Lighthouse Guild Scholarship

This blog post gives detailed information on the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship including requirements and how to apply for the scholarship. If you are visually impaired, this post is an eye-opener to all that the scholarship has to offer.

Visually impaired Persons are also humans and should enjoy the same rights and privileges that other people do. When it comes to scholarships, they are not excluded as numerous scholarships are made especially for them. From the article, it is already obvious that I’ll be talking extensively about the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship. Lighthouse Guild provides exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals.

What is Lighthouse Guild Scholarship?

Lighthouse Guild Scholarships are scholarships awarded based on outstanding academic performance and merit to help students who are legally blind and wish to study in a University or College.

The recipients of the scholarships are from all over the world and will be opportune to enroll in some of the world-renowned and competitive Universities.

Lighthouse Guild provides varieties of services such as

Health Care Services

In this section, we discover how their dedicated team of eye cares professionals, doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers can help meet your healthcare needs.

The health centers provide a range of services such as

  • Optometry and eye care
  • Behavioral health
  • Occupational therapy
  • Diabetes care, endocrinology, and podiatry
  • Primary care
  • Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)

As a Visually impaired Person, Healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet control and exercise, can prevent diabetes (or keep it under control) and prevent further vision loss.

Also, Therapists, optometrists, and other specialists collaborate so you can navigate through vision loss at work and in the world.

As a source of motivation, your life isn’t defined by your vision loss or blindness. Better health is the first step to reclaiming your life and living independently.

With their outstanding health care services, you can achieve good health, function, and independence.

Support Services

Lighthouse Guild offers guidance, training, and support to people who are blind or visually impaired. They help visually impaired persons have confidence, learn how to address challenges, and develop the necessary skills to live an independent life.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, helpless, or fearful about life with visual impairment. But with their friendly, compassionate staff partners with you, one-on-one, to establish and achieve your personal goals, you’ll find out that issues such as preparing for college or graduate school, searching for a job, exploring your community, and seeking a confidence boost become an easy task for you.

With their support services, a more independent life is within reach.


At Lighthouse Guild, They pride themselves in keeping up with the latest research and technological advances for people who are visually impaired.

This is the reason why they are so eager to share their knowledge through eLearning programs for professionals, educational resources for people affected by vision loss, and training in assistive and other technology.

Lighthouse Guild’s eLearning online programs enable professionals to keep up with the latest technological advances and research findings for people with vision loss. We also offer educational resources for people with vision loss and their family members.

They have specialized training for the following:

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Ophthalmology residents
  • Optometrists
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Other physicians and allied healthcare providers
  • Teachers
  • Communicators

Through their online program and educational materials, you can expand your understanding of the following areas:

  • Low vision assessment
  • The impact of vision loss on quality of life, daily activities, and emotional health
  • Low vision in older adults
  • Vision rehabilitation: what it is and how to refer patients
  • How to incorporate low vision care into clinical practice
  • Accommodating preschoolers with vision loss in the classroom
  • How to create inclusive visual materials

eLearning for Professionals

Lighthouse Guild’s eLearning online programs enable professionals to keep up with the latest technological advances and research findings for people with vision loss.

They also offer educational resources for people with vision loss and their family members.

 Online programs

Advances in care for people with vision loss are happening at an exciting pace. You can keep up with the latest findings and clinical advances on your own time and at your own pace through the online educational program offered by the Lighthouse Guild.

You will gain a better understanding of the special needs of your clients and patients with vision loss so that you can help them live more independent lives through effective care and support.

There are varieties of online programs made available for this sole purpose. They include:

Program for physicians

If you are an ophthalmologist or training to become one, this two-hour program expands your knowledge of vision loss and the vision rehabilitation process to serve patients who are visually impaired better.

It is available in English and Spanish

Program for optometrists

This one hour program covers the range of visual dysfunctions associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Program for nurses
During this one-hour program, you will learn how to recognize signs of visual impairment in your patients, talk to them about vision loss and initiate appropriate follow-up care.

Other programs are:

  • Program for social workers
  • Programs for teachers
  • Program for occupational therapists

Assistive Technology Training

In this section, visually impaired persons learn how to use the latest smart features for handheld devices, specialized computer programs, or other assistive technology—whether it’s for school, work, or everyday life.

The services to take advantage of while learning about their cutting edge innovations include:

  • Introduction to new features on personal devices you may already own
  • Instruction on PCs and laptops
  • Beta testing for new technologies
  • Evaluation and training on adaptive equipment
  • Worksite evaluation and technical assistance
  • Employer and teacher instruction

Some of the tools used to teach these onsite technologies testing include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Adaptive software
  • Mainstream software
  • Scanners for audio and visual feedback
  • Printers/embossers that produce large print and Braille
  • Braille displays
  • The video magnifier (CCTV): handheld and freestanding
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Digital audio devices to record lectures and meetings

Lighthouse Guild Assistive technology Training Remains of the UK’s best Assistive technology program for visually impaired persons.

