10 Nursing School Scholarships For Older Students

If you are returning to school to pursue a nursing degree at any level at all, there are scholarships for you to help finance your education. Join me as I walk you through the list of nursing school scholarships for older students.

Have you heard of the phrase “older students” being used and don’t know what it means or who is being referred to? Well, those who are 25 or older are considered to be older college students, they may also be referred to as mature students. I think this term is used for people within that age – 25 or older – who are newly entering college.

If you know yourself to be an older or mature college student, certain benefits are specific to you and one of them is scholarship. Aside from general entrance scholarship which every incoming student automatically qualifies for, some colleges still provide special scholarships specifically for older students. Thus, mature college students can qualify for normal scholarships and also for scholarships for older students.

I recently published an article on law school scholarships for older students and while working on it, I realized that it is not just colleges that provide scholarships to older students. Many organizations, associations, societies, and businesses provide scholarships specifically for older people, and the government is not left out as well. They too – the government – provide special grants to help older people return to college, complete their education, earn a degree, and join the workforce.

I think these people become older students maybe because they dropped out of school earlier probably due to health or financial issues, couldn’t afford college after they complete high school and had to go work to save up some money, had to fulfill some obligations earlier, or they just didn’t have the zeal earlier to pursue a college degree.

There are so many reasons that could make one become an older student but not to worry, scholarships are here to support your journey and ensure you get that degree this time.

As an older student applying to college for the first time, you may be at a loss at which program to apply for, getting confused and all that. Well, I would advise that you apply for a program that guarantees a job irrespective of age and offers great pay.

You may want to consider nursing because there is a global shortage of nurses which means nurses are in demand everywhere in the world Thus you are guaranteed employment after graduation and it will have nothing to do with your age, experience is what matters and you will get all of that in nursing school and while on-the-job.

So, going with nursing guarantees both job and financial security for a long time because nurses are not going anywhere, in fact, the demand for nurses is projected to increase in the coming years. And as an older college student, this is the kind of career you should consider getting into. The only downside is the cost of nursing school. Getting a nursing degree is expensive, this is already general knowledge and common to disciplines in the medical/healthcare field so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But then, I am literally writing about the nursing school scholarships for older students so you shouldn’t worry so much about the expenses, scholarships can cover them or offset the cost. The scholarships here are targeted at people like you to support the financial cost of your nursing education if you eventually decide to follow that path so that you can earn a reputable degree, and get into the workforce with little to no student debt.

Just as I mentioned earlier, older students who wish to study nursing or are already enrolled in a nursing program are eligible for nursing scholarships for older people and can still apply for other nursing grants that are not age specific including other healthcare scholarships but ensure that you meet the requirements of any scholarship that you are applying.

Also, scholarships are not the only option to pay for nursing school, there are also other ways to get free money for nursing school such as tuition reimbursement or applying for a work-study program. And if you check through our scholarship categories you will find more financial aid options that you will qualify for.

Now, before we get into the nursing school scholarships for older students, let’s take a quick look at how much nurses earn and the cost of nursing school.

How Much is Nursing School?

I cannot give the specific cost of nursing because there are thousands of nursing schools with varying tuition. Also, the fees vary by residency status, degree program, and whether it is a private or public school. However, what I can give is a range of the cost of the nursing school and that is between $8,000 to $22,000 for the two-year nursing program at a public school or $30,000 to $50,000 at a private school, this cost is for the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) which takes 2 years to complete.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree which takes 4-5 years to complete can cost between $20,000 to over $100,000 while the average cost of a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is $36,000 but some programs can cost as high as $70K. A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can cost between $20,000 to $40,000.

These are rough estimates, contact your host institution to know the cost of their annual nursing degree program.

How Much Do Nurses Earn?

The average salary of a Registered Nurse (RN) is $82,750 but it can go as high as over $140K depending on experience, location, and specialty.

nursing school scholarships for older students

Nursing School Scholarships For Older Students

The following are nursing school scholarships older students qualify to apply for:

  • Undergraduate (entry-to-practice) Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships
  • A Nurse I Am Scholarship
  • Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship
  • IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship Program
  • Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Scholarships, Grants & Fellowships
  • American Indian Medical Scholarship Program
  • Learn and Stay Grant
  • Health Heroes Scholarship
  • The Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship
  • Washington College Grant

1.     Undergraduate (entry-to-practice) Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

The Undergraduate (entry-to-practice) Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships is a financial assistance program established by the Department of Health of the Victorian Government, Australia. The program aims to train and upskill the next generation of Registered Nurses (RNs) and midwives. Only Victoria citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the award.

So, if you are an older student from Victoria newly enrolled in a nursing program in Victoria you can qualify among the 10,000 people that this scholarship is offered to. Each recipient will get $16,500 to pursue a BSN or ADN program. In return, you will be required to undertake employment as a registered nurse or midwife within a Victorian Public Health Service when you graduate.

