created this K-pop scholarship not just for individuals captivated by the music but also for those joining as part of a worldwide movement; the movement of joining other K-pop enthusiasts and artists to shape global culture, break language barriers, to promote a sense of unity and identity.

In this essay contest, bold.org wants to know that K-Pop group or artist that makes your heart soar. You shouldn’t just be blown away by their musical talent, but their ability to influence and inspire.

The interesting thing is that regardless of your education level, you can apply for this Kpop scholarship as long as you have a genuine appreciation for K-pop and its influence on the world.

It’s worth noting that only one recipient is chosen to win the $500 scholarship, and early application is recommended because the earlier you submit your application, the better your chances of being considered. The scholarship is awarded annually, and the deadline to apply is August 15th.

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2. Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) Scholarships

KASF Scholarships are not exclusively for passionate K-pop fans or dancers, but scholarships provided to qualified Korean American students (including foreign students from Korea). Speaking of dancers, there are several dance scholarships for passionate and talented dancers.

KASF scholarship is solely for students in a full-time program in the U.S. during the scholarship application year. The scholarship also considers students who are interested in Korean culture and entertainment like K-pop.

Non-Koreans can also benefit from this scholarship when there are extra funds. Also, descendants of American veterans who served during the Korean War may qualify for scholarships (applicable to selective regions).

Recipients will be awarded between $500 to $5,000. Applicants need to demonstrate financial need, have good academic performance, participate in either community service or extracurricular activities or both, plus other criteria like essay, and recommendations to qualify.

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3. Asian Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA) Scholarship

ACOPIA was established to promote communication between Japan and South Korea” and the “realization of an Asian multicultural society.” This has made them plan and run various exchange projects since its establishment in 1999.

ACOPIA scholarship opens doors to K-pop enthusiasts who want to become KPOP trainees in entertainment in Korea, you can freely get KPOP auditions and be a trainee!

Their scholarship ranges from 1,000 USD to the full amount of the ACOPIA lesson fees.

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Alternatives to Kpop Scholarships

Seeing there are very few K-pop scholarships, we thought it would be wiser to suggest some other alternatives that still fit these scholarships.

4. The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Scholarships

NAfME is a collaborative community that supports music educators and advocates for equitable access to music education. The interesting thing is that NAfME provides a handful of scholarship and grant opportunities to high school and college students involved in music education and music performance.

Another interesting thing is they categorized it into scholarships for high school juniors; high school seniors; and college students, which makes it easy for you to navigate to the right scholarship for you. Also, their scholarship resources are updated regularly, to provide a list of current K-pop-related scholarships.

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5. NYCDA Foundation College Scholarship Program

The NYCDA Foundation has a mission to empower the next generation of professional dancers by advocating education and offering scholarships for secondary and college training. The NYCDA Foundation Scholarship is not all about financial assistance, but more of hope, an opportunity for students to pursue their passion in some of the best universities.

Applicants need to be dancers in the high school graduating class of that year who are hoping to receive monies directly from the NYCDA Foundation, which will be used for tuition payments at the university dance program of their choice. The scholarship amount increases as time goes on.

Applicants also need to register to attend the NYCDA 4-day Summer Workshop and have most recently completed their Junior or Senior year in high school. NYCDA Foundation aims to award multiple 4-year college scholarships, primarily with total values of $5,000-$25,000.

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Key Takeaway

You can see there are very few Kpop scholarships out there, and even the ones available are very competitive. But that doesn’t mean you are excluded from other music-related or even general scholarships, that’s why we provided the alternatives for you.

The journey to receive any scholarship is never easy especially when lots of outstanding students are going for them, but the reward is always satisfying. So, don’t forget to apply early, cross-check your document, and make sure the piece of information you’re providing is correct.

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