9 Soccer Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Soccer or football (whichever name you know it as) is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world and Canada. In fact, statistics show that in 2006, over 2.6 million people played soccer professionally in Canada, with the first match ever happening in 1876, making it one of the greatest sports in Canada.

Many talented soccer players are looking for ways to go pro without neglecting their academic pursuits or ways to move out of their home country to maximize their soccer career and their academics. Well, the good news is that there are soccer scholarships for international students in Canada that can help you achieve your dream.

And, it doesn’t stop there, you can still go through other athletic scholarships, or even try seeing if you’ll get one of the sports scholarships in the United States for int’l students. That reminds me of what Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) Visual Arts Senior, Taylor Herron, who received approximately $3 million in scholarships said, “Make the effort to apply and don’t be scared to branch out.”

So it all boils down to you applying, even going beyond your scope to apply for other scholarships provided in Canada.

Anyway, let’s list these soccer financial aid programs for foreign students in Canada.

soccer scholarships for international students in Canada

Soccer Scholarships for International Students in Canada

1. Langley United Soccer Association Scholarship Awards

For approximately 100 years, Langley United Soccer Association has been a growing hub in the community providing Soccer for Life, regardless of your age and abilities. Their scholarship is exclusively for Student-athletes graduating from high school and intending to enroll in a university, college, technical school, or any postsecondary institution and continue playing soccer while pursuing their education.

Applicants need to send a direct email to the school’s technical director to showcase their interest and request more direction.

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2. British Columbia Soccer Association Scholarship

This is among the soccer scholarships for international students in Canada that are awarded in recognition of the sacrifices lots of people – mostly volunteers – put in to make sure each game’s participants receive an overwhelming soccer experience. The scholarship is awarded annually, but the rewards completely depend on the current season of play.

The candidate needs to be a youth who is currently participating in affiliated soccer as a player, referee, coach, or administrator and has done so for 3 or more years.

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3. University of Victoria Athletic Scholarships

The University of Victoria is one of the colleges that provide varieties kinds of athletic scholarships and financial aid to international students. They include;

  • 1975 Vikes Men’s Soccer Championship Award: awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who compete on the Vikes Men’s Varsity Soccer team at the University of Victoria.
  • Albert Hung Chao Hong Award in Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Brian Hughes Soccer Award*
  • David Ravenhill Men’s Soccer Award
  • Ed Chala Memorial Soccer Award
  • Friends of Vikes Soccer Award
  • George and Dorothy Smith Soccer Award
  • Ken and Louanne Bridge Soccer Award

And many more.

4. Kidsport British Columbia – Provincial Fund

This is one of the soccer scholarships for international students in Canada that is exclusively for kids that are 18 and younger. The fund is worth $400 and parents are allowed to apply for their kid more than once in a calendar year, but the money won’t still exceed the actual amount listed above.

5. Canadian Imperial College – Exceptional Soccer Players

Canadian Imperial College is offering a 50% scholarship for exceptional soccer players in Canada and all around the world to come and study at their College! Here are some of their requirements to apply;

  • Applicants must be between 16 and 23 years old.
  • Applicants must submit with their application for admission, a “high-quality video”, that must include an arrow to identify which player they are
  • All applications will be reviewed and determined by the Canadian Imperial College FC and Canadian Imperial College.

Note that their scholarship is very competitive, and no assurance meeting this eligibility will result in a scholarship.

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6. UAlberta – Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation International Student-Athlete Award

UAlberta is another school that awards soccer scholarships to international students in Canada, but students need to be in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. Also, applicants need to be Golden Bears and/or Pandas student-athlete(s) on Study Permit(s) with good academic records.

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7. University of Calgary Award for International Student Athletes

UCalgary provides 3 soccer scholarships for international students in Canada worth a maximum of $10,000 each. The scholarships are awarded to undergraduate student-athletes in any field of study who are members of the Dinos athletic team and who have satisfied the English Language Proficiency requirement.

To be eligible, international students must have an admission average of at least 80%. Transfer students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 or equivalent from another post-secondary institution.

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8. Thompson Rivers University: International Athletic Scholarships

 TRU awards athletic scholarships including soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, etc, to students that compete in one of their Varsity Teams. For you to be considered you need to complete their WolfPack Recruitment Form where you’ll fill out a form to show your interest to join their athletic team.

Also, it’s important to give as much information as possible, including any links to video footage of your performance, so that the coach can see your ability.

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9. Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific is collaborating with some partners to provide a handful of sports financial aid and grants to both Canadians and international students. These financial aids include;

  • Rising Star Grant: worth up to $1,000 and awarded to amateur athletes in British Columbia.
  • Nesters Market Grant: which is awarded to athletes living within the Sea-to-Sky community and worth up to $1,000
  • CSI Pacific Health Grant: is designed to support supplementary financial aid to British Columbia’s elite high-performance athletes who are not receiving medical support within their current sport-specific training plan.


One of the things you’ll notice about these soccer scholarships for international students in Canada is that some of them have mini scholarships, i.e. some scholarships providers have partners that provide the same scholarship but with different eligibility and price. This even makes it a lot better and provides more options to you.

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