Monthly Tallo Scholarship Application

You see, the Tallo scholarship is among the easiest scholarships you will ever apply for to help you save some costs of study. Here are the full details you need to know about the scholarship requirements, award amount, duration, how to apply, and so on.

What can make anyone lose focus on his or her education dreams sometimes can be traced to finance. Most times, people resort to diploma degrees due to the short or even abandon the degree totally. Well, this is where scholarship comes in.

Scholarships like Golden Apple, Taylor Swift, and many others were established to salvage the situation. With the Tallo monthly scholarship, you would not have to think of where your next tuition fees will come from as long as you are a recipient.

In this article, I will walk you through all there is to know about the monthly Tallo scholarship as well as give you some tips you can use to make your application stand out. Let’s get started already!

About Monthly Tallo Scholarship Application

Tallo scholarship was created to help students do what they love, whereby about $1000 is being offered every month.

According to Tallo, everyone has a certain ability or talent others are looking for, and may not be possible to discover if there are no platforms to showcase it. This is why Tallo came in, to stand as a bridge between students and global opportunities.

The platform has helped and is still helping millions of students demonstrate their academic and extracurricular achievements, and get the chance to bag many scholarship opportunities awarded by colleges, and companies.

Award Amount of Tallo Scholarship

Tallo awards merited students $1,000 monthly and also helps them gain access to other thousands of scholarship opportunities through their scholarship connections.

Requirements for the Tallo Scholarship

When I said earlier that this scholarship is one of the easiest scholarships you can ever apply for, you may think I was just joking. It will shock you to know that there are little or no requirements needed for this scholarship.

All that is required is to brag a little about your accomplishments in the academic or extracurricular world, state the things you love, and boom, you are on your way to gaining access to millions of scholarship opportunities.

How To Apply for the Tallo Scholarship

Here are the simple steps to apply for this scholarship;

  • Firstly, log in to the Tallo website.
  • The next is to create your profile.
  • Click “opportunities in your profile.
  • Fill in “Tallo” in the keyword field.
  • Hit the apply button.

It is worth noting that if you select “scholarships” under your opportunity, you can even find more. By going to your dashboard tab, you can view your scholarship matches through Redkite.

Tips To Apply for the Tallo Scholarship

Seeing that this scholarship is easy to apply for, I would like to remind you in case you have forgotten that you are not the only one applying for it. Hence, you have to put in your best while shooting your application. Here are some tips I can give.

  • Harness your talent and abilities. It is sad to see those who have rare talents but do not want to put them to use.
  • Know how to tell beautiful stories of your accomplishments. Learn it as it is very important.
  • Apply early.
  • Engage past recipients of this scholarship, and find out what they did differently.
  • Discover your purpose. Find out what you love doing best, and build it up.

These and some other tips will place you on a higher pedestal among other applicants. Other things you need to know about the monthly Tallo scholarship is that it is done online, and there are about 24 awards.

It is also good to note that it has a rolling deadline. Apply with the link provided below.

Apply Here


If you are a student with financial constraints, I really do not see any reason why you should send in your application for this scholarship. The processes for application are very easy, and straightforward. Please shoot your shot!

I wish you the best as you do so.