Technology Center

Lighthouse Guild’s Technology Center is the largest and foremost premier assistive technology resource in the U.S. The Center is a hub connecting innovators and users to advance technological development for our community and beyond.

People who are visually impaired and need help using technology can come for the following programs:

  • Assessments by Lighthouse Guild experts to determine visual capacity, lifestyle, personal goals, and comfort with technology.
  • Opportunities to try out and learn how to use cutting-edge and basic technology devices.
  • Solutions such as wearable devices that convert text to speech, recognize faces and identify currency; devices that use virtual reality technology to maximize useful vision; magnifiers, CCTVs, computers, and eyeglasses.
  • Training by our experienced adaptive technology specialists and occupational therapists.
  • Devices to purchase.
  • An Optic Shop with a selection of frames.

Lighthouse Guild’s vision is a world in which no person is limited by their visual capacity.

Their technology center also provides a special technology referred to as Smart Home

Smart Home

In the center smart home, people can experience technology such as the ability to change their thermostat, turn on and off lights, answer phone calls and lock their doors via voice command.

The Smart Home provides an office, utility room, kitchen, and living room set for users to try the latest innovations.

Installation assistance is made available for setting up the technology at home.

Continuing education for professionals who train people with visual impairment is also available.

Community of Innovators

Lighthouse Guild has been connecting with high-tech leaders and spreading the news of their innovations through its podcast.

These high-tech leaders partner with them in form of corporations and foundations. Through their support from these visionary letters, Lighthouse Guild continues to provide exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals.

Patient Referral Partnerships

Lighthouse Guild collaborates with doctors, hospitals/academic medical centers, healthcare, and social services professionals, and organizations to help their patients and clients who can benefit from vision rehabilitation and low vision services.

They work with the visually impaired to ensure they get the care they need to live independent and productive lives.

Technology Partnerships

As never before, technological advances are necessary to benefit people who are visually impaired. And Lighthouse Guild is uniquely positioned to drive those advances in a way that will have a profound impact.

Their current partners include technology companies such as OrCam, NaviLens, Google, Apple, WeWalk.

Why Was The lighthouse Guild Scholarship Created?

For students to get admission into Universities of their choice is not an easy task.

As a visually impaired student, the challenge is more tasking and tedious. For this reason, Lighthouse Guild Scholarship a leading nonprofit organization has provided scholarships to make this task an easy-going one.

The scholarships provide financial support to help students attend the college of their choice.

Who can apply for the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship?

Any student or who has a certificate of confirmation of blindness that is who is legally blind can apply for the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship through the help of their parents or guardian.

How Much is The Lighthouse Guild Scholarship Worth?

Every year, the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship awards up to 10,000 dollars to high school students who are ready for college. The scholarship covers all the financial needs of the student.

They also provide scholarships of up to 5,000 dollars yearly to undergraduate students who are legally blind.

The lighthouse Guild Scholarship Teachers award is worth 2,500 dollars and it is awarded to outstanding teachers that are nominated by the students.

What Degree Level is Lighthouse Guild Scholarship For?

The Lighthouse Guild Scholarship is made up of The College Bound Scholarship which is specifically for high school students who will be enrolled in college as freshmen.

The other category is the Graduate School Scholarship which as the name implies is specifically for students pursuing their master’s, Ph.D., and other Postgraduate degrees.

Full Requirements for Lighthouse Guild Scholarship

The following requirements are important for students who want to apply for the scholarship. They include:

  • Official Transcript
  • Provide proof of legal blindness. Verification should be in the form of a statement from a state rehabilitation agency, an ophthalmologist, or an optometrist.
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship. A passport, birth certificate, naturalization papers, or proof of legal residency.
  • Send documentation of academic achievement. Copies of school transcripts and copies of SAT and/or ACT results.
  • Include three letters of recommendation. Two letters should attest to your academic skills. Each letter must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person writing the reference.
  • Write two personal statements of 500 words or less. One describing your educational and personal goals, and another on the influence of an outstanding teacher on your education (only for the College Bound Scholarship)
  • The statement about an Influential Teacher: A teacher’s statement should describe the influence of an outstanding teacher on your education and/or personal development. (only for College Bound Scholarship)

How to Apply for the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship

Interested applicants should visit the official website of the scholarships below and submit their applications online depending on the particular type of scholarship the applicant wants.

Click here to apply

How to contact Lighthouse Guild Scholarship Organizers

Lighthouse Guild Scholarship can be contacted either through calls or email.

You can visit the website below to contact them or type a message regarding any questions or inquiries you may have.

Click here to contact them

Frequently asked questions

Which countries can apply for the Lighthouse Guild Scholarship?

The United States citizens are welcome to apply for the scholarship.

How do I know when Lighthouse Guild Scholarship is open for application?

The scholarship is available yearly.

What is the lighthouse guild scholarship deadline?

March 31st, 2022.