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2.     A Nurse I Am Scholarship

A Nurse I Am Scholarship is an annual scholarship funded by Cherokee Uniforms and provided to prospective nursing students from around the world to help them get a nursing education in the US. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate nursing program in the US. Recipients will receive $3,000, for scrubs, shoes, medical instruments, and other accessories.

The scholarship does not have an age restriction therefore older students qualify to apply.

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3.     Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship

Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship is funded by Clarkson College, to be able to apply for the award you must be enrolled or accepted in the BSN program at Clarkson. The Gateway scholarship supports the cost of nursing at Clarkson College for a select number of students each year who are underrepresented in the field of nursing, this includes racial minorities and males.

To be eligible, you must have a high school GPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0, meet the eligibility requirements for employment at Nebraska Medicine, and must complete the summer internship program at Nebraska Medicine. The scholarship value is $14,000 per student for an academic year and is awarded for 4 years provided you maintain a 2.5 GPA for scholarship renewal.

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4.     IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship Program

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) which is a sector within the Illinois State Government is offering scholarships to its residents who want to undertake nursing programs. So, if you are an older student, you can also apply for the scholarship and get financial assistance from the Government of Illinois to help fund your nursing degree.

The scholarship program aims to increase the number of nurses available for employment in Illinois by providing scholarships to overcome the financial burden of education. This is similar to nursing scholarships for minorities that are offered to increase minority ethnic groups in the nursing profession.

To be eligible for the IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship Program, you must be a resident of Illinois and a lawful citizen of the US, demonstrate financial need through the Student Aid Report, be enrolled or accepted into an accredited nursing program in Illinois, and agree to the nurse employment obligation. Your Illinois driver’s license or state-issued ID card, recent official transcript, and a copy of your enrollment into the nursing school will be required as part of the scholarship application.

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5.     Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Scholarships, Grants & Fellowships

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is a prestigious nursing school with a global reputation for teaching excellence and research. Older students are accepted into the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, but the admission process is rigorous due to the strict entry requirements.

However, if you are finally admitted, you can qualify for various scholarships, grants, and fellowships. These awards spread across Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Philosophy, and Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing.

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6.     American Indian Medical Scholarship Program

Only older students who are American Indians are eligible to apply for the above-named scholarship. The American Indian Medical Scholarship Program was launched in 1928 by the NSCDA to mitigate the cost of nursing education through financial support for American Indian students who want to pursue careers in nursing.

Recipients of this scholarship are obligated to return to work among their people to help improve health care. The scholarship will award $1,500 each semester to a student as long as the student remains in good academic standing. The funding is directed only for tuition and specific academic expenses.

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7.     Learn and Stay Grant

Learn and Stay Grant is a nursing grant for older students provided by the Ontario government and offered to students enrolled in nursing programs. To be eligible for the grant, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and be committed to work in the region where you studied for at least 6 months for every year they receive the funding.

The grant covers full tuition, books, and other educational costs in return for working and caring for people.

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8.     Health Heroes Scholarship

Are you an older student who wishes to study nursing abroad but cannot afford the cost? Here is an opportunity for you.

Health Heroes Scholarship is funded and tenable only at the University of Salford, Manchester. It is a scholarship set aside for international students enrolled in nursing and midwifery programs at the University of Salford. It is an annual scholarship and is for BSN and MSN students but with varying award amounts.

There is no separate application for the scholarship, recipients are selected based on their application for admission into any of their preferred nursing programs.

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9.     The Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

The Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship is one of the healthcare scholarships for minorities, so qualify to apply if you are a Hispanic student pursuing a nursing program. Since the scholarship does not have a specific age requirement this means that older students are equally eligible to apply but you must be a member of the Hispanic community.

The National Hispanic Health Foundation launched the Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship to provide financial assistance to Hispanics in medical programs and promote diversity in the healthcare field. Recipients are selected based on excellent academic records, leadership abilities, and commitment to serving Hispanics.

The scholarship offers $5,000 annually for up to 4 years to the recipient as well as individual scholarship awards of $2,000 each. Aside from the financial awards, recipients also receive professional mentorship to help them with career growth.

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10.  Washington College Grant

The Washington Student Achievement Council launched the Washington College Grant to provide financial assistance to students undertaking certificate programs, job training, apprenticeships, or college. Although the Washington College Grant is not specifically for nursing students they are also eligible to apply but first, you will have to complete a state or federal financial aid application form.

The grant is offered to students from low to middle-income families. The amount you will receive depends on the size and income of your family and the cost of your nursing program. There are no age requirements preventing older students from applying which means they qualify to use as long they meet the requirements.

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This wraps up the list of nursing school scholarships for older students. Review each of their requirements carefully before applying and apply early.