7 Online Degree Scholarships for Developing Countries

The importance of quality education cannot be overemphasized for both individual growth and the progress of our world. Sadly, this hasn’t really been the case for some people in developing countries, they are painfully subject to poor education or less money to afford a better education.

Some or even most of them are quickly looking for a way to escape to a promising country, and wishing they can just grab a nice scholarship for either their bachelor’s degree or master’s.

The good news is there is still light at the end of the tunnel through the emergence of online degree scholarships for developing countries. The beauty of this scholarship and the learning strategy is that you reduce a lot of costs such as flight, accommodation, books, and other educational expenses.

Other international scholarships whether for students over 40 or for those pursuing STEM-related degrees might cover tuition but might not cover some other expenses including insurance. That’s why we believe these scholarships, though few, could be life-changing.

online degree scholarships for developing countries

Online Degree Scholarships for Developing Countries

1. Commonwealth Distance Learning Master’s Scholarships

Commonwealth is known to provide different kinds of scholarships to developing countries, whether it’s Master’s Scholarships, Split-site Ph.D. Scholarships, or even Gender and Sexuality Fellowships. Their aim has always been to diligently help candidates of outstanding ability, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, based in low and middle-income countries.

These online degree scholarships for developing countries help to pay your tuition fee at an approved Master’s course at a participating UK university, and you have to be from one of the Commonwealth-eligible countries.

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2. Mastercard Foundation Online Learning Scholarships

Mastercard Foundation are providing 3-year part-time online Master’s scholarships & 2-year part-time postgraduate Diploma scholarships to students living or working in Africa with great academic and leadership potential but few educational opportunities. It’ll also cover the full tuition of winners, plus a stipend, a laptop, and the opportunity to attend an in-person summer school in Africa.

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3. The University of Manchester – Equity and Merit Scholarships

The University of Manchester provides 39 scholarships (29 for full-time study and ten for online study) available for a range of courses in engineering, environment, health sciences, development, education, textiles, and law. The scholarship covers full-tuition of recipients and also includes return international airfares, living expenses, and visas, for students that will be studying in Manchester.

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4. University of the People Tuition Free Education (Plus Scholarships)

I’ve always admired UoPeople for their tuition-free 100% online programs, all you have to pay is just for the minimal application and assessment fees. Here’s where it even gets more interesting, they still provide scholarships to those that still find it difficult to pay these small fees – what could get better than that?

This makes you to graduate with little or no student loan.

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5. Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh is providing twenty Master’s scholarships for eligible part-time distance learning graduate programs offered by the University. The interesting thing is that their scholarship will completely cover the full tuition of recipients, which also makes it very competitive.

Applicants need to be in one of the categories ‘Least Developed Countries’, ‘Other low-income Countries’, or ‘Lower Middle-Income Countries’ as stated by the Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development Assistance Committee.

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6. Edinburgh Surgery Online Global Scholarships

This is another online degree scholarship for developing countries that is provided by the University of Edinburgh, and it also full tuition of recipients plus the cost of internet access, printing, and project costs. You need to be admitted to the MSc Surgical Sciences (Online Learning) and ChM (Online Learning) General Surgery, Urology, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Vascular & Endovascular to be considered.

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7. MIU City University Miami Online Scholarships for Developing Countries

MIU awards scholarships for twenty-five percent (25%) of the cost of tuition for applicants who have successfully graduated from a recognized institution (secondary or higher education) in Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East and wish to continue their studies ONLINE at MIU City University Miami.

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There are not quite a lot of scholarships for students pursuing a degree from developing countries. The best part is that most of the ones we’ve listed here are fully funded, which means it covers your tuition fee, but the silent word is that they are still competitive.

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