Top 50 Cheap College Textbook Websites

There are lots of excitements that come with getting admitted to college, especially if it’s your dream university, you have several opportunities to explore whether it’s going to the school library, visiting the laboratory, or even joining other extracurricular activities. 

However, this excitement might be reduced when we start making several payments, starting from tuition fees. Perhaps you’ve completed your tuition fee and just have little money to spare on other educational expenses including textbooks, and you still need to make a budget for your personal expenses too. Sadly, the worry of finances has cut short the joy of receiving a quality education.

The good news is that our digital age has made it easy for you to easily figure out the top 50 cheap college textbook websites, which relieves you of the worry of excessive expenses on books. These websites don’t only provide you with new textbooks you can buy, but you can also buy used books, or even rent books – which can save you up to 90%.

To even cut your educational cost further, we would advise you to take advantage of some scholarships to study online, or even financial aid offered by Google. And, if you intend to enroll on any of these scholarships, also try to learn some important basic requirements before you will be awarded any free money.

Let’s go straight away to list these websites.

Top 50 Cheap College Textbook Websites

Top 50 Cheap College Textbook Websites


Amazon is not just one of the best websites to get very affordable college textbooks, it’s a place to get a wide selection of books from different sellers, and you can still get either new or used books.

2. comes with a different approach, instead of making you purchase books, they decided that you can borrow for a certain period. And the truth is, how many textbooks have you used that are still beneficial to you now?


BookFinder came up with a different strategy for cheap textbooks, they are not selling or renting books, but they are your search engine for finding both new and used books from different sources, which allows you to see their price difference and choose wisely.


What AbeBooks does is connect you with independent booksellers that provide books at a very affordable price. All you have to do is add the ISBN, author, and title of the book, then allow them to do the remaining within seconds.

5. goes beyond its name, they don’t only provide the vast majority of textbooks, but they do so at very discounted prices, which helps you to save a lot of money. You can also decide to rent their books.


Just like the name, ThriftBooks provides used books including college textbooks at a very affordable price, and you can search from more than 13 million different titles. Also, for those that love collectibles, and rare books, they still have them at a cheaper price.


This is among the top 50 cheap college textbook websites that also compare prices of books from different online sources. Due to their effectiveness, they have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Company, USA Today, etc.


ValoreBooks is another website that provides very competitive prices for their textbooks, whether new, used, or rented. The unique thing about them is that they don’t charge you returning shipping fees on rented books, and you have the chance to save $500 per year with them.

9. is another website that brings the prices of lots of multiple sellers into one place so you can easily compare these websites’ books including college textbooks with their prices. They even compare books from sources like Amazon, Chegg, Abebooks, Knetbooks, etc. 

10. has spent more than 100 years collecting books, and they almost have all the books you want at an affordable price, whether used, rare or out-of-print books. They also connect you with independent booksellers.


With you also get to compare prices from trusted verified bookstores whether it’s, Valourbooks, Textbooksrush, etc. You can also rent books through these sources which makes it even more affordable.


Through’s textbook rentals, you can save up to 90%, you can even return any book within 25 days if you’re not satisfied and nothing will be held against you. Besides affordable college textbooks they provide, they also provide course material solutions.

Furthermore, they provide bulk orders with special discounts.

13. easily fits into our list of top 50 cheap college textbook websites due to their massive offer on used textbooks. I also love their category, where you can easily choose which field of college textbook you need.


Just like the name, specializes in renting books at a very cheap price, and you can still return them when you’re done without the shipping cost.


This is another website that lives out its name, but instead of providing books or renting them like other websites we’ve listed, they are your all-in-one place to search for these websites that provide cheap books. They go as far as searching over 1000 college textbook sellers and rentals to make this possible.

16., now merging with its parent company, eBay to provide several cheap products from different sources, also provides discounted textbooks, whether it’s new or used, and they still ship internationally.

17. is one of the top 50 cheap college textbook websites that provides rental college textbooks services through free shipping. Also, you can choose the best way to rent a book, whether it’s short-term, quarter, or semester rentals.

The remaining 50 are almost similar to the ones listed above, and here is the list;


































We believe that these best 50 cheap college textbook websites will help you to get the right books you need at a very affordable price which also helps you to cut educational costs by several means.

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