UKAA Scholarship Application

UKAA (University of Karachi Alumni Association) was established to solidify support to build an Alumni Association based on sound democratic fundamentals. This also led to the establishment of their UKAA scholarship in 2004, and since then they have been able to award 1,845 scholarships to meritorious and deserving students of Karachi.

In fact, due to their mission to promote higher education in Karachi, Pakistan, they were able to also provide $58,000 to the Institute of Business Administration for the construction of

a new educational facility. 

Moreover, there are still enormous scholarships for Caribbean students or even students from the Middle East, that can help alleviate your financial burden further. We would always advise that when applying for scholarships you should limit yourself to scholarships exclusively for your needs. You are always free to apply for international financial assistance like dance scholarships if you’re exceptional in dancing, or even culinary scholarships if you love cooking.

Before we move on to showing you the requirements for the University of Karachi Alumni Association scholarship, it’s nice to know that one of UKAA’s missions is to organize and establish endowment funds and provide scholarships to deserving students in the University of Karachi and its current and previously affiliated colleges and universities.

ukaa scholarship

Requirements To Apply For the UKAA Scholarship

Here are the eligibility criteria for applying for this scholarship:

  • An awardee should not hold any other scholarship/stipend in the same year when the UKAA scholarship will be awarded to him or her.
  • The applicant must have a monthly family income of RS. 80,000 or less.
  • For Medical and Engineering institutions, the applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 3.3 out of 4.0.
  • Candidates who are already benefiting from any other scholarship are not eligible to apply.
  • Failure students are ineligible to apply.
  • A merit list will be prepared based on online data/information provided by the applicant. In case any information is found to be untrue/ misrepresented at any stage; the application process will be terminated.
  • The applicant is a current/prospective regular student of the College and University listed on the UKAA website.

Required Documents for the UKAA Scholarship

Here are the documents you’ll be required to submit when you are applying through the UKAA Scholarship portal;

  • 01 Passport size Photograph of Applicant.
  • Copy of Applicant CNIC.
  • Copy of ID Card of Institute/ College/ University.
  • Copy of All mark sheets/transcript from Matric to onward.
  • Salary Slip / Attested Income Certificate of Father’s/ Guardian’s income (available on the website).
  • Undertaking (attested by BPS-17 or above officials) provided by the UKAA scholarship selection committee (available on the website).
  • Account details (Account Title, Account No., Bank Name, etc).
  • In the case of RENEW applicants, proof of the last UKAA Scholarship awarding letter.
  • In case of missing any document, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed

How To Apply For UKAA Scholarships

Before you apply, it’s worth noting that, applicants are required to fill in the information through the online application process. You cannot request for amendment after submission of the online application. 

UKAA will not accept an incomplete online form, and you are not allowed to submit a physical form for the Scholarship.

If you are eligible, you can visit their portal to apply. Once you reach there you can either “Login,” if you already have an account with them, or “Signup,” to register. Once you’ve registered, you should go to your email to confirm and activate your account (if you didn’t find their mail in your inbox, you should check your spam box). Once you’ve registered and activated your account, you can now Login, complete your application, and upload all required documents.

You should go back to your email to confirm the successful submission.

How Much Does the UKAA Scholarship Pay

The award each recipient receives varies on different factors, some of their scholarships cover full tuition, while some are partial funding, or cover specific expenses like books and travel. Also, the committee considers your financial needs, so the lesser monthly family income you have the more money you’re likely to get.

Some scholarships still consider your academic performance, and students with better academic performance stand a chance for larger awards.

Key Takeaway

The UKAA scholarship has proven not to just be a form of financial assistance towards your education, but also one of the keys to a better career. The scholarship calls for you whether you’re a passionate freshman, or you are a vibrant returning student.

Remember, don’t be in a hurry to submit your application, make sure to cross-check everything over and over because once submitted, there is no going back, even if you made a single mistake.

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